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Adventure A Terraria Adventure: The Legend of Zelda - Two Worlds

Discussion in 'Released' started by mbran139, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. mbran139

    mbran139 Terrarian

    *Map has now been updated for 1.3*

    The Legend of Zelda - Two Worlds is a large-scale, single player adventure map inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". The main focus of the map is the "dark world", a twisted and hostile version of the normal world. The map is designed to be very open world, to the point where you can complete any of the first three dungeons in whatever order you choose. This map is designed for people with experience and understanding of Terraria, but not meant to be too challenging in terms of parkour or fighting. Estimated time to complete this map is 4-6 hours.

    Download Link

    How to download:
    - Download the map from the link given above
    - Select the newest version of the map (as it will have the least bugs)
    - Place the world file in your Terraria worlds folder (found from User -> Documents -> My Games -> Terraria -> Worlds)
    - Create a new softcore character

    - A large open world filled with secrets
    - Four large dungeons, each with its own boss fight
    - Many unique puzzles and challenges
    - Attention to detail
    - Doesn't require any 3rd party programs

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Use a softcore character
    - Trash your starting items when you enter the map
    - No building, crafting, or mining (you can destroy things without a pickaxe though, such as cobweb)
    - There is a boss in every dungeon. You cannot spawn the boss outside its room, and cannot go forward without beating the boss first.
    - There are no levers that kill you; all levers have a purpose.
    - Do NOT not use any items dropped from enemies; some items can break many of the puzzles in the map.

    - mbran139
    - Noel
    - Baih
    - Special thanks to everyone who helped us test the map
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
  2. Rariaz

    Rariaz Plantera

    The best Adventure map i ever played.
    Very Smart the use of those weapons to the puzzles
    no words can describe the joy i felt playing this map.
    Best puzzles ever!
    you felt so smart after you complete those puzzles.
    Very very good job.
    Thx i had a really gooooooooood time playing it.
    also i lear so much stuff, very creatives ways to do puzzles.
    Congratulations, srly im stunned.

    maybe was just me but:
    here i couldt get that chest

    i think a cannon is missing here.

    i couldnt reach this lever:

    and i dont think i suppose to be able to activate this switch with the enchanted sword, but with the correct angle you can.:

    anyway the other things work Perfect.
    if some day you do more adventure maps or something else, maybe i can help you. but just i you want of course.
    at my critic eye i give this map 9.5 - 10
    why 9.5 and not 10?
    well i think this map could looks better yet adding more details but i know those details takes way more time to add i know for experience.
    best map i played !!
    well thats all had to say
    thank you again.
    and sry for the bad english
    also where is every body???? you have to play this map!!!!!!!!!now!
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  3. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. We might make another map in 1.3, it's nothing we've discussed much but having more people help, mainly in taking time to make builds look extremely good and detailed, might be a possibility. As you said it does take a long time to put in visual detail, on top of everything else.

    As for your spoilers,
    There is a cannon you can use to get to the chest in the first screenshot, it is one of the ones on the towers next to the castle, just above the chain.

    You reach the lever in the ice by teleporting there via another similar fountain in the mines left of the ice area.

    As for being able to hit that cobweb with the enchanted sword, that is not intended and we'll most likely fix. It is meant for the staff of earth. Good catch, thank you.
    Rariaz likes this.
  4. DicemanX

    DicemanX Brain of Cthulhu

    Had some fun playing through the map earlier today - I'm quite impressed! The architecture is fantastic and the puzzles are well designed. I thought that the BoH puzzles were particularly ingenious, and the KS fight well executed . Since the map features a number of engineering feats you should consider creating another thread in the T-MEC forum as well :).

    Just a couple of questions about the endgame (spoilers):

    1) Is there a way out of the pit with the bow and jester's arrows in the chest?
    2) How do I exit this dungeon area after I open the three temple doors? There's a lever near the staircase leading to the pit with the bow that I cannot reach.

    EDIT: oops totally forgot that I picked up the GG - I think I just answered both my questions :)

    When I tried using the GG I was only able to reverse G when on the ground, and not in midair - is this how the GG is supposed to work? The segment that follows right after getting the GG is...pretty tough.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2015
    Baih likes this.
  5. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Thanks for the comment and feedback, I might create a thread about it on T-MEC if I get time to, I doubt mbran or Noel would want to spend time writing a thread about it.

    In reply to your questions,

    You are right, the Gravity Globe only works when you are on a surface, and the following segment when you get it was designed around it.
  6. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Well, this looks interesting enough.

    I'll try this map, eventually also recording the playthrough.
    (after i've finished my current one)
  7. jorgschrauwen

    jorgschrauwen Terrarian

    Gr8 b8, m8. I rel8, str8 appreci8, and congratul8. I r8 this b8 an 8/8. Plz no h8, I'm str8 ir8. Cr8 more, can't w8. We should convers8, I won't ber8, my number is 8888888, ask for N8. No calls l8 or out of st8. If on a d8, ask K8 to loc8. Even with a full pl8, I always have time to communic8 so don't hesit8.
  8. mbran139

    mbran139 Terrarian

    We appreci8 that u r8 our map 8/8
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  9. Pedguin

    Pedguin Terrarian

    Fantastic Map!

    I've been playing since release and I'm shocked that I could experience so many new unique puzzles, using different weapons as a progression system is absolute genius. You guys should team up again when 1.3 comes out, I'm sure you could even top this map (if its possible!).

    I streamed this last night, if you want to see my experiences first hand you can check it out here :nursegrin:
    Good work guys! :nursepassionate:

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  10. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Hey, this is Noel.

    We have plans for future maps but nothing has been put in stone yet. We will see if 1.3 brings us any new tools to use than then hopefully get something new done.
    Pedguin likes this.
  11. LuckMage26

    LuckMage26 Terrarian

    I just HAD to create an account on these forums to thank the guys behind it for all the exceptional work!

    The puzzles were simply BRILLIANT, not one that seemed "copied" from a previous one[even though the mecanics similiar due to the game's nature], the weapons/itens placement and usage were as well explored as they could be[and they were just as amazing as everything else in this map!], the places were perfectly constructed and, whoa... I could just keep going on. AHAHAHA:happy:

    I really do hope you have another project in mind [even better if it still follows the Zelda theme!] and I can't wait to play it, should that be the case!:passionate::passionate:

    THANKS, for real, for this amazing experience! You guys just made something awe-inspiring, and should be praised as such, as well as proud of it!:cool:

    And on the note of "hoping to see your work again", do you guys have any specific site/facebook page or something? Would be nice being able to keep up with any news :D
  12. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    Just downloaded it, haven't gotten very far but it's real fun and clever! I can't wait to see what cool stuff you've got hidden away in here!
  13. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    This map, is AMAZING!
  14. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Thanks for the kind words! We wanted to make a map with the lightworld-darkworld idea and Zelda theme fit that perfectly, but now that we have done that, I don't think we are gonna do another Zelda map. We don't want to make our next map too similar to this one.

    Unfortunately we don't have any site / facebook where you could follow us, but if you wish, you can add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/noelec .
  15. LuckMage26

    LuckMage26 Terrarian

    Aw, that's unfortunate, but I do see your point! On the other hand, I believe any other map you guys do will be equally or even more awesome, so I'll just eagerly look forward to it! :passionate:

    I just sent you a friend request on Steam, hopefully you'll see it!

    And just an OBS.:
    the "space" part of the last dungeon was just SO perfect, I caught myself hoping it would take hours just to complete it AHAHAH Nice work, as usual!
    Thanks for the reply as well :D
  16. Chano

    Chano Terrarian

    I actually made an account on this website to emphasize how much I enjoy this map...especially the puzzles! Great job on it, and how long did it take you guys to make it?
  17. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Thank you very much, we started working on it about a year ago, but stopped after a week after losing interest in building. We finally got started again about a month ago, so it took us about a good month of work.
  18. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    I'm stuck at the Crimson dungeon, i've done 3 of the four switches, I'm stuck where it shows that I need an Enchanted Boomerang, did I come to the dungeon too early or am I supposed to get a boomerang in there somehow?
  19. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    You should be able to reach the fourth lever, you don't need the boomerang to reach it. Look around for where the fourth lever is or could be, none of them are very distant from the centre of the dungeon. One of them does require a boost from the minecarts to get into.
  20. billybao

    billybao Official Terrarian

    Brilliant puzzles! This is seriously the first time I found out the Ball O Hurt can be used like that...