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Pixel Art Zoomo's Art



Did relogic copy off this? kek
I know you said you arnt taking any requests but after seeing your work I have high hopes your the best sprite artist for my boss idea, so when you start taking requests again can you please message me if your interested if not I won't waste any more of your time asking for this


I have no idea how this thread only has 30 pages, it deserves ten times as many.
The amount of pages doesn't have to say anything if it's good or bad, it just have much going on to talk about.

I know it's nice to get feedback, but it would get annoying if everyone gets the same reply of "Well done, nice job!" from everyone that watches the thread.

For myself, I reply what I want to, and I rather keep it that the reply contains something informatical feedback or just humor.


Pixel Pirate
Zoomo what are the what i expect to be the heart of cuthulu for? (like why did you make it)

And what about the skeleton like wall of flesh
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