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tModLoader World: Disconnected


Official Terrarian
Changes world generation so that newly-created worlds will feature disjoint "floating islands" of terrain separated by empty space. (Special structures like the Dungeon, Corruption or Ocean are not directly affected, but will have nothing around them.)

World Generation will take about five minutes longer than usual and may crash (sorry -- this is quite a hack). If it crashes just retry it a few times until it succeeds.

Islands are about 75 blocks wide and are spaced such that you can sometimes see the next island from from the edge of the current one. This balances the feeling of exploring the unknown with the boredom of spending minutes building a skybridge to nowhere.

A disconnected world of floating islands promotes survival-style concerns. For example, wood can be much harder to find because you cannot simply run sideways to chop down more trees. This also encourages exploration, as underground cabins are much easier to spot with nothing around them and minecart tracks become long rides into the unknown. The world remains dark below the cavern line, so you will need to bring your own torches. Grappling hooks and double jumps reign supreme.

If you are looking for a different kind of replay or a different type of challenge from something like "Expert/Hardcore", this may be of interest. With a minimal mod setup, this could create a bit of a novel experience. On the other hand, disconnected worlds could make a lovely playground for one of those early wings or high-power class mods, giving a good excuse to use such powers. This mod may even be a good fit for people who want to use the (unrelated) SkyBlocks mod but found its starter map to be too empty.

If you have never played this sort of map, the basic hint is to hollow out your first island and use those materials to make a bridge to the next island.

There have been other utilities that make these sorts of maps (and likely even do a better job) -- this has the advantage of integrating nicely with tModLoader, so if you have some other mod that adds an ore or whatever (e.g., Thorium) it should work in conjunction with this.

Download via tModLoader browser. Example screenshot and map snippets:

View attachment 117452

View attachment 117453

This is a total hack, but I have fond memories of Terraria modding from tConfig and the like (Red Cloud, anyone?). The apparent recent resurgence of interest in things via tModLoader encouraged me to post this rather than keeping it local.
Is it on a mod browser?


The idea is nice but it would be better if you kept more of the map and re organized it instead of just preventing parts from spawning i know that's a lot more difficult to do but if you can do it it will be much better. Like it's now your world may be lacking a lot of stuff like the dungeon the ocean hell some biomes and a lot of items and may even space to do stuff like fishing or farming.

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Skeletron Prime
this is an interesting map to use with my friends, is there any other way i can recreate it with the current update, i'd love to play with my friends with this challenge.
it'll make it more interesting
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