Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

May I have my OC Tīru done in those incredible avatar style?

Oh my. These look great as all hell! Speaking of which...
If requests are still open for those delicious sweet 50px by 50px protraits, can I get a version of the green character in this picture(It's supposed to be Pestilence!)
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Requests are open? Awesome! Better get something in before it fills ups!
I would like to request a king cobra boss, maybe you could make him segmented?
Other than that, I don't care about the details.

EDIT: Hmm... Nevermind. Apparently I can't read.
Since requests are open, and your art is sweet nectar, I'd like to request to draw portrait of this girl:
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I ask thee, the lord of all that is sprite, to make me one of those awesome avatars!... please..?
This is the guy i want. The design is generally based on star wrath
Wow zoomo I will have to watch this thread this is awesome!
I love your cyber biome sprites I really want it to be added to vanilla terraria.
Have you checked out Tremor Remastered it's a really good mod.
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