Wavebank [1.3.5] RDN's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Wavebank!!

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I was absent for a while, but now that I have came back, let's celebrate it with a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Wavebank!
Feauring songs from:
  • Phantom Blood: 5 tracks
  • Battle Tendency: 1 track
  • Stardust Crusaders: 5 tracks
  • Diamond is Unbreakable: 2 tracks
  • Vento Aureo: 10 tracks
  • Eyes of Heaven: 12 tracks
  • All Star Battle: 4 tracks
  • JJBA The Anthology Songs 2: 1 track​
How to install it:
  • Download the file.
  • Rename it as "Wave Bank" (without the quotation marks).
  • Replace the default Wave Bank from the Content folder of the game (Windows > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Terraria > Content).
  • [Recommended] Make a copy of the original Wave Bank before replacing it, in case that you want to change it again to its default state.

Also, just before we wrap this up, I'm taking requests for making wavebanks. So if you'd like to request one, feel free to do so; you can do it via DMs.
Also, if you have any issues, just let me know and I'll do my best to fix them. That would be all, thank you all :).
Not open for further replies.
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