tModLoader [1.4.4] NExperience Mod - Leveling mod for Terraria

I launched an emergency patch to avoid the mod from trying to do multiplayer sync on singleplayer.
If you doubt what I say, the patch note will say the same:
Fixed possible crashes that could happen during singleplayer, due to the mod trying to sync infos during that game mode.
Happy leveling guys!
New update is out!
The mod will no longer try economizing on monster health infos It sends on multiplayer.
The mod now makes backup of monsters knockback resist value.
-Regular RPG Mode and Variants.
-> Exp reward from destroying specific tiles or map objects has been increased by 10 times.
Boosted exp reward acquired from Dungeon Defender event.
Nerfed Frost Legion exp reward upon clearing It.
The mod will now try freezing time at Midnight when a nocturnal boss is spawned on Dinok Mode, and the time passes Midnight.
-> I'm not sure if this works, though.
The mod will now use a global mod version variable for world save version.
-> That will probably be less confusing.
-> That also fixes the issue where Dinok Mode is deactivated upon restarting the game.
I hope this makes the experience even better.

Enjoy :D
New update out, but this time is to fix an issue on Regular RPG Mode exp. And also a few extra stuff too.
Fixed Regular RPG Mode and variants exp being reduced past level 75.
-> Players level 76 and ahead will have their level rolled back to 75, and status points resetted.
Tried making some use of "checked" variables, to avoid exp table issues.
Added some constants to game mode methods, to ease getting their ids.
Changed a few tombstone texts.
Happy rollback! :3
New update out, making the multiplayer even more playable now.
The mod will now take in consideration players from any team other than white, who are near the players who attacked a monster for:
-> Exp sharing.
-> Luck strikes.
Having no luck value will no longer give you luck strikes.
-> Having no luck value doesn't means you wont trigger luck strikes when not spending points in luck. Depending on the game mode, level may influence that too.
Added Afk Exp Penalty to the mod.
-> It rises every 5 minutes afk by 5%, and goes up to 60% penalty.
-> The exp penalty affects directly the resulting exp multiplication. If you're getting bonus exp from event, It will be affected by It too.
-> This is actually configureable, though. You can either reduce the exp penalty up to 0, or increase It up to 200%.
-> -> Yes, If you increase the exp penalty past 100%, will happen what you're thinking.
Fixed issue where monsters that naturally has less than 128 max health were disappearing after being hit, on multiplayer.
Weekend Exp Bonus on Friday will now start past 12pm of your time.
Added a 30% bonus exp event for Terraria's Birthday.

This update fixes an issue on multiplayer, where monsters that originally had less than 128 maximum health, were disappearing if you hit them once, and they still had health left.

Also, It introduces Afk Exp Penalty. The Afk Exp Penalty increases by 5% every 5 minutes you spend without moving your character. You can setup how much the Exp Penalty can stack on the global options, but by default, It goes up to 60%. Yes, you can set It to 0 to disable It. I wonder who would dare to set this to a value higher than 100%. At least I'm sure people would regret leaving their character grinding afk on your server/computer.

The same is partially also valid for the new Death Exp Penalty too. Normally It reduces your Exp by 5%, based on your maximum exp. You can also set It to 0, if you want to disable that too.

Have fun. :D
Hey guys! New mod update is out!
Fixed multiplayer game mode sync not working correctly.
Not only added Neutral Damage attribute, but It will also affect projectiles that doesn't have a damage type.
Neutral damages will also be boosted by buffs, accessories and sets that increases damage.
-> Yes, vague like that, damage. As for, all damage.
Neutral damage arrives! You know those attacks that aren't related to any combat type of the game, like the ones that spawns from projectiles of accessories or sets? Well, they now got a damage scaling of their own, and will also gain damage boost based on your accessories and equipments.

Now you no longer need to think if you should use a Honeycomb or not. :3

Also, I fixed an issue where you couldn't change game mode while in-game, on multiplayer.

Have fun. :D
NExperience Mod update is out now!
Due to N Terraria making 9 years today, Classic Mode is in.
The method of getting all the bonus status the game mode gives based on player level and status, now includes unscaled status.
-Regular RPG Mode
-> Max Summon Multiplier now takes in consideration the total spent points in CHA, instead of scaled points.
-> Nerfed the percentage of max number of summons you get from Charisma status: Went from 10% more summons at level 10, to 5% more summons at level 10.
-> The cap of CHA status to give extra summon bonus is the same as the max level, so you gain extra summons up to Charisma status level 150, past that the mod will ignore.
-> Changed status description to increase clarity.
-> You will now start with 1 status point.
-> -> If you already have a character created with this game mode and It's variants, you will also gain that status point.
Fixed the moment where player status is updated.
Added Classic RPG Mode.
-> Classic RPG Mode is based on early N Terraria game modes.
-> I took the liberty of doing a few changes to the game mode. It will possibly not make the experience be very different from the original, and may actually increment your gameplay.
-> Enjoy :3.
Have fun, and happy N Terraria 9 years birthday :D.
New NExperience Mod update is out!
Status sum variables were changed from integer type to real type.
-> That will actually generate more benefits for your characters because of that change.
-Classic Mode
-> Neutral Damage now gains bonus based on level.
-> Goblin Army, Pirate Army, Martian Madness, Frost Legion, Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon events gained their levels.
Added Armor Penetration modifier.
You can now gain Luck points from:
-> Destroying Clay Pots.
-> Destroying Shadow Orbs.
-> Destroying Demon Altars.
-> Destroying Life Crystals.
Invasions will show the current biome as contested, if you're in their range.
You can no longer farm exp from crafting coins.
The mod will avoid giving you exp from breaking tiles you already placed.
That will probably improve your leveling and experience in the mod.
I still need to plan out how I'll make other mods have support to this one, though.

So, new game mode for NExperience Mod is coming soon, and while It doesn't arrives, let me tell you something you probably didn't know.

Did you knew that modders can add custom game modes to NExperience Mod? Well, you can.
Simply add the mod as dependency, then create a class for your game mode, extending GameModeBase from the mod, and get into setting it up.
After creating the class, use MainMod.AddGameMode(gamemode) to add the instance of the new game mode to the game modes list.
That's about what you need to do to create a custom game mode on NExperience Mod.

You can also use tModLoader to extract the mod, and get the dll so you can add it as refference, and get easier access to the methods.

In case you have questions, or want to see examples of how you can create a game mode, check the mod source: GitHub - nakano15/NExperienceMod: A mod that adds leveling system to Terraria's tModLoader, and includdes a number of game modes.

Question: Is there a way to limit the maximum health?

There's a bug we're currently experiencing multiplayer, where we cannot see each other if we exceed past 50,000+ hp or more, our character disappears and even the server doesn't understand it to the point the bosses don't spawn, as if it doesn't see us the moment they spawn due to the exceeding amount of hp
Question: Is there a way to limit the maximum health?

There's a bug we're currently experiencing multiplayer, where we cannot see each other if we exceed past 50,000+ hp or more, our character disappears and even the server doesn't understand it to the point the bosses don't spawn, as if it doesn't see us the moment they spawn due to the exceeding amount of hp
Multiplayer really loves to complicate my life, eh?
That's probably because the health value that is sent to other users, is being sent in a type of variable that doesn't reaches 50000, so the number is going negative. Since the number goes negative, I believe that negative health may either mean the player is dead, or inactivated.

I will have to investigate that case anyways.
That just confirmed my suspicion. I checked the source of tModLoader, and found out what is happening, and is really what I think it is.
I added that to my todo list, and I'll get to work on it next time I mod.
NExperience Mod update is out now!
You can now transmutate hardmode bars into their variants, like from Cobalt until Titanium, using the Alchemy Table.
-> For the transmutation, you need 2 bars of the tier you want to convert, and a pixie dust, to get a bar of the other tier.
Crafting item is now affected by luck.
-> Lucky Strike does:
-> -> If It's a weapon, gives you a guaranted good reforge prefix.
-> -> If it's not, gives you an extra of that item.
-> Very Lucky Strike does:
-> -> If It's a weapon, gives you the best possible reforge prefix for that weapon.
-> -> If it's not, gives you 7 more of that item.
Added Ascension RPG Game Mode.
Expanded the description of the game modes.
Regular RPG Mode
-> Nerfed exp given by Dye plants.
Removed the Luck Up! text from breaking tiles.
Fixed a number of multiplayer issues.
-> Monsters with high health numbers will no longer be invisible.
-> Multiplayer still has bugs, but should be more tolerable now.
Added game mode option of setting all enemies to your level.
-> On multiplayer, the level set on the monster will be based on the closest player.
-> With Biome Level Capper turned on, the monsters level will be based on the capped level of the player.
Nerfed extractinator exp reward.
Just so you know, the 1313 thing on version number wasn't intentional.

Well, Ascension RPG Game Mode has arrived.
This game mode is unique for the following reason: You begin your gameplay on a normal world, and end it on a expert world.
What happens if you start your gameplay on a expert world? Well.. You can discover by yourself.

Anyways, I didn't managed to test fully the gameplay on the new game mode, since I only managed to reach about up to level 47 on it during my testings. If you find any issues during the gameplay, be sure to report to me.

It will also be perfect to test the new game mode with...

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention. I fixed a number of issues with multiplayer, so it should run better now.
There is only an issue of message underflow happening sometimes on the server, but I think you can ignore it, since I have an idea of what causes It.

Crafting is now affected by Lucky strikes. Lucky strikes acquired from crafting will give you a different benefit depending on what you're crafting. That should make it more interesting, right?

Well... What are you waiting for? Go have some fun!
Really amazing that you are still working on this mod 2 years later, outstanding dedication, i absolutely love when developers work keep improving thier stuff, i have a request actually if you aren't too busy dealing with the endless tide of multiplayer bugs, i recently started up a pretty heavily modded playthrough using this mod and I believe your other mod terraclasses, as well as 3 or 4 content mods, and then the usual QoL mods like magic storage and whatnot, and so far there haven't been any conflicts that i can tell, anyways back to my request, one of the mods I'm using is anarchist, it adds some classes of its own which I wasn't actually aware of when I selected the mod, and once you pick one of those classes you are locked in until after mech bosses, and each class can only use 1 damage type, meaning if you choose archer, then it won't even allow you to swing a sword or cast a spell, i chose a class which sounded good at the time but im learning it's gonna be a rough time for me, it uses a custom damage type called "occult" even though most of the weapons I've seen so far that use that damage type are throwing style weapons, but none of the stats from nexperience seem to effect the damage, strength for example applies to melee damage, while dexterity effects ranged damage, but nothing effects occult damage or what would make more sense imo just plain ol' damage, would you be able to change one of the stats to effect damage as a whole without messing up other stuff? Seems like it would be the easiest way to get it to mesh with other mods having custom damage types, but if that isn't an option perhaps add something in the config so players can fine tune it to fit whatever other mods they are using? Sorry for the long read, really loving the content you are putting out there keep it up :)
The long read isn't the problem. The problem is the amount of commas and stacked text that makes reading a bit tiring. Try ending sentences with dots more, and skipping lines sometimes after making use of it to make reading less tiring. Anyways, you're not here for a writing lecture, (beside I'm not exactly a model about this though) so about your problem..

I really dislike the idea of such restrictive mods, that binds your gameplay to your class, even more since It breaks the intention of TerraClasses Mod.
Anyways, both N Experience and TerraClasses doesn't support custom damage from other mods, because It doesn't know they exist. It would be necessary an special support for such mod to get the damage type of the weapon, and making their status work as intended.

tModLoader itself doesn't have anything to aid on such a thing, so that means I would need to work directly with the said mods to add such compatibility.
Ah I see, well I agree about the restrictiveness and have removed that mod from my list, seems like it might be fun for a challenge but not for my current setup
The mod makes high defense monsters like Calamity's Giant Clam take 1 dmg no matter if the clam is open or closed (It's supposed to only have massive def when closed, but it somehow also has it while open) Is there any config that can fix this?
Nope. Something is happening when the mod tries to restore and apply the status of the npcs, I'll need to try finding out what is going on.
Would it be possible to add an option to customize the location of the Status tab, like shifting it to the right or left? If you have Cheat Sheet and/or Heroes Mod installed, their toolbars overlap with the status window. Or alternatively, make it detect them and adjust the tab and window positions accordingly?
I reached level 125 in early hardmode, before mech bosses. The default level cap thus feels a bit low. I turned on infinite leveling so i could keep scaling up, so it's not an unfixable issue.
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