Hi, you found my profile.

I mostly do stuff in the off-topic section of the forums, so you're most likely to see me there. I do check AMAs and forum feedback as well though.

I'm also practicing art, so you may see some of that sometimes.

If you have any questions for me, please see my AMA thread. Link is in my signature.

These characters have been moved to my about section as the RPs they were in are no longer active, and there are no current plans to use them elsewhere.
Dref #C27A4A
Yrondes #2550A0
Ringaar #9A3200
Imila #7A7AFF
Daniel Sinclaire #A06A32
Daggerwing #464C99
Smoketrail #994E46
Swiftwings #5C2E22
Vince Sepren #D46F11
Areana Sepren #B9FF47
Theta #10FE09
Sharpe #2E5F5F
Drangea #B51452
Tange #70309C
Charles Sepren #8B7EAB
Sirale #FFDC7C
Winston Arthur Johnson "Little Jim" Farland AKA d4rkProtagonist, but just call him John. #88DA1A
Magyre #590B20
KIV-CAI-00211B #00211B
September 28
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC


"...And the game never ends, when your whole world depends, on the turn of a friendly card..."

What, you thought I actually had something in here? Well, I'm afraid you'd be right.

Text colour shows which character is being used. No text colour is used when describing scenery, or sometimes with secondary characters.

No symbols are used with third-person actions, or when describing an area.
(Parentheses are used for OOC.)
*Asterisks outside of quotes are for first-person actions*
"Quotes are used to show when a characters is speaking."
"*Asterisks are for Draconic*"
"-Dashes/hyphens are for wolf-"
"=Equal signs are for Avian/gryphon/bird="
"^Carets are for cat^"
"{Curly brackets are for Pokétongue/whatever the Pokémon language is called.}"
"|Pipes/vertical bars are for voidtongue|" [The void in this case being something @Chir' has as part of their lore]
"~Tildes are for the aquatic version of Draconic~"
"/Slashes are for Avali/"
There might be a few symbols I've missed, but these are the important ones.
In cases where multiple languages or dialects exist within a specific langauge category, such as multiple versions of Draconic, or more languages from real life other than just English, a pair of [square brackets] inside of a set of quotation marks combined with some kind of identifier, such as [EN], will identify the specific language being used.
When square brackets are being used to indicate writing, they may take the place of quotes and be used with these symbols.
<<Arrows are used for digital communication, or radio>>
[Square brackets are for writing]
Italics are for thoughts, or for emphasis when a character is speaking
Nathan Irvell (Rook) #595A6A
Mark Collins (Jack) #5C505E
Kyle Yaris #5F5F6F
Lukas Downs #5A809E
Bruce Madoc #22222A
John Williker #283848
Ryan Williker #394959
Chris Fields #2F6FBA
Charles Anderson #6A6F88
James Dunham #4994FF
Matthew Johnson #6AFFA6
David Resham #932E2E
Allan Clarke #756A32
Erik McConnel #544A25
Genison #3F6FFF
Renuson #3FFF6F
Aseta #EF8866
Enuso #10A875
Renati #008451
Cycler #9EFF01
Yarkha #FFFFFF
Niyr #7539FA
Streyll #052A59
Izviing #89E7FF
Kalvess #408A22
Gilddas #AE954D
Kulautt #445f5A
Swaasnia #455575
Hunters #730E0E / #550E0E
For characters that were used in RPs that are now inactive, please check my about section.
Raieel #54ACCA
Eilx Vyrz #384F47
Reytn Silsh #C2885B
Zylrard Blackwing/Ysilvr #2A7272
Syttian (SCP-8737 - Living-Suit Dragon) #15CFCF
SCP-9221 (Silver Werewolf) #B9B9BF
Felix Strausser #AEE9EE
Martin A. Xaviers #A1816F
Phyalinz #6A66A6
Alexandra Featherby #ABE090
Hrivi #EDE7A1
Cris #6B6060
Lundolaas #F05D5D
Tar-Menari #E5E5E5
Unknown World : IC - OOC
Twenty Sixty-Six : IC - OOC
The Dark Arisen : IC - OOC
Shattered Mirrors : IC - OOC
Lighting the profiles of the forums in corrupting darkness...

Also, the quote is from The Turn Of A Friendly Card by The Alan Parsons Project.


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