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    PC Inability to change hotkey for chat makes game barely playable

    Since I'm using Arrow key set up (which would be the most common one for left handed players), inability to change it not only remove easilly accesible button from binding, but accidentally pressing during the game may easilly result in character's death. Since now the chat exists in single...
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    1.3.2 Questions/Discussion/Suggestions

    That would kill the balance. Right thing to do is combine all 4 essences to create 4 throwing essences.
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    1.3.2 Questions/Discussion/Suggestions

    I hope not. Personally, I'm not a re-play sort of guy, and I have a lot of problems with getting Crimson items already. If they added new biomes it should be all in the same world. Just rebalance generating, so Corruption\Crimson\hallow won't suddenly overlap jungle and so on. In my opinion...
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    1.3.2 Questions/Discussion/Suggestions

    I REALLY hope they will update block outline at some point. Right now a lot of new blocks such as Gemspark block can't merge outline with others.
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    Falling snow from snow blocks.

    Amount of snow blocks for falling snow to appear should be increased. I always use snow blocks\bricks as white color for pixel art, and I have to deal with falling snow because of that. It's pretty annoying and unncesarry to fave falling snow animation just becasue of few snow blocks.
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    Favorite rare drop in the game?

    No one can beat RoD. But, I like eyespring as a pet, so it's always nice to get it.
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    PC Hotfix

    Beta testers do some random stuff. Other people could find it accidentaly.
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    Why does your base SUCK?

    I want to make my base compact, but also beautiful. At the end, it's just golden boxes.
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    New furniture set [SPOILER]

    That's sweet. I'm kinda used to use honey platforms to gimmick golden ones. Golden workbench is cool too. But I need golden versions of all crafting stations, really
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    1.3.2 Questions/Discussion/Suggestions

    I think in this case it should have same tier as ice armor?
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    New furniture set [SPOILER]

    I quess you won't spoiler other things, right?
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    New furniture set [SPOILER]

    New furniture set is okay. Book stand looks pretty fresh. I hope the update will bring more interesting things, though.
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    1.3.2 Questions/Discussion/Suggestions

    We already have bow on Crystal bow tier, it's dropped from Hallowed Mimic. I don't see the point in crystal Armor at all.
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