My name is Deeked. I love mining, exploring, messing around with wires and all that cool stuff the Mechanic and Steam punker sell's, and just hanging out with my friends. I started Terraria just before the 1.2 update, and it has been an amazing ride. All the cool things I have done and learned, the servers I have been on, all the people I have met, the friends I have made along the way and the true artwork I have seen has blown my mind. It has been a true honor and a joy to be a part of this amazing game and to know all the amazing players who have helped shape Terraria into the game we all love. From the awesome builders and designers, to the epic pixel artists, the crazy guys who play with wires and switches from dusk to dawn, the YouTubers who dedicate hours at a time to bring us videos, to all the developers who are constantly working to make this game even better, and to all of you who have taken the time to read this.... Thank you, and I hope to see you in-game!
March 15
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The Darkness Within
Darkness once consumed the world
A place where the banner of chaos once stood unfurled.
In this dark and desolate land, where there was no purity or light
Life was a grim existence, sealed in endless night

Those shadowy days have long since passed
However, the darkness is of the world, so it will still last
It lurks in the places where no one dares roam
But it can also reside within the home

A dismal fate awaits for those who let it in
Inside it slips, drawn to hatred and sin
Its influence can hail the jaws of death
Look for its presence as these men draw their last breath

These two bitter enemies, Fire and Ice
Once fought one another, determined to maim and slice
Their hatred for each other knew no bounds
They would not stop until the other made no sounds

They hurled blasts of blazing heat and searing cold
Their duel is one of the most tragic ever told
It was a sad day when they turned against one another
For they once walked together, brother alongside brother

Before each other, they stood, eyes aflame
With an unearthly scream at each other they came
Armed with swords of the earth and falling sky
They hurtled toward each other, destined to die

When the smoke had cleared, there was only a crater
Their bodies lay untouched, a mystery no one knew until later
Nor steel nor magic was the cause of this sin
For they had died, from the darkness within

By: The Magic Cookie

Magic, eternal life force of all
Those who control it group small
Magicians and tricksters, petty users
Magic society dubs them wandering cruisers
Yet true masters dominate other realms
Of time and space they are the helms
Wizards grey and white
Of life they're at the height
Capable of spell
That is rather fell
Death dealt swift
Of life given thrift
Magic men,
of dimension den

By: TheQuietBisharp
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Name: Deik
Age: 31
Backstory: Deik suffered a great loss that came in the form of losing both his parents at the age of 9 when a group of bandits ambushed and killed them to steal his mother and father's wedding rings. Angry at himself due to his inability to help them, he made it his goal to learn the ways of magic and combat to protect any and all who need it. He lives by a strong moral code and tries to act honorably at all times. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and does everything in his power to protect those unable to protect themselves.
Personality: Quiet, compassionate and friendly. He dislikes using violence where it can be avoided though he has been known to have an explosive temper at times when it comes to things he feels strongly about.
Abilities: Deik is a warrior of the holy light, and as such, most of his magic is holy in nature. Using the power he draws from the light, he can support those around him with healing and wards and smite his enemies with bolts of light and burst of holy fire. Though he can use darker types of magic like necromancy (death magic, not raising undead armies or what not) he prefers to keep to his other spells if he can help it. He can heal most any minor injury with little effort, but bigger injuries require more energy and having to do so too many times too close together will quickly leave him exhausted. He has had to do so but on a few occasions, but he is also capable of resurrecting fallen allies, so long as he can reach their body within about 5 minutes of death. Doing so will exhaust all of his magical energy stores however, leaving him with only his physical weapons to defend himself, and any wards or shields cast on others that drew their energy from him to sustain itself will end. Aside from magic, Deik typically wears a set of simple chain armor under his regular clothes and carries a mace and shield. In his bag he carries simple rations, a waterskin, a blanket, and a tinderbox. Though he prefers the simple bluntness of his mace, if the situation demands it of him he can use most melee weapons with decent skill, though he tends to leave archery to those he feels are more qualified than himself, which tends to be most people. Aside from combat abilities, he can manifest the light into small points of actual light that he can either make follow him around or stay in one place to light an area. He can conjure up very simple rations and plain, clean water, though this is tiring if he is doing so for multiple people. He can purify both food and water of most toxins with little effort, and can remove all but the strongest of curses from people or items, though doing so is extremely taxing.



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