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Mobile What mobile 1.3 needs

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by Sam Coster, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. Sam Coster

    Sam Coster Skeletron Prime

    Sure, in our heads these ideas are great but let's hope these are included with the 1.3 update.
    Pipeworks officially stated that they're trying to make the game more like PC, if that's the case, mobile fans need the following.

    √ Ability to assign NPC's to specify housing
    √ Ability to hide NPC banners
    √ Ability to show/hide accessories (
    Very annoying because we can't look cool with a big purple shield)
    √ Ability to dye accessories
    √ Ability to use the full content of dyes
    √ Ability to have medium sized PC worlds

    √ Ability to have locked joy sticks

    √ Mobile also needs the option to change the graphics in-game as people with powerful devices capable of running 1.3 pc now are stuck with low end graphics. This means those with out dated devices can have the low graphics and those with the powerful devices can have high graphics.

    √ Mobile also needs there crafting menus and character menus laid out like PC, even only for those with tablets like iPads or galaxy tabs.

    I know these are probably big asks, but devices these days can actually run 1.3 terraria right now as terraria PC runs 2.5gb of RAM and devices now come with 3-4 GB of RAM.

    The development shouldn't be diluted down as the game is just not as good as it should be. That's why i think there should be in-game options for both ends of the spectrum.

    I figured I'd have this look professional so people would like reading it!
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  2. Sam Coster

    Sam Coster Skeletron Prime

    What do you guys think???
  3. SirTerence7

    SirTerence7 Terrarian

    Up There is pretty everything I could think of.
    Do you know how they'll be able to have the Protal Gun for example? IT needs right and left click
  4. TerraBlaze

    TerraBlaze Skeletron

    1. Bigger screen, high flying bosses pose a difficult task, even golem on smaller screens.

    2. I heavily support an updated GUI/HUD. It's very annoying when I'm getting hit in multiplayer while in my inventory without knowing it. Make it opaque at the least, but mobile deserves more then that.

    3. Buff all bosses, enemies, and spawn rates to mobile equivalent. I still feel they are a little bit nerfed. Stop considering the mobile platform "casual" gamers

    That's about all I could think of outside of your list, but I'm sure there's more enhancements. Although PC Terraria takes only 2.5 RAM to run, and most phones have 3-4, we also have to consider this.
    -Phones need a specific amount of RAM to operate, and the more apps you have open or even have installed it uses up more ram
    -You also are going to need a sufficient amount to guarantee it won't begin to slow down during large events such as Frost Moon, during multiplayer especially. Which is an issue with 3 RAM phones.
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  5. Terraria N00B

    Terraria N00B Skeletron Prime

    hi do you know when the terraria 1.3 is coming out for mobile and console because i really want to know. if you can thx
  6. TerraBlaze

    TerraBlaze Skeletron

    Console is coming out around August, from what I've heard, and mobile will likely be early next year (?)
  7. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    There is no release date for the 1.3 update for either console or mobile yet.

    Console's update (Xbox One and PS4 only) is targeted for Q3 2017 (third quarter of 2017: July, August, September). It is a target, not a guarantee.

    Mobile will come out at least a few months after that (could be more). Again, a target, but anything can happen during development.
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  8. Terraria N00B

    Terraria N00B Skeletron Prime

    Thanks I will give you a shoutout

    B6ILPOINT Skeletron Prime

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I've been pining for dye capabilities for ages, and PC - age visuals is something mobile deserves.

    Guess that professional set out works. Bumping, because I like the way you think. :D
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  10. SunSset

    SunSset Steampunker

    Need. Better. Zoom. On. Phones.

    Also everything else you said is what we need :)
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  11. M1NYM4N

    M1NYM4N Steampunker

    I agree with everything you said! I have a tablet and I think that, because the screen is bigger, we should be allowed to move while in our inventory. Like on the computer!
  12. Swiftyhorn

    Swiftyhorn Terrarian

    There's a few main things that drive me insane with mobile at the moment. I play on an iPad and it's powerful enough for pc release imo.

    Anyway first is NPCs will not get out of my way, if I'm remaking houses the npc literally stands on a ledge and gets stuck, I can't finish the house as trying to place blocks will open his dialogue. This forces me to make a seperate house then reload the game so he enters it, just to get them out of my way so I can make the other house, moving 2 screens away does not work.

    Second is that they do not fight, I can not think of any logical reason for them to stand still and die to slimes and zombies while I'm busy, one of my favourite things in terraria is making a castle with npcs rooms located to defend, its like a mini game to me. Especially during blood moon or goblin invasion. Yet on mobile I can't do this, so I have to run around like a mad man protecting everywhere on my own while they destroy my doors, forcing the npcs to stand in stupid places glitching out, as noted in my first paragraph. Please for the love of God make npcs the same as pc, I play on my iPad when I'm in bed since my laptop fan is too loud and keeps my partner awake. I don't expect a completely watered down experience, it's bad enough I can't play summoner properly as most of the gear is missing on mobile.

    Third is the missing items, mainly summoner related, I do not get to use many summoner things outside of the bee ones. This is annoying as I generally play summoner in every game no matter what, have done for 15 years. It influences whether I even buy a game to be honest.

    Fourth the crafting ui is bad, I'm forever scrolling down to find recipes, and it's glitchy and sometimes will rebound back up for no reason. The pc ui is amazing, especially that button that shows all currently available items.

    Fifth is the lack of ability to open dressers as storage, I prefer keeping my vanity items on manaquinns and my other equipment in dressers, it's neat and allows me to use chests for materials without confusion. I will keep a dresser in my bedroom for my main items.

    Lastly world size, I understand in the past it was a memory issue, I don't think that's the case now, give us the option at least. People on phones can have a warning pop up that the world size takes more memory or something, but most 'gamers' who play pc and use a tablet as a secondary device for travelling or night time have powerful devices, and would love bigger maps and a fuller experience.

    Sorry for long post and thanks to the developers if they can make my dream a reality.
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  13. M1NYM4N

    M1NYM4N Steampunker

    That was amazing! Everything you said...I agree with. Do you think that tablet players should be allowed to move while in their inventory?
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  14. BeMagnificentt

    BeMagnificentt Terrarian

    we need an option to allow more item slots on phone without having to tap the 3 dot symbol ( will scale based on phone size )

    We also need smoother controls (kinda hard aiming and moving, i used to find it easier but now it seems kinda hard)

    and BUG fixes Q_Q ... i always lose map progression my world went from hardmode and went all the way back and deleted 5 rooms i built and deleted my defeat of queen bee, goblin army, skeletron, and wall of flesh Q_Q ..... also my hallow didnt even spawn..

    Crafting Ui needs to be changed, it should be more navigatable, but not like the PC version.

    Also the option to resize and zoom (kinda goes along with more item slots) its always good to have an option... if it doesnt work for your phone then oh well. i have an iphone 6s plus so my size is VERY big so i should be able to handle the 10 item slots and more zoomed screen

    Revamp lepus and turkor and give useful drops..

    slots for mount, pet, lihgt pet to utomatically spawn them

    button for instantly using potions
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  15. Astral Excalibur

    Astral Excalibur Skeletron

    He's a moderator...
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  16. The Lich King

    The Lich King Terrarian

    How about making gold watch craftable again, so we can make cell phone. And make dashing to the right easier to pull off(with master ninja gear and future solar flare armor)
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  17. H.P.Swag

    H.P.Swag Terrarian

    I agree
    When is mobile 1.3 update being released. I have done everything in the game. i have heard that 1.3 is amazing and I cant wait to fight martian madness and the moon lord. Respond please!
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    No. I take that to my advantage during a battle.
  18. LoadingSir

    LoadingSir Terrarian

    I believe every one is forgetting something very important ... being able to us my controller