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This Roleplay Is No Longer Accepting New Roleplayers

No matter who you are, it was just an ordinary day, until it happened. Whether you were in a kitchen cooking food, walking down a street, or sitting down on a chair, you somehow ended up here. A new, unknown world, with the only thing you know is that this world isn't earth. You aren't alone however, as other people have ended up here as well, and there are a few creatures that were already living on this world. You could either decide to just try to live a normal life on this world, or try to find out how you got here.

Due to recent events, the information in the original post is mostly out of date, and is mostly just useful for backstory information. This post will be updated with new information as soon as I have a map.​

  • Maximum 6 characters per person (Secondary characters (such as random hunters, soldiers, animals, etc.) do not count towards this limit).
  • All primary characters need an application before they can be introduced. If you would like to keep your character secret, then send me the app in a conversation. (Secondary characters do not need applications.)
  • No controlling other people's characters without their permission.
  • Ensure your characters aren't too powerful, and also ensure they aren't too weak. In general just try to make them about the same strength as the other characters.
  • When this RP starts, all human characters and their companions will appear in a forest clearing with no idea how they got there. As this RP has started, this rule no longer applies.
  • Characters that aren't human have the option of either starting in the clearing, or somewhere else in the world. As this RP has started, this rule no longer applies.
More information about starting locations will be added when I make a map.
Nickname (Optional):
Personality (Optional):
Height (Optional):
Weight (Optional):
Extras (Optional):
Backstory (Optional):
Text Colour (Hex):
  • If you do plan as starting with a human character, but want to transform them into a different species, please wait at least 24-48 hours before transforming them, and also make sure they still aren't too weak before they transform.
    • If you do plan on transforming your character, please either send me the character application for the transformed version in a conversation, or add it to your application. (This only applies if you plan on transforming them when you make the character. If you want to transform your character later, and it has been at least one week since it was accepted, then you may transform them without an app for their new species. I may request a list of any new abilities they have in their new form however.)
  • If you would like to start an event that involves a new area (such as a forest, desert, lake, etc. (Not including underground areas)) then please make sure that there are no other locations that have already been described where you are planning on putting your new area. I plan on making a map to keep track of the different areas
  • If you plan on adding a city or faction, please tell me first.

If you have any problems with the extra rules, please tell me.

Remember the normal forum rules do apply.
All characters that start in the forest clearing would not know how they got there, with the last thing they remember before waking up there being just some random thing that was happening somewhere else.
There is a bit of a plot for this RP, so bear that in mind when creating your character.
More lore will be available when the IC is made.

I should probably work on adding that extra lore here, shouldn't I?

More information may be available here later, so please remember to check this first post.

Also, this is the first RP I've created, so things might not be that polished.
By now this RP has been around long enough that things should be more polished, but they might not be, because I keep forgetting to work on these first posts.

26.06.2022 : Closed RP to new roleplayers.
10.04.2021 : Updated First Post.
21.03.2021 : Changed First Post.
09.03.2021 : Increased character limit from 5 to 6.
16.12.2020 : Added edit history, updated character template.
15.12.2020 : Created thread
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Changing Flask

I'm gonna drop my two new characters.

Name: Vircavil Dave Misthrillian
Nickname (optional):
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: A middle-weight, middle-height human with dark skin tone. His eyes are blue, and from his looks, he seems to be in his early fifties. He wears official, designer business suit, and has a briefcase with documents with him in case he needs to verify. He wears glasses, and is bald.
Personality: He doesn't really like keeping people in suspense, and prefers head-on approaches. Seems like he has a bit of rivalry with the poorer classes of people, has the nickname to them - freeloaders. Classy and sound, had picked some poetry and won't hesitate to use it to say what was going on.
Height (optional): 78 kg
Weight (optional): 1 metre 78 centimetres.
Abilities: He is a good steward, who can bargain better prices for himself or his partners.
Strengths: He is wise for his age, and somewhat courageous. Nevermind that he has knack for poetry.
Weaknesses: He isn't a strongman - age would mean his strength is deteriorating, and so is agility. He also is bad at singing.
Extras: He has some money in his briefcase, and of course a gun in case he has to defend himself. Glock 7 with 15 bullets. Hex code 3388BE
Backstory (optional): How our fate in Africa matters? Why would skin colour stop us from achieving everything?
The motto would be a catchphrase of Misthrillian family, as they were born in the Africa, year 1932. The policies in then governed by Holland colonies were bad. Not bad enough for elites, which Misthrillian was part of. Being sent up to university in hopes that they would be part of better council, he picked up a knack of poetry. He wrote some books in both his native language and in English, including 'An African Transpirence' and 'Cretaceous Advent'. He was in middle of writing 'Chronicles of African Fates', but then the new brave world had happened there.

Name: Agnes Rosegold
Nickname (optional): From forums: Fighter_of_Dawn
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: She looks like she's a teenager, short and thin, with blonde hair and germanic skin. She has a black dress and purple shirt, and she has green eyes. Her hair is long, and she doesn't really need to brush it often. It doesn't curl up.
Personality: She is a somewhat hotheaded type, a combatant in nature. She doesn't really mind having friends, after all she is social. The anger does sometimes get to her head too much, though.
Height (optional): 1 metre 52 cm
Weight (optional): 49 kg
Abilities: Knows a lot of barehanded boxing and wrestling tricks despite being female.
Strengths: Surely she is made of strong material as she can ignore more pain than usual. She also adapts to enemy quite well.
Weaknesses: On other hand, she is not clever, and might have a lot of problems solving stuff not using violence or friendships. She's also reckless.
Extras: She does have a few energy drinks and water bottles in her handbag. But she keeps them just in case she needs to recover. Hex code AC0E6A
Backstory (optional): My Little Pony? Barbie? What girl needs them? I need some action, I'm not going to be a hairdresser!
Agnes came from traditional Rosegold family in Germany, year 2002. The parents wanted her to grow up as a hairdresser, as they thought it would only make them more joyous.
She was more independent than they thought.
Agnes was more drawn to combat scenes than to the cartoons. Something that worried her parents a little. The fact that she, instead of spending money for new dolls, had done it for wrestling and boxing lessons, had it too, have parents worried. She never got any good grades, but she was popular with her friends, especially since she was able to dish her justice on bullies. And then, once in middle of beating another one, called "Charging Fees", she found herself hit by something very hard. Some time later, she... yeah, that's gonna be obvious that she's in the forest.


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I might join this, if I can decide who to use (under consideration are Esther, Vani, or Michelle, if Esther makes it in I'll RNG (but actually RNG for once) a Pokémon/companion to join her)

Dark Sunshine

Brain of Cthulhu
hmm, this is actually a really interesting concept, I’m considering joining. and when I do, you bet it’ll be Hazelnut

Animus Viral

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Dragonwolf73 said:
Whether you were in a kitchen cooking food, walking down a street, or sitting down on a chair, you somehow ended up here.
Re:Zero vibes here.

Anyways, seems interesting, I'll try to join this, regardless of the disagreements of a certain someone.


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you just made me move Vani up a spot in the under consideration group, Dragonfirestaken, because she has a black cat called Starlight and I wanna see how Hazelnut will get along with Starlight

Dark Sunshine

Brain of Cthulhu
you just made me move Vani up a spot in the under consideration group, Dragonfirestaken, because she has a black cat called Starlight and I wanna see how Hazelnut will get along with Starlight
oh, I did? Honestly, I’d like to see that happen as well.


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*realizes I probably shouldn't have deleted Gachaverse from my phone because that's gonna make it so much harder to get the appearance picture for Michelle, thus making Michelle less likely to make it in*
Ah well, time to check if I still have that picture from like two years ago and otherwise it'll probably be Vani and Starlight

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Species: Domestic Cat
Gender: M
Personality: Freindly and enthusiastic. He has a sort of wisdom about him. He very frequently switches to what I like to call ‘introvert mode’, which means he’s a lot quieter. This usually happens after a death or similar tragedy.
Appearance/Equipment: He’s a black cat that can talk, and a purple bandana that he wears around his neck.
Name: Hazelnut
Backstory/Origin: Ask.
Age: like, one?
Quirks/Pros: Is quite intelligent, and walks silently. He can befriend people easily. He’s also very observant.
Flaws/Cons: He tries to never offend anyone, which sometimes results in him offending people. His sense of smell is greatly diminished when he is carrying strong-scented herbs such as catmint.
Extra: He is Juniper’s best friend, and she is why he can talk. Despite this, they don’t always appear together in roleplays. He is the medicine cat of ThunderClan, but in this world, he can’t really do that, can he?

Text color

Species: Dryad
Gender: F
Personality: calm and cautious, knows what she’s doing.
Appearance/Equipment: green hair that she doesn’t tie, brown clothes, dryad magic, she’s got a black cat for some reason, a dirt rod
Name: Juniper
Backstory/Origin: ask
Quirks/Pros: m a g i c, very calm
Flaws/Cons: she’s shy(ish), can be intimidating at times

Text color


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*picks up Bubble Gun*
I regret everything.
Now I'll make a description for a character I use way, WAY too often, except different (but I'll do that later, because chores exist and are :red:ing annoying.).

you use skeletons only.

(besides this feels like i need to use more of a modern day character like Anon or John)
Thats cuz I am a skeleton and I only have ocs that are skeletons and I am too lazy to make any other ocs right now because I have like 2 million of them (not literally 2 million I just have A LOT of them)
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