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Xbox 360 Xbl gamertags

Matt (DailyHop)

Eye of Cthulhu
My gamer tag is RavashLive, and my gold is expiring in a few days, so add me if you'd like, but I am mainly a PlayStation gamer. We could also play other games like Minecraft or CastleMiner Z or something.


I will add all of you and try to get a gold in about 3 weeks or less depending on how I can get out. I just started thinking about this when Rogers came out with their new hybrid internet plans.


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Going to sticky this so that we have one spot for sharing GTs. Someone needs to make one for PS as well


Looking forward playing with you guys. I am experienced terraria player I have both PC and Xbox as well as mobile
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This is a zero...
But I manly play alone because the old group of people I played with broke apart but I am VERY OCD and I'm a freak about collecting things I MUST collect all the items xD
But if you add me please send me a messege so I know you wanna play terraria...
PS: I don't have a mic but I use signs or XBL messages :D


My GT is BLASTER 00745 and Every time I get on most of the time I play terraria you can message me if you need help with something or if you want to we can trade items I have a lot of pumpking moon items I can offer :D


Hey there! I recently got the game for 360, and wondered if there was anyone who wanted to play? My GT is Titankiller87.


Me and a my boy have made it through to "endgame" but have never got past wave 11 of the Pumpkin moon or even played online multiplayer so if anyones keen to get some help or vice versa let me know and we can join in a game and have a crack. GT Mikey Tees and Hunterdad12 :)
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