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March 8
Doragon's Garden, Koto Island.
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: Xbox 360, Terraria: Mobile


My actual and true account:
My extra DC account which I plan to give my sister; but will use for storage in the meantime:
My actual storage account on DC:
...Yes those are all mine. Some of you might remember seeing them.
My friend's account:
Plantera(Like the Terraria version but a dragon.) Female, has living vines that can attack, normally calm.
Abyss: A purple dragon with golden Markings. Can manipulate darkness. (Male)
Aeos: Gray dragon with the powers of SPPPPAAAACCEEEE.(Male)
Nova: A black dragon with blue wings and is dotted with star-like patterns. She is a younger sister to Aeos and has some of the same powers. (Female)
Stratas: White and Golden 'Angelic' Dragon.Can control stars.(Female)
Oblivion: Demonfire Dragon that wields a Sunset Scythe. (Male)
Phanos: A Ethereal dragon that can use necromancy. He has strange blue markings all over him, who for some reason always appears partially misty.(Male)
Thundua: A thunder dragon who takes everything like a joke. (Female)
Akua: A Winged Water Serpent that can summon floods and manipulate water.(Female)
Cres/Crescent: A manifestation of hellfire. He takes the form of a dragon and his power is controlled by his pendent. His personality is that of both Glacius and Phyrus. He also wields a hellfire scythe.(Male)
Glacius: A Frostfire dragon and brother to Phyrus. He mutated at Birth and wields an Ice Sickle, which can cut most things. He can manipulate Ice and fire.(Male)
Phyrus: A fire dragon and brother to Glacius. He has more power over fire than Glacius. He can form a scythe of fire and summon and manipulate flames.
Name: Phyrus Flameveil
Age: 20 (In terms of a dragon's lifespan, that's extremely young)
Gender: Male
Species: Inferno Dragon (Essentially a Fire dragon with increased fire abilities, mostly nodding to the mane of fire.)
Under Cres' Influence: Hellflame Spirit Dragon
Appearance: Phyrus is a red dragon with a yellow border around his Orange eyes. On his back is a mane of fire that stretches from head to tail. His wings are decently long with a span of 30 feet. The inner part of his wings are yellow. He appears to have a fur-like material in the front of his body, where normally belly scales would be.
Weapon: A Flaming Scythe that can be materialized because it is pure fire, as well as fire manipulation.
Under Cres' Influence: Hellfire Death Scythe
Size: Small compared to others.
Fire Manipulation (Self Explainitory)
Supernova (An orb of flame is launched at the enemy, and explodes into an Inferno when it hits anything. It can only be countered by absorption.)
Blazing Storm (A tornado of flames.)
Meteor Rain (A lot like a fiery version of Starstorm. Orbs of fire energy rain from the sky, and explode on impact.)
Blazing Shift (Phyrus turns into a manifestation of fire and can move around and won't be harmed. However, water attacks can hurt him. He can also deal contact damage as fire, assuming they are not immune to it.)
Under Cres' Influence: Hellfire manipulation and soul transporting.
(Like shoving a corrupt's soul in a bush. Assuming they have souls anyway.)
Backstory: Phyrus was born atop a mountainside, although his parents were killed early in his childhood. Phyrus nearly ended out alone; except for his brother. They both lived quite peacefully in the forest. At one point in his life, he was separated from his brother. Phyrus lived in silence, hidden away from outside contact. In this isolation he was overcome by sadness and grief at his brother's disappearance. He honed his fire abilities for many years, even finding out how to make fire into a solid object. For some reason, he always wondered why his brother was- different you should say? As he began his search a strange form appeared before him. This form chose to help him, training him for the hardships to come. However, this figure mysteriously vanished in recent times. Gathering his courage, Phyrus began to step into the world, out of isolation, for the search of this mysterious figure and his missing brother.
Side: Neutral.
Side Effects of being Possessed by Cres: Reckless Personality and no longer having the same knowledge as Phyrus does, and lack of better Judgement. Phyrus also is drained of some energy once Cres leaves his body. This can be fatal in dire situations. Phyrus also is clueless about what Cres does in his body- meaning in a heated battle this can be more than deadly to Phyrus.
Other Dragons: My sig dragons are like spectators- but Aeos Ashinku can move between dimensions and seek help from my sig, though too much interdimensional travel makes him sick. However if somehow my sig dragons get into the RP they appear ethereal and cannot do anything but speak and observe. These dragons are identified by a <> bracket instead of my usual - - bracket. There are exceptions however. These are...
Crescent/Cres Nightfall
Glacius Flameveil
Aeos Ashinku
Nova Ashinku
Phyrus' Inventory: Inferno Scythe, Hellflame Medallion
Currency: Nothing
Level: 1
Name: Nova Ashinku
Age: 11
Though, unlke most Nebula dragons, Nova has front arms. Unusual considering Nebulas are considered Wyverns, which have no front arms.
Species: Nebula Dragon
Gender: Female
Weapons: None, but instead has a long array of spells.
Aria of Healing:Cosmic Blessing (A strong healing spell.)
Aria of Restoration: Regalia Redemption (Restores a tool or item to it's former state if it was destroyed. If it is slightly broken, it instead repairs it and increases its durability by a little bit.)
Aria of Obscurity: Reverse Seal (Makes something invisible and camoflauges it into the terrain. However, you can still run into it, which can lead to it being found.)
Aria of Soothing: Light of the Dawn (Soothes an angry or annoyed entity)
Aria of Nourishment: Gaia's Harvest (Allows one to no longer be hungry and nourishes as if they had just eaten.)
Aria of Resurrection: Soul Rebirth ( Can bring an entity back to life. However it has only been tested on dragons and is risky if not used on dragons.)
Andromeda (An orb that becomes explosion of Antimatter when it hits something. It's even more deadly if it hits projectiles on it's way. IE: A fireball.)
Pulse Nebula (A huge orb of energy is fired at the opponent, which on contact with anything, explodes in a brilliant light. This orb is electrically charged and can paralyze on occasion.)
Teleport (Self Explainitory, however, to teleport, Nova has to either...
1. Be teleporting to a person THAT SHE KNOWS
2. Have physically ALREADY been in the said area atleast once.)
Shadow Shift (Nova sinks into the shadows and essentially becomes a shadow. She can't be damaged unless it is by another creature that is a shadow. Nova can also use this to sneak around silently, and look in on things that she normally wouldn't be able too. She can also use it to go into places that she would be too small to fit in.)
Spacial Rift (Open a portal to Nova's initial Dimension. Nova also can open another rift that she uses solely to store items.)
Starstorm (Mass amounts of Large Orbs of Energy rain down from the sky at an opponent.)
Cosmic Barrier (A barrier that can withstand powerful attacks. )
Plasma Inferno (An orb of plasma is fired at the opponent, which explodes into a giant beam of plasma when it contacts anything.)
Hypernova (A gigantic Explosion that is imbued with Cosmic Energy.)
Hyperdrive (A Cosmic-Looking shape of Nova quickly charges at the target at high speeds, delivering a body blow.)
Magic Fusion ( Fuses any magic stone with a blank tome to create a tome associated with that specific magic.)
Telekinesis (Self Explaintory, AKA Psychic powers, or whatever you want to call it.)
Purity (A green energy orb with high damage, but only damages corrupts.)
Wrath (A practical instant kill. Causes the enemy to be completely obliterated, but has a slight chance of failing.)
Tempest (A hurricane rips through the area followed by brutal Tsunamis.)
Aether (Projection of swords fly at the opponent at high speeds, Spin upwards in a ball, healing the user, and then come back down, decreasing defense and smashing the opponent into the ground. The swords can be grabbed by the user and controlled with it, as well as give more power to the attack. However, this spell is much weaker than actually doing it with a real sword. It can't slash through anything stronger than wood. Compared to an actual Aether attack, it is missing it's second strike.)
Oblivion (A rip in time and space itself, pulling in enemies and then disappearing, which crushes them inside. Those who live are severely damaged and on fire. It is extremely lethal.)
Windforce (A tornado appears and damages enemies, then hurls them a great distance.)
Fusion Spells:
Shadow Force (Shift into the shadows, appear under the target, and summon a tornado when you emerge. It's Shadow Shift + Windforce.)
Andromedic Oblivion (Oblivion + Andromeda)
Hyperpulse Nebula (Hypernova + Pulse Nebula)
Aether Drive (Aether + Hyperdrive)
Plasma Tempest (Plasma Inferno + Tempest)
Novastorm (Starstorm + Hypernova. The orbs explode on contact.)
Cosmic Storm (Cosmic Barrier + Starstorm. Note: It forms barriers around the falling orbs so they can't be destroyed. But if the barriers are destroyed, the orbs can too.)
Darkpulse Nebula (Andromeda + Pulse Nebula, A gigantic explosion of dark energy and electricity.)
Personality: Nova is a dragon who is generally concerned, but also curious of many things, leading her to be the most adventurous out of the whole group. Though, she tends to stay back in fights because she is the youngest of the group. Nova has a lot of knowledge in magic and utilizes it a lot. She tends to get over concerned about others she cares about deeply.
Backstory: Nova was born from a supernova, and is the surrogate (substitute) sister to Aeos, who was born similarly (Born of the collision of Antimatter and a Star) in the sense she was created instead of born. Though, unlike most Nebula Dragons, she has front arms. After Aeos vanished one day with no where to be found, she traced his presence to a far off dimension. Before heading out, she gathered as much knowledge on magic as possible from her friends, then set out using a spacial rift. When she got there, she ended out next to Aeos, where her journey began.
Items currently equiped (Worn. Like Armor and accessories.): Bright Steel Dragon Helmet, Elven Dragon Plating, Elven Dragon Shin Guards, Elven Dragon Wing Guards.
Nova's Inventory (In Rift): Mythical Spells Tome, Tome of the Tides, x7 Blank Tomes, Advanced Wind Spells, Magic Prohibitor, Draconian Broadsword, Strange Crystal, Gun + Lots of Ammo, Tome of Legendary Spells (Undeciphered), Satchel, Draconian Shortsword, Book of Hexes, Draconian Starfury, Ebony Dagger, Diamond of The Wise, Custom Spellbook, Pen.
In Chests: (7 Chests Total and 1 Vault)
1. 7 Grenades, Potion of Curing
2. None.
3. None.
4. None.
5. None.
6. None.
7. None.
Vault: None
Growing in Flower Pot(s): Strawberries (0 Grown)
Level: 1

Currency (Held in Satchel):
0 Gold
24 Gems
91 Shiny Gems
0 Gold Gems
Name: Phyrus Aeuaz (Fir-rus Ae-u-as)
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon Faunus (I think this is right. Correct me if I did something wrong.)
Appearance: (Can't find a picture that matches this...) Short and Lean. Phyrus has brown eyes with black hair. Phyrus has wings like that of a Dragon's as well as a tail to match. He commonly wears a red hoodie.
Backstory: Although Phyrus doesn't know much about his past, he was born in a mountain side cave. However he had a curiosity for knowledge, something his kind never really valued. He always liked taking up reading- albeit not knowing how to. At the age of 10 both his parents passed after being crushed in a land slide and suffocating. Phyrus ended up losing his memory and his wings clipped, as they were too injured to allow him to fly ever again in his life. A year later he was found by a old couple that took care of him and granted him knowledge. On his 16th birthday he wished he could enroll in school, something he heard about but never attended. The couple then sent him to the Vacuo Defense Academy, to have him learn like his dream desired.
Personality: Phyrus is usually calm. He is often curious of other things but keeps to himself most of the time, unless there is a person he trusts nearby. Phyrus has a habit of being silent and self-conscious, but only if alone. When around people he trusts he is talkative and actually extremely social. However if somebody threatens somebody he trusts very much he will burst into rage and anger, usually tossing away his calm personality and fighting as if somebody had killed his mother. For some reason he shows a great deal of interest to scythes. Though he does have the ability to use swords too.
Weapon: A double-bladed long scythe that can be split into two for dual wielding. The fused scythe emits a shadow of itself that acts for range usage (Think of the Death sickle), however the split-versions can't fire beams. The fused Scythe can be used a a grapple hook to pull Phyrus onto higher areas and the split-versions can be used to dig into and climb rocky areas and cliffs. The scythe also has a ruby grapple hook built in, but Phyrus doesn't know how to utilize it.
Aura: White
Semblance: Phyrus is able to move around extremely quickly in dire situations, which also prolongs the depletion of his stamina for 5 minutes.
Draw Back: Phyrus' wings are clipped, he can't fly.(However his wings are mobile and resilient, just inable to create lift to fly.) He is heavily reliant on his long scythe, which if is taken from him, he is near defenseless, as he can't do much damage on his own. Phyrus also has horrible stamina when it comes to drawn out actions like running or fighting. His scythe's projectile can only go so far before dissipating, on average about 30 feet. His Semblance can be bypassed by a person that can predict his movements. If he uses his semblance for the maximum length, he will nearly pass out. As such, he usually utilizes it in short bursts. Phyrus hates the mud, as it reminds him of his childhood, usually leaving him vulnerable, and his personality constantly causes him to not attack, but try to avoid the situation, though he tries his best to stand tall, trying to resist his own personality.


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