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PC What to do after Moon Lord?


Title says it all, what should I do after Moon Lord? Is a second playthrough more fun than it sounds because it doesn't sound super appealing...


Is a second playthrough more fun than it sounds because it doesn't sound super appealing...
It's fun if you restrict yourself to only ranged, magic, melee, or summoner weapons (maybe throwing, but beyond fossil armor in pre-hardmode there isn't much left besides vampire knives)


Optimize your character loadout as best you can, then make characters for every other class and optimize them, too. That's what I did, anyway, and it kept me busy for something like 200 hours. Besides that, you can also try to collect pets, vanities, dyes, paintings, banners (I don't recommend this one though, it's super tedious), rare weapons and accessories, or just about anything else you can think of.

If you prefer fighting to collecting, then you can also try to do challenges like fighting bosses with undertiered armor or going for time records on Pumpkin/Frost Moon final waves.

Or if you like building, then you can start working on that castle or spaceship you've always wanted to build. Experiment with wiring and hoiks, there are a lot of really cool things you can do with them even if you're not a master like those who make calculators and such.

Or, if you like exploring, you can pop over to the player-created maps forum and check out some of the maps there. I'd recommend just about anything by Baih, as well as mbran139's Legend of Zelda: Two Worlds.

Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
If you like challenges, you could explore steam or write challenge on search bar. Many of them are interesting and hard. Many are easy, too. Difficulty: Varies.

If you are desperate of challenges, try playing one game with Terraria. Difficulty: Above Hardcore.

If you spot my Story about Eater, you would find also a tips what to do it. Through it's mainly two or more games in one challenge, It is working.


What I like doing is collecting stuff. I've collected most of the armors (Just need mining, and the 4 Lunar armors), and I'm working towards getting all of the vanities. I've also tried getting 13 of each dye (I'm definitely not finishing that for a long time), and I collect paintings when I'm doing any of that stuff, or finishing my uber-base.

Oh yeah, maybe make a giant base that has everything you feel like you would need in it (Blood Moon Protection, Trophy Room, Banner Room, Crafting Room, Chest Rooms, etc). I'm doing that, and it has already gotten very big, nearly reaching the sky layer of a small world. And I haven't even extended outwards yet. I've only gone upwards.
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Dungeon Spirit
.Try to kill end game bosses with undertiered weapons, armor, and equipment.
.Try and get every banner, statue, painting, vanity set, accessory, tool, mount, pet, light pet, hook, and npc in the game. (In other words, devote your life to this game.)
.Purify the world completely
.Build whatever the :red: you want
.Try some player created maps
.Do different class only playthroughs
.Try to completely fill out your map
.Experiment with mechanisms. (This will obviously be much more in depth with 1.3.1.)
.Install a mod and do a blind playthrough of it
.Do boss bashes (multiple bosses at once)
.Do a playthrough with a hard core character on an expert mode world, and die.
.See how high you can get your DPS to go
.Find easter eggs
.Find bugs
.Find references
.Do a run with certain limitations (like no buffs.)
.Try to one shot certain bosses.
.Try to get every achievement
.Build a challenge map
.Join a server
Make a server or a mod
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It's fun if you restrict yourself to only ranged, magic, melee, or summoner weapons (maybe throwing, but beyond fossil armor in pre-hardmode there isn't much left besides vampire knives)
Yeah, that's what I'm planning to do.
I beat the Mooonlord on normal with a ranger loadout twice, so I'm going to make a large expert world and do a mage run.
I want to get the DCU first though, so I can quickly quarantine the corruption in the new world.
Some might call that cheating. I call it time saving.

The problem I have with post-moon lord is that they give you all this powerful equipment, but no one worthy to use it on
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Yeah, I hate that to. That's why I like killing stuff with earlier-tier weapons. And there's always PVP.
There's also the moon events, but apparently those weren't balanced for moon lord. It certainly seems like it; the SDMG makes things much easier. I got up to wave 13 on the frost moon when I first used it. The only reason why I didn't get to 15 was because the enemies spawned in an underground tunnel I never use. Time was wasted getting there -_-

Terra Magicio

Duke Fishron
Have you tried the Frost Moon or Pumpkin Moon with the Moon Lord tiered weapons? They go through those enemies like butter. Then, you have a higher likelihood of reaching the final wave w/o traps, as it is different w/ these weapons than the ones used back in 1.2.1 and 1.2.2. Just a suggestion.


I'd recommend exploring around with your new items you collected. Maybe get Calamity Mod for more of a challenge. They have added about 11 bosses, if I'm correct. They do bring quite a good challenge.


Eye of Cthulhu
Experiment with new weapons against bosses!
Create a DECKED OUT arena for bosses and events! (This should take you a long time if you get all the banners)
Create a storage system that will probably never fill up.
Build random “boss bases” which are a place that a boss lives, you can make it as detailed as you like!
Improve npc houses.
A base in a many biomes as possible! A mushroom base, a tree base, a asteroid base, many possibility’s.
Get the ankth shield and the cell phone.
Small details, which I like a lot, they make the world seem more alive, (ex: random ufo flying around, smoothing out those random 2 block holes in the ground, etc etc)
Pixel Art,
Every crafting station in the game,
A little graveyard for the npcs that died,
Themed npc houses, ex: hospital for nurse, tree for dryad, mushroom for mushroom guy, etc etc
Teleporters, teleporters everywhere,
Get all ml drops,
Go into expert, you can either start a new character, or use the one you already have,
Hidden things and/or references to things,
Ok I think that’s all for now
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