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    Member-Run Project Tamers Network Project

    I think it looks good overall but I think you could add a better background while you are fighting, also is there a shop in game?
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    The Last Post Wins!

    Do do do do do
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    The Last Post Wins!

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    If you had to marry a Terraria Boss, who would it be?

    Would you be married to both of them? Also I would choose queen bee
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    Guess the super power of the person above

    The power to shape shift into a kitty
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    Guess the super power of the person above

    The power to turn your hand into anything
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    More Friendly Enemies (Specific Types)

    What does blind faith mean by all enemies are immune? Also when the HM mobs drop items that affect all of that type of enemy (Ex: Bones of Skelepower: Dropped by Paladin in expert mode. +Skeletons and bone serpents are friendly.) or just the pre-HM ones?
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    What is the one thing you want to get removed in terraria, if you could remove it?

    the useless junk you can get from fishing because you cannot do anything with it.
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    Humorous 1000 Fun Facts

    oops forgot to check everyone elses posts.
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    Humorous 1000 Fun Facts

    Banging your head against a wall burns 150 an hour. Another fun fact I tried it and stopped after my head started ringing.
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    Story Wispy 2: Viverious the Old

    Awesome story but it felt kinda short
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    Console Online, offline,...or cheese sticks.

    Offline because pretty much the only time I use it is when my friends are over and we do couch co-op
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    How well-known is the person above you?

    2/10 first time seeing you
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    Member-Run Contest Saddest Findings Ever

    isn't steampunk we the title you get if you have terraria in your steam inventory?
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