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PC XInput GamePad Support Mod [Pre-1.3]

Discussion in 'Released' started by Meowmaritus, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian


    This is a mod that I've been making for over a year now and I've worked really hard to get the PC version of the game to play well with a controller. It includes robust controller-friendly features that make it more intuitive to use than simple mouse/keyboard emulation, with custom button graphics, new mechanics, contextual prompts, joystick support for menus, rumbling, many different cursor modes (including an enhanced version of automining from Terraria: Console Edition), and more! I've spent a long time tweaking the mod to make it play well. I'm always open to suggestions from anyone and always report any bugs you find or errors you get.

    See the original TO thread for older changelogs and other information.

    How to play split-screen multiplayer with this mod

    • Fixed crash due to missing manifest resources.
    • Changed the DRM check menus very slightly.

    • Mod Changes:
      • Fully renamed all resources of the mod to the new name, XGSM, rather than XBCM.
      • Changed profile save directory to ".\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Meowmaritus\XInput GamePad Support Mod\Profiles"
      • Removed UsePS3Controls from Settings section of config profiles
      • Added ButtonIconType to Settings section of config profiles. Possible Values:
        • "Xbox360"
        • "XboxOne"
        • "PS3"
        • "PS4"
      • Updated existing button icons to look nicer.
      • Added button icons for Xbox One and PS4.
      • Very minor bug fixes.
    • Installer Package Changes:
      • Made installer much nicer.
      • Added better information.
      • Added licenses.
      • Added option to choose whether to install each component of the mod separately, including PDBs.

    • Fixed Cursor Mode Select crashing the game.
    • Removed option for multiple controllers in a single profile.
    • Added ability to select profiles on a per-player basis:
      • Replaced Reset Profile To Default control with Select Profile Control (Default: Y):
        • Press at main menu to cycle through profiles in the profile folder.
        • Each client can choose separate profiles.
    • Massively improved scaling/readability of contextual button prompts. (It should actually be tolerable on 800x600 resolution now.)
    • Changed many minor details:
      • Added SFX when pressing config buttons on main menu.
      • Lowered rumble strength while quick-quitting the game.
      • Pressing Start to set the controlling player no longer shows a dialog message but instead simply changes the number displayed (and it changes the actual controlling player as well).
      • Button context prompts now glow when you input them on the controller.
      • Changed wording of a few text strings.
    • I recommend deleting all previous configuration files before using this version to avoid any headaches, although it should, in theory, automatically replace them with default settings when you select them in-game.

    • Added support for the GOG version of Terraria.
    • Re-added Auto-Mine(All) cursor mode.
    • Added Controller Mode toggle:
      • Press Back on the main menu to toggle between Auto and On.
      • Auto: Enables Controller Mode when controller is used, disables when mouse/keyboard is used.
      • On: Controller Mode stays enabled the entire time.
    • Renamed a few button contexts.
    • Removed Lockon control.
    • Added Cursor Function control:
      • Does different functions depending on the selected cursor mode:
      • Ranged (w/Targeting): Lockon
      • Auto-mine (Tiles), Auto-mine (Walls), Auto-mine (All): Holds cursor right in front of player (for placing torches).
    • Completely removed XbcmConfig app for the time being (I'm working on a new one and this version's changes would require a lot of work for the current app that I don't want to do, so I'm waiting until I have the new one). In the meantime, you can manually edit the config files in ".\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Xbox Controller Mod\Profiles\".
    • Profiles now have options for all 4 controllers in them for splitscreen.

    • Profile selection now works.
    • Massive performance boost while interacting with tiles.
      • Old System: Checked for nearby Tiles and NPCs at 60 Hz.
      • New System. Checks for nearby Tiles only if you've moved at least one tile distance since the last update. Checks for nearby NPCs only if you've moved at least one pixel since the last update. Only updates at 15 Hz.
    • Several changes made to config app:
      • Now has a message when you first open it, telling that it sucks and providing some support info.
      • Now has messages upon saving your profile and changing profile selection so that you know it actually saved. (Before you had no idea whether it saved or not, honestly.)
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2015
  2. JoeK

    JoeK Terrarian

    Hey Green Cat!
    I LOVE you mod! I have bad rheumatics and i cant hold a mouse for a long period of time, that's why i have stopped playing Terraria a while back. You make a Gamer really happy :)

    But i have a little Problem that i just noticed after 20 Hours of Gameplay.
    If i'm using the XBCM ingame Controls i get huge lags everytime a door or a chest is selected, even worse when i'm in Manual Mode and placing blocks while a door is in focus.
    First i thought it is my Laptop since its not the greatest, but when i accidentally touched the mouse i noticed a sudden jump to ~60 FPS. Then i played around with it and noticed that the lag is caused by your mod.

    Like i said, i love this mod to death and will probably keep using it even if i'm running around at ~15FPS. But i would love if we could look into this :)

    Infos on my System / Game:

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz
    2 GBytes RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce G 105M
    Running the game on 800x600 and playing in multiplayer. With 2 Bossfights at once and alot of particles i get 60fps.
  3. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian

    Yeah your CPU is a bit on the slow side so it's having trouble running my door/chest selection algorithms. I'll work on optimizing it a bit, but I have a ton of stuff to do, so the new version likely won't be released for a week or two.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. :redspin:
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  4. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    I would use this mod, if I had an x-box controller. Sadly I am a play-station fan, but I don't have my play-station anymore anyway!
  5. JoeK

    JoeK Terrarian

    Thanks for your fast answer dude :) Can't wait to maybe play your awesome Mod in 60fps glory! You are da boss!
  6. JoeK

    JoeK Terrarian

    I too use a Playstation Controller - i installed joy2key and use x360ce together with his mod. It works like a charm.
  7. ryan0991

    ryan0991 Terrarian

    Any way to craft something without moving the cursor directly to it in the crafting menu? Because I noticed you can scroll the crafting menu with the right stick, but you can't actually craft something without moving the cursor to it. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    Or is there any way to increase the cursor sensitivity in the menu?

    And by the way, this is an amazing mod. I can't tell you enough just how much I appreciate the time you put into this.
  8. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian

    Yeah it's meant for you to hover the mouse cursor over the center of the menu, that way you can use the right stick to scroll and A to craft.
  9. BKGaming

    BKGaming Terrarian

    Hi Green Cat,

    I posted the same over at Game Launcher thread, but would it be possible to get an update on this that will work with the GOG version if Game Launcher get's updated to work?
  10. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian

    GOG version?
  11. BKGaming

    BKGaming Terrarian

    Yes, the game is now DRM free on GOG [http://www.gog.com/game/terraria], though Eikester is saying that because the GOG version is DRM free, he can't make Game Launcher check for a legit version since anyone could pirate a GOG copy now. I don't really understand why it really matters though or why Game Launcher really needs to check this when Re-Logic obviously understands this happens with or without DRM. Don't know if this was something he had to do or what.

    Waiting for a response from him for clarification...
  12. Cerebrum123

    Cerebrum123 Terrarian

    I love your mod, but I kind of hope that they will be adding native gamepad support to Terraria. There are some mods I would like to try out, but there's no way they would be compatible. Hopefully when 1.3 comes out this will get attention if they don't add it.

    I put in a suggestion to do so since there are console versions, but I don't know if it will be noticed.
  13. Revolving Ocelot

    Revolving Ocelot Terrarian

    Hello, it's me again. (DarrylDeeds) Now that the GOG version is out how will we use this mod? (Btw I'm loving this mod, my setup puts a real strain on my hands when I use kb/m. :) )
  14. BlueSmoke

    BlueSmoke Terrarian

    Can you help me please? I try to open with my custom account and and keeps going to default and yes i clicked the bubble thing and it turned blue but when i start terraria it goes to default? i am trying to play with my brother on split sceen
    Edit: I also find it impossible to aim and jump at the same time so it would be amazing if I could change the setting for jumping to RB
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2014
  15. Morrigen

    Morrigen Skeletron

    OH MY GAWSH! You... Are my hero.
    *bows* I love you.
  16. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian

    Oh god it's like Starbound Forums all over again with the custom fonts .-.
  17. Morrigen

    Morrigen Skeletron

    >_>" This is the only forum I've ever been on.
    And as far as I know, I'm the only person who uses custom font lol. Oddly enough. .-.
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  18. Flamer_ion

    Flamer_ion Official Terrarian

    Can you help me: I made a custom profile, named it, configured, selected it but everytime I launch the game it goes back to Default profile.
    Edit: Found a workaround by copying the data of my profile .xcpf onto default .xcpf, but now I have another problem: that I cant mine nor place blocks, just interact with in nearby me and use weapons.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2014
  19. Cerebrum123

    Cerebrum123 Terrarian

    It's a known bug, somebody said something about a workaround. Changing the file name of your custom profile to default, or something like that.
  20. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian

    Did you try changing to some cursor mode other than Melee?
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