IC 2066

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All characters start in the west side of the city of New Camrose, an area that is somewhat poor, but is still in decent condition. There are multiple small businesses and apartments in the area, as well as a small park.

Map coming soon.

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Agent Sandstorm : Adam Carson (Wire)
Changing Flask : Nakitaro Fritegoshi (Change)(Dead)
Chir : Juniper
Ganransu : Void(Left RP)
Geotree : Oribis(Left RP)
Orifan1 : radialOS (Program)(Left RP)
Simple : Justin Dannion(Left RP)

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// Change //

Nakitaro pondered in the streets of west New Camrose - if the world really was to be ruled by one King Beyond the Veil. That was his name to CEO who ruled this city. His list of objection was hunger, among many other things.
*he would jump into someone's implant and burrow in deep to keep a low profile*
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Change walked, trying to not raise suspicions with his thoughts, spoken or unspoken. In the rotten world, a virtue may as well be a weakness. How the Earth came up to become such a rotten apple? He would sigh, and walk along the streets, without a clear aim.
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*Void is currently undetectable as he hops from device to device coincidentally following Change's route*
Change doesn't mind being followed, but he's curious why the person follows him, for no one did follow him for no reason for possibly months in the end.
The person waits for a good opportunity, then pulls out a knife.
"Don't move."

After a while, Void would end up getting detected, but no one knows what he is yet, so nothing is done about him.
Nakitaro threw a "NANI!?" in disbelief, not even bothering to use his English for the moment, given he just thought he'd be a friend. But thoughts started racing back, the reality of being threatened there. He quickly let a stare, and while he didn't move, he prepared his technique mentally in case the person wanted to murder him in a cold blood.
For Change, dropping his past was simply impossible. "There's nothing you seek in my possessions." And he calculated the odds of him winning against that bandit.
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