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  • hi red! this is less of an update question and more of a game question. how much more content can terrariaÔÇÖs engine handle? i remember leinfors mentioning that the engine is reaching its limits a while back, so i wonder just how much more the game can handle. thanks for any answers you can give!
    I've always thought this was weird, despite firing the same laser as WoF, the Laser Rifle makes a less powerful sound effect. I think it'd be cool if both lasers sounded the same. Also, when compared to the rest of the WoF's drops, the Laser Rifle is probably the least unique and preforms the worst. What if the Laser Rifle firerate sped up as the player loses health, just like the WoF?
    Day 8 of asking for banana painting
    @Redigit­čî│ I will not Back down because of one simple response I am dedicated to winning a bet with my friends saying I would get a ridiculous painting to added before the update
    Hola Red! Just watched Chippy's video and made this account specifically to recommend an achievement idea. It's been floating around in my brain for a while now.

    Oh, Here She Comes! - Kill a Man Eater
    Description: "Watch out boy, she'll chew you up!"

    Is it simple? Yeah, but it's a small early game achievement I felt could be fun.
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    You should be able to wear multiple step stools at once and when you do they stack on top of each other and increase hight
    Hi, Redigit,

    I hope you are doing well.

    So last sunday I asked your wife if I could borrow her axe to get the lion in Berlin under control. After her agreeing I went on hunting that lion down. It worked quicker than expected, yesterday the lion got under control.
    Rumors said that even Thor's Stormbreaker failed against the lion, so your wife has certainly massive superpowers. Her superpowers will surely contribute in a substantial way in your team to make the update great.

    I wish you a nice day

    Hi red, I wish there was an option to buy crystal hearts yes I know it breaks the balance a bit but what's stopping me from going to Celebrationmk10 to buy heart lamps and throw in a shimmer?
    The fact that the Princess doesn't sell them until hard mode.
    Achievement ideas:0

    Indiana Jones (not): Get crushed by a boulder while running from another boulder.
    (Maybe opening a dead manÔÇÖs chest could have something to do with it?)

    Quarantine: Isolate all town NPCs from each other.

    Go for Broke: Get the best possible modifier on an item directly after getting the worst possible modifier on an item while reforging with the Goblin Tinkerer.
    I like achievements that reward the player for doing things that donÔÇÖt necessarily benefit progress, theyÔÇÖre just for the heck of it
    maybe to avoid copyright they call the achievement ÔÇťillinois jonesÔÇŁ or something
    I mean those donÔÇÖt have to be final names, the achievements themselves r my main suggestions but yea that makes sense xÔÇÖD
    you have regular dirt blocks.. you also have your incredibly rare "dirtiest dirt block" pet.
    what about a.. cleanest dirt block? maybe another pet or perhaps its so clean its considered to be a light pet?
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