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Either is some mod preventing him from spawning inside King Slime, or you had a case of bad luck, since it's like 1/3 chance he'll spawn inside it.
And It's not that wolves are his natural enemy, but he really have bad luck with some predator companions, even more because of Blue.

Anyways, I launched a hotfix for this mod, which fixes an error that could happen regarding the new invite system.
It's that moment again. Update Launched! With rearrival, and some fixes to the mod.


Say hi again to...
"*WAAHHH!! Why did you scared me again?!*"

Yep, our favorite, cowardly Sage returns.
Just like before, he'll still lend you his magic in exchange for letting him do researches in your world.. Well...
That is.. If you manage to figure out how to approach him once you meet him.

Even his questions managed to make a return too.

It was my intention that he would not come alone. No, I don't mean another companion would be introduced with him,
but an event was going to be introduced too, but due to me having a messy schedule, and also being slightly burned out,
I couldn't get to work on the event.

By the way, to those who love using cheating mods, you can find part of what I was cooking on it, and no, I don't recommend
you to spawn it. You've been warned.

Path Finding

I still need to work more on the path finding, but companions should be getting a bit less stuck when trying to reach their destination in the world.
I have to warn, by the way, that some companions will have issues jumping on stairs.

Irene's Tombstone Farm Removed

Funny name, huh? But due to forgetting to save informations about Irene's tombstone with the world, everytime you re-entered the world, her tombstone was still spawning.
That will no longer happen now, since the world will know the tombstone is spawned, and will not spawn it again.


Now definitelly fixed the errors happening related to visiting system.
Leopold rearrives.
Tweaked some more pathfinding, to avoid issues.
=> Companions still struggles to jump on stairs.
Irene's Tombstone location will now be saved correctly when leaving the world.
=> That means Irene tombstones will no longer keep respawning when you re-enter world.
=> Yes, Alex now knows exactly where she died, so he no longer has to place her tombstone everywhere.
Companions should better use weapons summoning now.
Fixed an issue where the game would not correctly log projectiles spawned by companion in some occasions.
Fixed an issue that could cause projectiles like the Titanium Shards to be placed incorrectly on the character.
Blue will now be able to hold a Bunny again.
=> Sadly, she wont carry the big bunny yet.

The update should be out now.
I shall take it easy on the mod development, to not feel so burned out.
And what's planned next, is that I'll try working on the event mentioned above in the thread,
and also, try implementing the 2 Players mode, since now I know there's someone waiting for it.

And, of course, prepare to reimplement the next companion, whose many people are probably waiting for the rearrival, or not.
Hopefully people will have a house big enough for him to move in.

Until next news :)
Hello, I understand this is not your concern, but when using The Spirit Mod !, if a mob or boss kills a companion, it automatically disappears itself, that is, it does not die, but simply disappears.
That's a odd issue.
Maybe you could let the modder of The Spirit Mod know about that too.
I don't know if I'll be able to test the mod, but I'll try and see if I can find out why.

Edit: I'm seeing that issue happening here. I thought the companions disappeared when I read that, but no, it's actually the boss that disappears.
I see a error on the client log, I wonder if it's related. I'll investigate that.

Edit2: I managed to find out what is happening, and got to fix it. Next update the fix is coming.
Now, I'm investigating an issue with another monster called Glow Toad crashing.
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Well... New update is out now, and probably the last 1.4.3 update I'll launch.
For more info, read the rest of the patch note.

I hope you guys are ready to welcome back Vladimir.

Bear Guardian.png
"*It's so good to see many friends again.*"

By what I could reimplement and test, he's mostly reimplemented. The only thing I know isn't reimplemented, is him causing blindness when sharing mount with him, but that's not much to worry about, since you can't share mount with your companions, yet.


Anyways, he still has his very difficult recruitment method, that is completelly unrelated to the screenshot above.
Yep, you'll still need to pass through that specific recruitment method, if you manage to succeed at it, heh.

Well, I guess there's no harm in talking a bit more about this guy.
Vladimir has surged during when the covid pandemic was wrecking havok on the world, and cause people to get social distancing from each other to avoid spreading the virus.
Vladimir was my way of trying to add some social contact people could be needing, which explains why he loves hugging people, and also why he will not mind to do so, unless a bloodmoon is happening. I never mentioned the reason because I'm pretty sure many people want to avoid being reminded of real life problems, but since most of the pandemic has passed, I guess right now is a good moment for me to tell that.

I hope this companion managed to help people during those annoying times, and hopefully still help people in need of him.

2P Couch Coop Mode Reimplemented


This is one of the changes that not only got reimplemented, but also tweaked too.
The 2P mode will allow you to have another person, be it a friend, familiar, or anyone else, take control of your leading companion (The companion at the top of the list).

For this mode to work, you'll need at least 2 controllers plugged in, since Terraria itself snatches the first controller for Terrarian player character.
The control so far is the same of vanilla Terraria, or at least from what I could test. I mean, I don't actually have the controller necessary for testing this, so I couldn't check if everything was in order.
Beside, TheAnnoyingGuide also helped testing too, and gave their aval for the controls, I guess..? So I believe the system is mostly functional. Thanks TheAnnoyingGuide, you're MvP.

To start or stop the 2P mode, simply do what you would do on classic games that had couch coop: press the Start button.
Also, while in 2P mode, you can freely mount/dismount the second player companion, in case you or your friend want to be a stationary turret, or simply to reduce the chaos during boss fights.

Only one companion in the group will be affected by Pack Leader Necklace effect.
=> The companion that will be affected will be the first one wearing it, from Leader companion until the last follower summoned.
=> Companions not in the group will not be affected by the item effect.
Fixed a bug where Zombie Guardian was trying underground tactics.
Fixed another bug where the Zombie Guardian was trying to revive fallen foes.
2P Mode reimplemented.
=> Just like on TerraGuardians 1.3, you need to press Start button on a second controller to start it.
=> Added some extra interface to second companion into, to let second player see current inventory slot selected and active buffs.
=> Need at least 2 controllers plugged for this to work, because Terraria snatches the first controller.
Fixed some death related issues.
Fixed an issue where having companions with you could cause npcs from mods like Spirit Mod to crash and disappear.
Fixed a issue where companions could cause certain projectiles to break.
Vladimir rearrives.

Well, if you're checking this here after checking the change log, then you're probably curious about why last update of tModLoader 1.4.3, well, then let me explain:
tModLoader 1.4.4 has been ready for quite some time, and were all this time wanting modders to transition their mods to 1.4.4.
The 1.4.4 version of it will turn to the standard version of tModLoader, if you're using steam, which will probably mean you wont be able to play tModLoader 1.4.3 mods on it, unless you change its beta branch to 1.4.3.

Where the problem lies? Well, based on what tModLoader developers themselves said on the news, many modders haven't ported their mods to 1.4.4 yet, and the reason for that, beside some mods being dormant right now, is that the tModLoader developers also changed some code hooks and ways the mod loader works.
For 1.4.3 mods to run on tModLoader 1.4.4, the modders will need to add support to the 1.4.4 code hooks, while also removing old, unused code hooks.

As you can imagine, I also will have to do that for my mods too. Gladly, I have few mods, but this one is the most complex one I have.
The reason why this is probably the last 1.4.3 update, is because I'll need time to work on porting the mod to 1.4.4.

To add up to the issue, I'm really in need of a break, but I'll try pushing myself a little more to try doing that, while also taking it easy, so I apologize for the delay.

Anyways, I do believe this update might give quite a number of content to enjoy for a number of weeks, so maybe I can have some rest meanwhile.

Well, that's it. Not much else to say, sorry.
Beside, I question myself what I'll be doing during the break. I guess I'll need to find out, haha.

Have fun :)

Edit: Also launched a hotfix fixing an issue where some equipments weren't being shown on the character.
Fixed an issue where some accessories weren't being shown on the character.

Enjoy :)
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Thank you very much for fixing this problem, I wrote to the creator of the Spirit mod, my message was ignored.
Yeah, I know how's that. I also got ignored by another modder about incompatibilities with the mod, which is why I ask to forward the issues to the modder too.
Anyways, no problem. Have fun.
What time is now? Hotfix time!
Fixed an issue where the player positioning was incorrect, when sharing chairs and thrones with Domino and Vladimir.
Fixed an issue where Vladimir would turn invisible when hugging a npc.
Added /spawncompanion command.
=> This command will add a companion specified by id and mod id to your companions list.
=> If the mod id is not provided, the command will interpret that it's to try giving a companion from this mod.
=> It's intended that this command add companions only in debug mode, but it will do something else if you use out of it.
Fixed an issue where companions would not be recognized as dead by monsters, when they're knocked out cold.

As a personal recommendation, don't try /spawncompanion command on hardcore characters.
You've been warned :)

Enjoy :3
Thank you. By the way, new hotfix launched.

This update not only brings hotfixes, but also some typos on companios and npcs dialogues. Thank That Annoying Guide for this awesomeness.
Also, fixes a number of issues regarding Vladimir, and also asking companions to move in.

Companions and Town NPCs dialogue typos fixed.
=> Thank you ThatAnnoyingGuide for that. You're awesome.
Fixed a bug where you couldn't help a companion revive until they entered Knocked Out Cold state.
You can no longer open dialogue with a KO'd companion.
Fixed some issues where Vladimir could still try holding someone even when knocked out.
Michelle will no longer show success messages on failed move in/move out messages.
Companions now should correctly be willing to move in if you have the friendship level.
Fixed issue where at least one of the armor set trails from companions were being shown at the spawn point.
Characters will now have passive health regeneration when knocked out, and when being revived by someone.
=> That should make reviving less painful.
=> Yes, that's also valid for the player.

That's about it for this update.

You might be wondering when 1.4.4 port will be coming, but I will need a bit more of time before I begin working on it.
At least you'll have quite some company to spend your gameplay with until the day comes.

Enjoy :)
@Nakano15 Just created this account to tell you something. Thank you so much for updating the mod! Long time ago I wasn't able to find it on Tmodloader and I was upset about it. I used to have so much fun with the companions. I really love this mod. Thank you again for creating it. You're the best. Keep the good work!
TerraGuardians 1.4.4 Testing is up, alongside Gaomon Mod 1.4.4.

If you have subscribed to the mod on the workshop, it should have been downloaded by now.
To test, do remember to enable the mod on your mods list on tModLoader 1.4.4 before trying it.

Do notice that this is a newly ported mod, so watch out for possible bugs when playing, and of course,
be sure to report them to me if you find them.

Other than that, enjoy your gameplay :3
Well, here's a compendium of change logs and hotfixes that came after the updates since yesterday.
Fixed an issue where Blue would be shown holding a bunny when KO'd.
Added missing companion tips for Domino, Leopold and Vladimir to Luna's rumours.
Mod ported to tModLoader 1.4.4.

Fixed bug where companion weren't visible in the selection interface.
Your character will no longer show up lying on the ground upon respawning after dying while being knocked out.
Companions will no longer be stuck on their revive animation when they're ko'd while reviving someone.
Fixed a bug where TerraGuardian companions would trigger pressure plates like machinegun when stepping on them.
Added Lava Slime hunting objective to Remix worlds.

Companions will now avoid going through lava when idling, following you or in combat.
=> Their path finding will also know lava is bad.
You can now revive only one knocked out companion at once, when passing the mouse over them.
When passing the mouse over a ko'd companion, a different tooltip will appear.
Companions will no longer freak out when there's lava under a block they're over.
Companions will now go home when a Bloodmoon or Eclipse is happening.
=> Yes, you're not alone in that fight.
TerraGuardian companions will no longer inflate upon death.
=> Yes, odd bug.
The Knock Out and Knock Out Cold stages got changes:
=> Entering Knock Out state, will now correctly try giving half of your character max health as health progress to it.
=> => If even after entering KO state and getting half max health your health value is under or equal to 0, the character will either enter Knocked Out Cold state, or die instantly, depending on what you set in the settings.
=> Some effects and hurt occasions might skip completely the Knocked Out state.
=> => The character will either enter Knocked Out Cold state or die.
=> Characters not immune to lava that enter KO state upon being hurt by it will now die instantly. The same is also valid for fire blocks.
Companions should now behave better in melee combat.
Companions will now be better aware of furnitures they have at home.
=> That means they should look further into what kind of furnitures there is in the place when at home.

There's what changed.

Enjoy your gameplay, and I hope the gameplay goes continues well.
New TerraGuardians 1.4.4 update arrives.
This one doesn't only brings fixes.

You can no longer invoke grappling hooks when KO'd.
Monsters will no longer chase your character when you're knocked out cold.
Changed a bit how Knocked Out Cold works for player character:
=> You only need to hold the grappling hook key until half the time rescue timer takes.
=> After half the time of rescue time passes, a companion will spend the rest of the time rescuing your character (a message from them will appear).
=> Once the timer ends, you'll appear at the position of the companion that rescued you with your other companions.
Companions will now react upon being revived.
Fixed a bug here companions wouldn't get immunity frames after being protected from an attack.
Companions will now check for where they are actually going instead of direction, when in combat and checking for dangers ahead of them.
TerraGuardian companions no longer get stuck trying to drop down from platforms when having rocket boots like accessory.
Domino is now more willing to move in to your world.
=> I could make a joke about this, but his recruitment dialogues actually hints about him moving in, anyways.
Fixed issue where companions could have troubles dropping down platforms.

Companions should now get less stuck when path finding through the world, and also make you feel bad when you don't help them recover from being knocked out.

Enjoy :)
Another hotfix to TerraGuardians 1.4.4 just landed.
This hotfix updates the mod to the new Terraria 1.4.4 Max Health and Max Mana tracking method in Terraria.

Companions should no longer get stuck on the ground upon being pulled with you to another companion, after being rescued.
Npcs will no longer mention npcs you haven't met yet.
Added health number back to companion status interface.
Celeste will now pray whenever a invasion is happening.
Fixed an issue where mod localization was broken.
The mod should not use the correct teleporting method when recalling companions with you, when being rescued.
Companions will no longer ignore vertical distancing when trying to revive someone.
The mod now knows about the new way of tracking characters max health and mana progress, and will now correctly save and load that information.
The Companion Selection Interface will be broken for a while, and be unable to show companions sprites.

If you lost life or mana crystals by giving them to your companions, feel free to cheat them back to recover the losses, as long as you only cheat the amount you lost.
Enjoy :)
Good afternoon, if it is possible and not too costly, can I ask you to add the ability to change the position of the mod interface?
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