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Feb 18, 2017 at 7:59 PM
Apr 14, 2014
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Jan 8, 1993

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Artist, 24

Staff Member Re-Logic

Me after telling people online I'm not the same Crowno guy from Terraria http://imgur.com/3IDtPDU Jan 30, 2017

Crowno was last seen:
Feb 18, 2017 at 7:59 PM
    1. Blue the Swordsman
      Blue the Swordsman
      Have a great birthday Crowno.
      1. Crowno likes this.
    2. Frous
      Happy Birthday!
      1. Crowno likes this.
    3. Burst
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! .. um... i mean Birthday :)
      1. Crowno likes this.
    4. Exodus Starlit
      Exodus Starlit
      Happy birthday!
      1. Crowno likes this.
    5. Ace Cobalt
      Ace Cobalt
      Happy birthday Crowno!!

      P.S. I want cake... (c ; - ; c)
      1. Crowno likes this.
      2. Crowno
        Thank you!
        PS: me too
        Jan 8, 2015
    6. m4sterbr0s
      Happy birthday man, enjoy your day! :)
      1. Crowno likes this.
    7. Erienna Nakagai
      Erienna Nakagai
      Happy Birthday, Crowno! Sorry I was late for when I was going to say it. Have a good year!
      1. Crowno likes this.
    8. Ai
      Happy birthday, eat cake, get fat.
      1. Crowno likes this.
      2. Crowno
        That's a good one, thanks!
        Jan 8, 2015
        Ai likes this.
    9. Joost8910
      1. Crowno likes this.
    10. Milt69466
      Happy Birthday! I made you a thing

      1. Crowno
        Looks cute! Thank you :D
        Jan 8, 2015
        Milt69466 likes this.
    11. Red Devil
      Red Devil
      Happy Birtdayyyyyy
      1. Crowno likes this.
    12. Loki
      Celebratory congratulations on the day of your birth, oh epic artist! :)
      1. Crowno
        You are always exaggerating, sir. Thank you! hahaha
        Jan 8, 2015
      2. Loki
        Quite the contrary - I call it as I see it. :)
        Jan 8, 2015
        Crowno likes this.
    13. Prism
      Happy Birthday, have some more spam!
      1. Crowno likes this.
    14. rangerofthewest
      Happy birfday
      1. Crowno likes this.
    15. Jetstream ∞
      Jetstream ∞
      Happy Birthday to the Avian Artist!
      1. Crowno likes this.
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      3. Kyouko Tsukino
        Kyouko Tsukino
        Jan 8, 2015
        Jetstream ∞ likes this.
      4. Jetstream ∞
        Jetstream ∞
        I'm offended :p
        Jan 8, 2015
      5. Crowno
        Jan 8, 2015
        Jetstream ∞ likes this.
    16. varvolgyibeni
      Happy Birthday to you... umm i cant make songs so heres a word: Goat
      1. Crowno likes this.
    17. AdenSword
      1. Crowno likes this.
    18. dokydom
      Happy birthday!! c:
      1. Crowno likes this.
    19. JudoKing128
      Happy birthday. Party all day.:)
      1. Crowno likes this.
    20. EpicCriddle
      1. Crowno
        HAHAHA, that looks pretty good as always. Thank you very much, man.
        Jan 8, 2015
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  • About

    Jan 8, 1993 (Age: 24)
    People tend to make me the same kind of questions a lot, so here's a FAQ with me answering some of them :dryadwink:

    1. What programs do you use to make pixel art?

    Most of the time I use Photoshop, and some times additional software like Pyxel Edit (it's great for tiles).
    Honestly, the tools you use are less important than how much you practice. I was used to make pixel art on MS Paint (even while working on Terraria, early on), and it works on the same way. The difference is the tools you have at your disposal, which can make the process faster and more practical. I could stop using my current tools at any moment and start to use other tools if I felt like they were more suitable for myself.

    2.What programs do you recommend/any tips you can give me on how to start doing pixel art?
    Two great free Softwares you can get are Graphics Gale and Pyxel Edit. I never used Paint.net, but it seems to be a good option too.
    My first tip is: If you like doing something, keep doing it and you will be getting better over time (I'm trying to improve everyday!).
    Regarding pixel art, I think it's good to be in touch with old video games, or even new "retro-games" to get references on how to make certain things or how some things looks like in pixel form. Be observant about them.
    Also look for tutorials to learn technical bits like shading, aliasing and other common pixel art practices.
    Last but not least, here's a recommended source for everything mentioned above: http://pixelartus.com/post/126605275911/the-pixel-art-mega-post

    3.Can you give me spoilers of game X?
    Most likely no.

    4.I have a suggestion of something you can add to the game...
    Try to use the Player Suggestions board for that!

    5.Is your avatar character based on character X from place X?
    Probably not. This character was based on some design ideas I'm fond of, and it's not a particular reference to anything. It is more reminiscent from an original character I created a couple years ago. It might be inspired a little bit by the design of the famous plague doctor figure, but I didn't intended it to be directly related to that.

    6. Are you Brazilian?
    Sim! That's why my english might suck sometimes. Sorry for that.

    7. How do you pronounce "Crowno"?
    I don't know, whatever you think works the best. I think I pronounce it like "Crow-no".

    8.I saw this picture of a game/art on your social media. Is that Terraria?
    If it doesn't look like Terraria, it's not Terraria :dryadwink:
    I always played around with gamedev for fun, so I'm almost always doing something on my free time. Those things are particular and I do them as a hobby.