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  • Heh I wanna be gus, but I can’t… my friends already decided who’s who in the group and I’m willow. But sometimes Hunter, me and my bf swap places 24/7 XD
    So guys for my first dubbed video I need help to decide whether or whether not it is the owl house or Amphibia.
    So just say which one in the replies..
    (I’ve literally spread this everywhere, twitter, my second YouTube channel, and now here)
    If any of you know Marcy Wu from Amphibia, I’d appreciate if you could leave a quote oof your favourite lines she says.
    I’m trying to make a Marcy Wu once said video and it’s hard having like no one respond XD
    i finally figured out what I want to be for Halloween very early for next Halloween.
    Like way too earlier XD I never think of this.
    And it’s the one and only very traumatised kid.
    Hunter the Golden Guard!
    Seriously please give him a break he’s been too traumatised
    I’m all for changing usernames but I wanted at least some resemblance that it’s me so I just put Grey the Golden Guard instead of hunter, or just instead of doing hunter or golden guard
    I’ve honestly fallen too in love with the owl house XD
    It’s just soo good I want to watch it again, but I need to pace myself and watch it again after finishing amphibia or something.
    So for my videos do you want terraria music or non terraria music?(like I’m not gonna have the background music play as there’s gonna be jump cuts quite a bit so I’m gonna be doing this)
    But the first video I’m posting with a lot of jump cuts has in game music on it so i couldn’t change it in the video and didn’t decide to do it until now.
    I only have about 412 hours of playtime on pc of terraria.
    But I’ve played a lot more, I think if we were to count console and mobile maybe I’m up in the thousands.
    I have so many characters I’ve moved off the grid on mobile onto a separate file just to make it more clean(I should do that again)
    actually now that I think about it maybe it’s over 1300 hours as I forgot to add up when I played mobile on a kindle
    Some day I have to get a new PC so I can play like idk 60hrs to breech 3000 on PC.
    I feel like if we count ALL versions I played, then I'd easily be past 2000, maybe even approaching 3k
    I might be severely miscalculating because I just realised I forgot about tmod loader……
    And that I might be under thinking a bunch of other versions
    Hmmm would this be a good thumbnail for the first episode?
    Also I thought the video wasn’t going to be ready until at least a month…
    I just finished editing 100% so umm there’s that anyways here’s the thumbnail.
    Guys guys guys, not only am I actully editing a video now
    I literally am enjoying doing it and actually am doing my best to make sure it is very entertaining with it.
    I honestly can’t wait to show it to you guys, it’s definitely a peak from my laziness from older videos
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    Now when will the video come out?
    Probably not for another month at the least.
    I think that’s a good outline.
    And guess what I’m gonna try doing thumbnails again!
    If you’re curious what video well…
    It’s way harder from my FTW MM start in hardmode as if I were to do that now it’s legendary mode, but this one is legendary mode but also it’s on the magnum opus seed
    So Legendary Start in hardmode
    Or legendary magnum opus start in hardmode
    Or legendary getfixedboi start in hardmode
    Which of the 3 do you like?
    I probably won’t be active for a week as I’m getting my phone and video game time taken away until i get my grades up
    So I’m gonna reboot skyblock this time on FTW MM cause why the hell not, I want a challenge, I’m gonna finish the current skyblock however, even though I don’t have video on defeating the cultist so the final video is gonna be beating moonlord.
    I’m trying my best to go back to my ways that I’ve edited stuff.
    I need to do a MM hardcore run sometime, not FTW yet as I want to prepare myself for pain of legendary mode that FTW puts on master mode worlds…
    I need to go back to that mind set in order to do videos again and need to do simple challanges so the FTW MM skyblock is actually gonna probably be in the future after I finish school.
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