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You've got the Touch, You've got the Power! Controller & Customization Update hits Mobile Terraria Today!

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I use the ipega 9067 control in other App and games normally, however in the terraria it is not working and only in it.


When you open the game, in the lower right corner is the Build Number. Latest on Android is 384, iOS is 380.
Sorry for the delayed reply. Unrecognized triggers on SN30 Pro Plus controller issue persists in Android build 390 on the version released yesterday.


Thats what you could do in the 1.2 and cant do in the 1.3 wich forces you to take damage at almost all time when using a melee weapon when fighting an enemy or boss if the weapon doesn't throw projectiles like the Terra Blade, I really want that when you use a melee weapon that doesn't have projectiles change the control to the old one from the 1.2 like in the Gift and pls don't vive the same reply because there is nothing you can do in the controls option to have the 1.2 sword mechanic.Thats the only thing I ask before the 1.4 get realised.Why is it so hard to understand Im giving every little detail that I can even showing what Im tlaking about in the Gift 😕


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