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What Is Your Favorite Video Game Song?


Eye of Cthulhu
Hollow Knight has some damn good soundtrack, Mantis Lords and Pure Vessel are my favorite boss tracks and I really like the environmental soundtracks. I can’t really pick a best.

Celeste’s soundtrack is also great. My favorites by Lena Raine are Scattered and Lost, Resurrections and Confronting Myself. My favorite B side soundtracks are Black Moonrise and Mirror Magic.

Of all those, Mirror Magic has to be my favorite video game soundtrack of all time, no competition. It’s absolutely amazing, and I don’t even take video game music all that seriously most of the time.



The Destroyer
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 likely has my favourite video game OST of all time. It includes multiple tracks thst could be my favourite, including Counterattack, The Power of Jin and A Moment of Eternity. But if I had to pick one, it would be "The Tomorrow with You".

It's a beautiful song, perfectly matching every scene it's in. I can't help but get emotional when I hear it.
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Very hard, as the only music I listen to often is from video games and my playlist has almost 700 songs. And I like some of these a lot more than others.

A Fleeting Dream, Fight With Seymour, Otherworld, A Contest of Aeons from Final Fantasy 10
Waterside, Eternity, A Land of Happiness, The Seal is Broken from Blue Dragon
Main Theme, Battlefield Dark Saint, The Capital of Uhra, Gongora's Plot, Narrow Dimension, and all the battle/boss themes from Lost Odyssey
Endless Carnage and Boss Theme 2 from Adventures of Mana
Battle with a formidable enemy, Ancient Ruins from Fantasy Life
A Fading Miracle, Blinded by Light, Sunset Prism, An Arrow Through Time from Final Fantasy 13/13-2/13-LR
Shattered, The Gauntlet, Heroes Never Die, Revenge Twofold, Nemesis, Painted Skies from Final Fantasy 14.
Priestess Aria and The Boundless Ocean from Final Fantasy 3.
The Oath of the Union, Beyond the Hills, March of Brave Vesperia, All at Stake from Tales of Vesperia.
The final boss theme from Tales of Xillia that I thought was really good back when I beat it but I don't remember what it's sounds like.

Just to name a few.
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-The Only Thing they Fear is You
-One Final Effort
-At Doom's Gate
-Stained, Brutal Calamity
Need I saw more?

Pmuuhzedci Sycdan

Official Terrarian
those who fight further/birth of a god from final fantasy 7
force your way from final fantasy 8 (haven't played it, but i know the boss themes for the main final fantasies)
otherworld from final fantasy 10
the main boss theme from final fantasy 12
blinded by light/sabers edge from final fantasy 13
worlds collide/limit break! from final fantasy 13-2
keen edged blade/fatalize from tales of symphonia
meridian dance from secret of mana
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