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No matter who you are, it was just an ordinary day, until it happened. Whether you were in a kitchen cooking food, walking down a street, or sitting down on a chair, you somehow ended up here. A new, unknown world, with the only thing you know is that this world isn't earth. You aren't alone however, as other people have ended up here as well, and there are a few creatures that were already living on this world. You could either decide to just try to live a normal life on this world, or try to find out how you got here.

(Previous information is mostly out of date, and only applies to some characters. Post will be updated with new information soon.)

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Due to the current locations of the characters in this RP, the previous restriction of all human characters starting in a clearing has been removed.
Map coming soon.
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Cian groaned as he got up in the forest clearing.
"My head..."
He put his hands on his head, aching...
"I can't...remember... uh...The smell of a sandwich, a vending machine... People working with me... The wind and wings... The nests and heads... The taste of salt... Books... I don't know... Kindness?"
Cian shook his head. "Where... Am I? What... happened?"
Looking around, Cian sees Esther and Mike. Not knowing much, Cian decided to run towards them. "Hey! I'm so glad to see a person near here! Do you know... where I am? Ah, sorry, should introduce myself. Name's Cian... Sorry, I don't remember much... Nice to meet you though. I'm... There's so much that's going through my head."
Esther shrugs.
"We don't know where we are either. I'm Esther."
"I'm Michelle, but you can just call me Mike."
(I'm gonna change Michelle's text color, this is so hard to read)
Everyone would be able to see that they are in what looks like a normal clearing in a forest, and they would also be able to faintly see a large tower in the distance. The sun is also currently going down, and it will be night in about four hours.
"The sun... is setting? That's not good... Hey... Do you see that? That tower over there?"
Cian points to it. Jack could probably see this group, maybe.
Dragonwolf73 said:
faintly see a large tower in the distance.
(Yeah, there's a tower.)
Cian notices Jack, and although is a bit unnerved at his appearance, considering Screaming Mantis but no extra arms if I recall correctly, he decides to approach Jack.
"Hey there. Name's Cian. Did you just appear here out of nowhere like me...? We... don't seem to belong here... But here we are, anyways."
Agnes wakes up in the clearing with a slight headache. "Oh, urk, Charging Fees... where he had hired a henchman to knock me out?"

Vircavil would be looking around in forest, awake and asking himself in Afrikan what even happened.
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