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Recent content by Carter Casteel

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    [Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

    Zoinks! Giving me a stomach ache just by looking at it. Haha. Really cool!! Great work!!
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    Sprites The Glade (Alternate Hallow)

    This is one of my favorites!!!! I would LOVE this biome instead of the Hallow. Haha. I wouldn't even try to stop this one spreading through my whole world XD
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    Sprites The Whimsy (Alternate Hallow)

    Wonderful! I especially love the Whimsywood set!!
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    Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)

    Genius!!! It's absolutely incredible!! I love the Greek theme. Very appropriate!!!
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    Sprites Shooting Star (Alternate Meteorite)

    Amazing! All of these would add SO much depth to Terraria. I wish, I wish!
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    Sprites Sky Crystals (Alternate Floating Island)

    Super cool! Gives me kind of a "The Dark Crystal" vibe! Amazing!
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    Sprites Fallen Isles (Alternate Floating Island)

    Super cool!!! I have to say, I've been coming up with ideas like these with my siblings for a while now, and I'm overjoyed to see bunch of my ideas actually lived out through your work. Thank you!!
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    Sprites Vermin Horde (Alternate Goblin Army)

    I laughed out loud! Hahaha. So fun! I would love to see this in-game. Great work!
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    Sprites The Infestation (Alternate Corruption)

    I adore the wormwood sprites!!
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    Sprites The Necropolis (Alternate Desert)

    Amazing! I would LOVE this biome in my world!! I had an idea that there could be a Bog biome replacing the Jungle. I may still eventually post about it, but I don't have the time to put in the amazing work you do.
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    Sprites Toad Caves (Alternate Spider Nests)

    Disgusting and amazing!!!!
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    Sprites Archaic Tower (Alternate Living Tree)

    Wonderful! I love the feel of this one. I'd prefer it to the trees.
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    Sprites The Tropics (Alternate Jungle)

    Absolutely incredible!!! The amount of work that went into this is astounding!! I'm honestly speechless. I love all of it! I would lose my mind if this got implemented. Wow. Inspiring! I especially love all the new furniture sets! And one of my favorite parts of Terraria is the different wood...
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