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Recent content by Fuzzwad

  1. Fuzzwad

    Help scaling UI above 200%?

    I can't seem to scale the UI higher than 200%. I messed with the config as well. it shows as 300% or whatever I set it to in game, but the UI just doesn't get bigger. It makes it almost unplayable with how small it is. Sorry if this has been asked before/wrong section, I checked but I could...
  2. Fuzzwad

    If you could combine two weapons at once

    Terrarian and Meowmere. GIANT GREEN CAT HEADS OF DEATH. Or Terrarian and Solar Eruption. GIANT GREEN SWORD EXPANDING THINGS OF DEATH.
  3. Fuzzwad

    How to defeat Eater of worlds.

    Or a yoyo with a counterweight. A Dangersense potion wouldn't go amiss either. Going straight tank mode isn't a good idea early game.
  4. Fuzzwad

    Finally got a butterfly bloom

    Apparently I had one of these, there was a TON of fireflies. I didn't have my net on me, so I had to hop back in my house it was right next to it, but still. Anyway, I got my net and captured about 20-25.
  5. Fuzzwad

    Hardmode questions

    The Clentaminator (Haven't played for a while, hope I spelled it right.) is an invaluable tool against the Corruption/Crimson. Also, a little tip, leaf wings (again, I think that's what they're called) are absolutely great early hardmode, and you can buy them from the witch doctor if he's in a...
  6. Fuzzwad

    Best cursor colour?

    I know that color, it gets all fuzzy and unfocuses my eyes.
  7. Fuzzwad

    Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

    I'm baaaaaaaaack! But you killed Maxwell. No.
  8. Fuzzwad

    I didn't do it, sadly... When I make the pile at the bottom it looks like, well, a pile of poo.

    I didn't do it, sadly... When I make the pile at the bottom it looks like, well, a pile of poo.
  9. Fuzzwad

    Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

  10. Fuzzwad

    Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

    Wait, isn't the turtle mount hardmode?
  11. Fuzzwad

    Story "The Plague" - A Terraria Fanfiction

    Ohhhhhh "The plot thickens..." Hehe
  12. Fuzzwad

    DON'T BLINK- The Eye of Cthulhu's amazing adventures..

    I really wouldn't.count "Oh my..." As a proper chapter, just sayin'...
  13. Fuzzwad

    Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

    Hmm, what will this coupling be called? Dif, Dirunih, or a third thing that I can't think of?
  14. Fuzzwad

    Ayyyyyyy http://imgur.com/b4UGQZ2

    Ayyyyyyy http://imgur.com/b4UGQZ2
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