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Your Favourite Enemy


This guy right here:

I respect it for its ability to ninja-roll and land in my neck when I least expect it. Most of the time I'm on to it and hunting it instead though.
It's a cat and mouse game we play. :passionate:


Skeletron Prime
I have no idea why, but I just LOOOVE Bone Lee. He literally just jumps across the dungeon, and he looks so silly while doing it. It just puts a big smile on my face whenever he's jumping against a wall trying to get to me.


Official Terrarian
Well, I've always had an obsession with the destroyer. It's really fun to fight against it, and worth it if you are doing a ranger playthrough.

Also, in spite of all the hate that people have towards it, I love -the infamous- Crawltipedes. Mainly because of two things:
1 - It has an unique gimmick of having to attack his last segment in order to kill it.
2 - It has an unique function in his pillar, that is, to keep the player from getting airborne.
And, finally, 3 - It's absurdly fun to see how players who have never beaten that pillar are torn to shreds by a raging Crawltipede. And it's even funnier to see that happen multiple times while they rage in the chat, complaining about how OP it is.
Meanwhile, I just laugh from the ground :D


It is funny to see other people's mistakes. While watching them on YouTube raging I'm just laughing my head of.:D

Another mob I love is... The duke. By that I mean duke fishron. Strong boss, puts up a real good fight and has rewarding loot. He gives you that awesome feeling when you first beat him so I'm like :cool:awww yeah on my (56th) attempt. Also crawlipedes, hate them and love them at the same time.
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Official Terrarian
I used to like the Duke, but that was it. However, beating him in expert mode has made me love him. His fight was one of the most enjoyable ones in expert mode, and also he dropped really nice loot.
Well, in one of my latest playthroughs (the one where I had a good time laughing at my friend's deaths due to Crawltipedes) I was trying expert mode for the first time; and I had pretty much spoiled myself every expert mode boss until the WoF. The thing is, as the Mechanical trio and the Golem weren't that much different, I wasn't expecting much from Duke Fishron. Yet, when we suddenly entered his 3rd phase, we started panicking like we hadn't before. I managed to survive somehow, as I was playing ranger and my friend was melee (and the one who died), but it took me some time to realise what had happened.
Despite being ignored by me since 1.3 came out (as his loot is overshadowed by that dropped in Martian Madness and Post-Plantera Solar Eclipses), expert mode has made the Duke far more interesting, making him my favourite boss in that mode.


Same here. On my first attempt of fishron expert mode I came "this" close to beating him. Second attempt I got my revenge and kicked his butt. And I love his expert mode drop the shrimpy truffle. I still have the item and I still use it it's that useful.:D


The Biome Mimics are a lot of fun to fight, and they all drop great items. They're easy to summon, and their attacks are really cool.
Medusa is another great enemy: she too has a unique attack, she can drop a very useful item, and she is based of a real myth, wich I really like.


I allways love 'Dat RAINBOW SLIME!!!!!!!!!:rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime:
[doublepost=1470059970,1470059900][/doublepost]RAINBOW SLIME FOR THE WINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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