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Apr 17, 2019
Sep 26, 2014
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Brain of Cthulhu

I will be unavailable from Friday, March 24th until Monday morning, March 27th. Full activity resumes Tuesday, March 28th. Mar 24, 2017

Bullseye55 was last seen:
Apr 17, 2019
    1. TheFrontLine
      What's up? It's been years since I've done anything Terraria-related, but I remember your name from years ago, probably from roleplaying servers/posts. Hope you've been good these past years!
    2. Droid15.24.3
      I spy with my little eye, an old friend! How've you been?
      1. Bullseye55
        Active on Steam and other places, not so much here. Forums are the slowest-loading with my net of nearly any site - likely going to take minutes for this to send.
        Apr 9, 2019
        Droid15.24.3 likes this.
      2. Bullseye55
        Going well. Can talk on Steam whenever you want. XP
        Apr 9, 2019
        Droid15.24.3 likes this.
    3. AintDatTrueI
      Are you still involved with the development of Avalon?
      1. Bullseye55
        To an extent, but not active on here. TCF is one of the slowest-loading sites for me, and my net struggles to send anything through nowdays. Steam is the best way to contact me if needed or wanted: not here anymore.
        May 17, 2018
    4. Droid15.24.3
      Ello, there!
      1. Bullseye55
        Usually on here due to these forums incredibly slow load time - the net company just simply reduces us to slower and slower speeds for higher costs. Hence why you know to contact me over Steam nowadays, and that goes for anyone else that needs to speak with me reliably. XP
        Jan 21, 2018
    5. Dark Cookies
      Dark Cookies
      Hello Bullseye55! We together with my team want to revive Avalon under a new name: "Avalon: Rebirth of Evil". Since the idea of Avalon is interesting, I would not like that would be such a project disappeared. We will definitely point out the developers, including you. In our team there is a composer, so the soundtracks will be official. Well Well, I'll wait for your answer.
      1. Bullseye55
        I can't allow that with the current assets due to the sprites being credited from a broad range of people to the AvalonMod Team of very specific note. To allow a resurrection by another team would result in all those agreements being violated, making both a massive legal mess, and a loss of credit with the current team. Apologies.
        Oct 16, 2017
      2. Dark Cookies
        Dark Cookies
        We wanted to do a resprite... And if we designate all authors?
        Oct 17, 2017
      3. Dr.elisey
        I have a suggestion, And if it's an add-on, in which you can not only add to the mod, but even play.

        There are used other sprites.
        Oct 17, 2017
    6. kingofpopz
      Wait what's this about avalon coming back?
    7. Ronny
      Hi, I'm glad that the Avalon mod is coming back! I have a feeling that since you might be the owner of the Avalon mod now that blah is gone, that the Wall Of Steel will be added as a post Golem boss that would activate super hard mode instead of the Armageddon Slime activating the mode, will that be true?
      1. Bullseye55
        Superhardmode's been in the preplanning stage for a while. The older versions of it were notorious for having tiered progression and no real base to base everything on.
        Aug 8, 2017
      2. Treesmasher
        I kind of liked the Armageddon Slime activating the mode.
        Aug 12, 2017
    8. fanaticmetroid
      Hey, is there a way to replace / repost the broken link for the tConfig version of Avalon? If there is a way and all that's needed is the file, I can provide it.
    9. Bullseye55
      I will be unavailable from Friday, March 24th until Monday morning, March 27th. Full activity resumes Tuesday, March 28th.
    10. Bullseye55
      Skype's been breached. Spoke with a few knowledgeable contacts: Avoid the service, shut down unused and inactive accounts.
      1. Vladimier and Star and Moon like this.
      2. SnailsAttack
        That's fine. Skype sucks, use discord.
        Dec 26, 2016
      3. Bullseye55
        I use Steam. All in one place. :p
        Dec 26, 2016
      4. Plaguerion
        Always fun when you go to do exactly that and find that shutting down your skype account also closes the email account you have which CANNOT be unlinked from skype
        Dec 28, 2016
    11. Bullseye55
      I'm unable to get Steam working. May need some help.
      1. Pause Ghost
        Pause Ghost
        Have you deleted and reinstalled it?
        Dec 16, 2016
      2. Bullseye55
        Had to do a system restore and a reinstall to get it working that day. Just glad nothing was hurt up to now.
        Dec 16, 2016
      3. Pause Ghost
        Dec 16, 2016
    12. Bullseye55
      My Steam isn't booting and proceeds to not respond. Urrg.
      1. Bullseye55
        Can't get on. Nothing seems to work. Just great...
        Dec 8, 2016
    13. Melly the WM
      Melly the WM
      Just found some Avalon things you sent me a year ago on Google Docs while for school. I was on my regular Google account going to my school account to switch.. but then I saw the Avalon things. I must see them.

      And I can delete this after you see it if you want.
    14. Bullseye55
      Wish this was not true, but I've definitely came down with a cold. Urrg.
      1. Star and Moon likes this.
    15. Bullseye55
      I will be offline for a majority of today, October 29th, 2016. See all of you tonight. :)
      1. Crimwolf
        Oct 29, 2016
    16. Bullseye55
      I will be unavailable most of tomorrow, Friday, October 21st.
    17. Bullseye55
      I'll be unavailable tomorrow, October 9th, 2016, until late-night CST time. Errands to run.
    18. Bullseye55
      1. Vladimier likes this.
    19. Bullseye55
      I feel so proud and good of myself to have been able to help @Charmander27 with The Island, finally. :)
    20. Bullseye55
      Imgur - Random occurrence Steam picture I managed to get. Game's cursed.
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