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  • Hey i've experienced an issue with 2 of my storage units, they won't empty, upgrade, deactivate, be mined, nothing, and they appear to be full (red light) despite containing nothing when hooked up to a Heart, they've essentially become the Terraria equivalent of bedrock, is there a way to fix this?
    attempting to erase them results in a game crash, too.
    @blueshiemagic I would like to ask you if magicstorage still corrupts chunks when there are too many items in the storage or is it fixed. Also I was wondering how I could prevent this from happening again if it's still not fixed.
    Hello, @blushiemagic. I am the author of this mod. I would like to ask if I can somehow get the source of my mod, if I have written the hidecode and hideresources true? You see, I lost the source of my mod, along with my hard drive, and I didn't have time to make a copy.
    when i updated my terraria to get 1.4, it got rid of my tmod so i waited a few days after to download tmod from the forums but when i installed it and clicked play it comes up with an error so i reinstalled it and did it again and it came up with the same thing.
    Has GOG gotten tmodloader support because I have terraria on GOG and I installed tmodloader and it works perfectly so far.
    I dont know if anyone have asked yet, but are you going to continue in Terraria modding for the 1.4 journey's end update? I am asking since the new big update is comming next month and on your profile I found no mention about what is going to happen to tmodloader. Also I bet I am not the only one that is curious about it.
    No one has really taken the time just to ask this, they're always asking when mod updates are coming, etc.
    How have you really been?
    I know life can get difficult sometimes, but it will really get better, trust me. I hope you're doing well today and life really gets better for you. I don't know what is going on in your life, but if you could elaborate in some way, that would be great.
    I... admittedly haven't been very great at all. I used to think things would get better, until stuff that happened last October. I can't really elaborate on these things here though.
    Hey, if you want to talk, I'm actually here. That is probably said a lot, but I will literally have a conversation with you for hours if you need to. Really. If you want to keep talking, add me on discord at Natsuki#8015
    what has you so down? you created awesome stuff you should have a reason to be happy and prideful
    Basically, real non-internet life has been incredibly difficult
    Well I hope you're keeping your head up and things start to look better for you. =)
    yeah im sure it'll turn around for ya soon
    Tmodloader is awesome. Could you create an AI that will automatically fix errors and update tmod files? It will help lessen the work on making mods.
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