I've been here for a while, then was gone for a while, now I'm back for a while.
Inside your walls
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  1. Terraria: PC
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  3. Terraria: Wii U


Apparently people like to gift me slimes
Elivyr gave me this slime. LOOK AT HIM FOR HE IS GLORIOUS

Archon The All-Knowing gave me this slime. BeAuTiFuL :islime:
SapphireSuicine Gave me this slime : D :yslime:
Dark Digitus Awoken gave me this pumpkin! :pumpking: Look at it spin : )
Boop Noodle Gave me this bouncy boi! :kingslime: Look at him go
Boop Noodle also gave me a Nymph! :nymph: I think my life is in danger.
Boop Noodle gives me too many things!🦐 It's a shrimp!
Ultimate Snowman 46 gave me a seizure slime. :rslime: oh no
Angry Bones gave me golem! :golem: yay!
Wisp95 Gifted me this lovely boi! :sslime:
Chir' Gave me these two! :islime: :lslime: They're lovely
Mushy Chlorophyte gave me a red! oooh, :red: that's a rare one...
More seizure slimes from Angry bones! Oooh and a hoppin jack! :rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime::rslime: :hoppinjack:
Scratch Lunin has given me The first object Xeroc ever created. It is a very special rock. I am keeping it in a safe place.
GoatKingg? gave me a welcome back slime. :bluslime: Thank you.<3
Champion Greninjoid gave me a welcome back slime as well. :kingslime: Thank you. <3
ChimeraWarden gave me a cool looking thing and I am keeping it in a safe place. thank you!
Palladium46 gave me a seizure slime! thank you! :rslime:
IAmDefinitelyNotZach gave me this as well! Thank you! :lslime:
Esther gave me a really cool lantern!
Thank you!
*cue music*
First you
think the thing then plan the thing then do the thing no wait, you don't do the thing till you've had weeks to, procrastinaaate
then you do the thing then fix the thing till It's just right to shaaare
and this is wheeeere
*stops singing abruptly*
Your insecurity creeps in and makes you doubt whether this looks good at all or if this is a good idea or if others have done it better or-
*resumes singing*
Be gay, do crime, commit arson, you're my child and I love you
Hey thanks for looking through my trash, be gay do witchcraft, see you around the forums : )


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