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Recent content by Aldenkynan

  1. Aldenkynan

    WIP True Copper Set Idea

    Uh, I’ve changed, thank you? I’ve grown wiser.
  2. Aldenkynan

    PC True Terra Blade

    Ah, yes I have. I’ve suggested Alpha Fungor, the Obsidian Castle, a new blizzard, and quite a bit more. I’m saying that this has been debunked multiple times to the point where it’s mostly frowned upon.
  3. Aldenkynan

    PC True Terra Blade

    What? I can’t undersrand the sentence. “And what do you suggested on the TCF?” Are you asking if I’ve suggested anything new?
  4. Aldenkynan

    Sprites Terrarian blade

    I never said anything about my opinion prevailing. I’m trying to say this won’t work in the game because of the lack of uniqueness and the dislike shown to these types of threads.
  5. Aldenkynan

    PC True Terra Blade

    Ah, geez. More true weapons. I don’t know how I should explain that more true weapons just don’t work. They add nothing new to the game, and we don’t need more craftable swords. The trend of true/upgraded weapons has been used, and let’s keep it a unique thing. We need something unique...
  6. Aldenkynan

    PS4 Locked door

    Where is the crafting recipe smh.
  7. Aldenkynan

    WIP Summoner Expansion

    Thanks for the sprite! I’ll make sure to put it in when I get the chance. No, it does not spawn a cursed skull. It spawns a skeleton (like the skeleton enemy). Also, I could make it for farming, but I want to add more craftable summon weapons.
  8. Aldenkynan

    PC The Clothier *upgrade* And skin changer

    Dresser changes style. Skin Changer NPC is no no, but that would be a good option to add to the dresser or Stylist.
  9. Aldenkynan

    PS4 Locked door

    Like, every thief in existence would want to do that rather than just ignore the house. You only have to mine two to three blocks to get in. You don’t appear to understand all the problems of this thing. It’s useless, since all it takes is two to three blocks of mining to get in. Or you could...
  10. Aldenkynan

    Life is nothing but a big lie.

    Life is nothing but a big lie.
  11. Aldenkynan

    Water Chest Mimic

    So this is just a mimic but it spawns in water and drops a Star Cloak ripoff. Seems legit. Anyway this needs more unique drops for it to have any chance (unless it has the same drops as the normal mimic, which works).
  12. Aldenkynan

    Sense of Taste (a new mechanic, buff, and debuff)

    Let me get this straight. When you create a character, the RNG gods decide whether you’ll get an extra buff, an extra debuff, or nothing for everything you can eat in the game. This would simply be a pain. Knowing that Greater Healing Potions would give me a debuff every time I consumed one...
  13. Aldenkynan

    WIP Summoner Expansion

    Firefly Staff - Seems fine to me. Just rapidly does 1 damage (except if the enemy has no defense, then it does 2). I mean, it works for the start of the game. Devourer Staff - I don't want an early-game Stardust Dragon. I like it better with it just being separate minions. I want to keep what...
  14. Aldenkynan

    Are more mechanical bosses allowed?

    Look, new mechanical bosses is a really bad idea. We’re good with the three we have. Adding more will just get old. We don’t need more boss ripoffs. What we do need is new, unique bosses that add new concepts to the game.
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