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Xbox 360 Xbl gamertags


Looking for someone to play with need vampire knives I have mic and looking for others with mic tho not needed please msg I need friends no one plays anymore GT R1SK GAMING


xbox one Gamertag: zZ KORY Zz

just looking to progress through game , hang out , kill bosses, build castles / dungeons you know the usual

420 friendly

ill be on all weekend im at work until friday night though

just send me a message or add me as a friend


are you able to add xbox one users with 360? if so add me GT = Mutecart
if not, looking for xbox one players, hopefully someone with an all items world, need vortex beater or any other endgame weapons so i can beat the game, corrupted all my worlds somehow and lost all my progress :(

Not sure if i have a mic, cats always ruin my aux cords, might need another one when u add me... >.< but i have one as of writing this
I added you lol Im on 360 my GT is rexyquack
Evil Bo Zai

Been playing a few days, terribly addicted, play as often as I can and up for playing anytime I'm available.
Sad xbox server list never shows players so...
Feel free to invite or join

Terrarian out.
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