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Recent content by Zak

  1. Zak

    PC Plantable moss seeds

    i like moss and i dont like building bridges all the way to the surface to get moss near my house support 👌
  2. Zak

    please upvote horsie and spread my horse propaganda #letusbehorsie Journey's End Vanity Contest...

    please upvote horsie and spread my horse propaganda #letusbehorsie Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread
  3. Zak

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I'm a big fan of the alpaca set from Starbound, so I made something similar h o r s i e s e t with 2 different eyeballs because idk which one is cooler vote for me so i can be horsie pls #letusbehorsie please spread the cause
  4. Zak

    PC Port Forwarding

    Aight, so I'm trying to host a server, yeah? I should make it clear that I'm trying to host a TShock Server too. I tried without port forwarding, but hah. Simple ways never work. So y'know, I have heard port forwarding was hard, confusing, and long. Actually it wasn't that long of a process...
  5. Zak

    PC Stormy Slime!

    This looks pretty cool. I always thought that Terraria lacked rain enemies. Support.
  6. Zak

    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    Has it really been 5 years? That's pretty great. Being with Terraria since almost the beginning was fun. To see how it changed over the years is pretty cool too. Judging by the picture it looks like you can make a sand rollercoaster.
  7. Zak

    Let's Make a Story!

    I will start this off with the word "Once" :P
  8. Zak

    Let's Make a Story!

    I play this a lot with my sisters, so why not give it a try here? All you do is comment one word, but it has to make a story with the person above. It'll be like one giant run-on sentence. If you can't add on to the sentence any more, but a period and start a new one. :P ex: Zak: Once User...
  9. Zak

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    179, Leinfors is getting close, he liked my other comment thingy...:indifferent:
  10. Zak

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    172 The font size represents the numbers :p
  11. Zak

    What is your favourite sprite you've created?

    Probably one of these guys Or maybe one of these guys?
  12. Zak

    PC More Living Trees!

    So, walking along the world of Terraria I encountered an So I trey to make red (without paint) Then I try because that would be cool. So I wanted to see if my would work. I am perfectly aware that none of them change. To sum it all up, I basically think that there should be more types of...
  13. Zak

    Anime Mod (Help wanted)

    Hehehh I put Saitama and Hatsune Miku in the game as demon eyes
  14. Zak

    Anime Mod (Help wanted)

  15. Zak

    Anime Mod (Help wanted)

    I would love to help. I am currently working on an anime mod myself.
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