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  • Is there anywhere on here where I can post a vent.. I've been doing most of my venting on Discord and Deviantart and I was wondering if I could put it here too?
    Profile posts are your best bet, but even then you can still get in trouble if you cross the line.
    Alright I guess not then..
    Been quite tired lately. Yesterday I was playing on the For the worthy seed with my friend yesterday and I had a good laugh though.
    "Carry the weight, broken and chained
    All of my suffering on display
    Is there solace in the struggle?

    Grief, an open wound never healing
    Brought to my knees, left with an echoing feeling
    So tell me, is this it?
    Is misery all that I'm left with?
    Just tell me, is this it?
    Can I get up or should I give in?"

    "Carry the Weight" - We Came As Romans
    You all know how much of a hypocrite I may seem? I say things out of spite or simply out of the irrational feeling of 'getting something off my chest'

    I got the same feeling from a rant I made recently on a thread on here, I felt good writing that but posting and then thinking about it for a bit, I feel like I was being a bit unfair and too brash, maybe even got things plainly just wrong..
    I believe in me
    I believe in you
    And I believe that we are not meaningless..

    "Beliefs" - We Came As Romans
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