tModLoader [1.4.4] TerraGuardians - Terraria Companions Mod

Found one harmless bug with Apacchii's Classes Mod: Classic. Some classes have its unique,class related hud element.But with terraguardians mod on,that hud element disapears (but still works,just invisible).
Also,Congratulations at arriving on steam workshops

(On future,where better report about 'bugs' now,here or on steam page?)
And I will take a look into that issue.
I just took note of it.

And you may pick where to post bugs.
You can also use the discord server too.
New TerraGuardians Mod Hotfix launched.
I managed to fix 2 mod compatibility issues, but two of them I'm unable to fix,
unless I get another way of making the companions work.

You can read more about this:

And this is the change log of the update.
Fixed issue with Dialogue Tweak mod not letting dialogue interface show up.
=> Also let the developer know of the issue.
The game should now be aware of the companions when drawing projectiles.
=> That means mods like Weapon Enchantments will now work as intended.
=> Finch Staff is now safe to be used again.
Some companion heads can now be seen on the map.
=> Currently, only TerraGuardians heads. I still have to discover how to draw Terrarian heads.

Do backup your character save files before trying the update.

Do let me know if you bump into a issue during your gameplay.
As for me, I have a project to tend, heh.

Enjoy :)

Edit: Oh yeah, so far, it's confirmed that the mod has some incompatibility with Thorium Mod and Apacchii Classes Mod.
Both have problems showing up a interface necessary for the mod, so that will limit how much you can use those mods.

You can download the update from any link on this thread main post, if you're not using Steam Workshop.
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And a hotfix has just been launched.
Fixed a crash caused by Alex jumping on your character.
=> Yes, he no longer has the power to crash you to desktop.

Alex was waaaaaay too powerful.
I hope the game feels more balanced now.

Have fun :)
New TerraGuardians Mod Update out.

This update I had to release earlier than intended, because wasn't possible to dialogue with the Zombie Guardian.

Anyways, I'll try something diferent on this update, and on the next ones I'll try something else different.
What is it? I'll tell you in a moment.

Mabel Rearrives
"*It's so good to see familiar faces again.*"

Yup, I'm reintroducing returning companions, and that probably will make news less bland, and things more interesting.

And yep... She returned. And if you found her on TerraGuardians 1.3, you already have an idea of how to find her on 1.4. By the way,
there might be a slight difference on how difficulty to get her, since on Terraria 1.4, birthday parties wont happen without the Party Girl,
so that reduces the chances of finding her. But... Well, better I not give more clues on how you can trigger her spawning.
I managed to port mostly everything about her to this version of the mod, including the odd debuff she inflicts on those who attack her.
Just like the other companions that rearrived, she also gained new dialogues to fit the new systems.

Debug Mode

Beside Debug Mode doesn't actually enable you to spawn companions at a snap of fingertips, at least will lift requirements for interactions
with companions.
If someone wants to use the mount function of a newly acquired companion, they can, for example.
I only added this for debug purposes, of course, since the previous method required to change manually the level requirement for some interactions,
and as people might have noticed on previous updates, that lead to companions allowing way more than intended interactions with them.
In the future, Debug Mode will also halt skills leveling, so abuse of it while you can, you dirty cheater.

Made it easier to make a Terrarian Companion

I added the command /exportvisual, which will help you export a character visual, in case you decide to make a custom Terrarian companion.
You'll still need to know how to develop mods on tModLoader in order to do that, but you can still use Gaomon Mod and also this mod source
as reference for when making companions. Just check the main page for links.

Knockout System Reimplemented

Do you hate dying? Do you hate seeing your companions explode into a cloud of blood and falling to hell?
Your problems are solved!! I introduce to you the Knockout System!
The Knockout System adds another layer between life and death, which can be flipped on and off at your own
disposition, through the Server Settings of the mod.
While in Knocked Out state, the character will be lying on the ground and bleeding out. Nearby allies can try
helping reviving them, or leave monsters of them so they can revive by themselves.
Once the Knockout Bar empties, the character will either die, or if you enabled it, enter a Knocked Out Cold state.
In this state, the character will no longer recover or lose health, and will no longer be hurt or be aggroed by monsters.
Allies will need to come to that character to help them recover their consciousness.
What if your character enters Knocked Out Cold state? Well, hold the grappling hook button to be rescued by a random companion,
or to be teleported to the spawn point, or a respawn bed, and be set on Knocked Out state.
Just a reminder: That can be flipped on and off on the mod server settings.

Companion Petting

Yes, you can pet your friends.
Beside you can only pet them when either you're mounted on their shoulder, or have them sitting on your lap when sharing a chair, you can pet them.
Just don't abuse of that, or else they'll less likelly be interested in being petted again.

Change Log
You can now change your companion nickname on the Companion Selection Interface.
=> Just click the pencil next to character name.
=> Nicknamed characters will have their name shown, while having next their actual name in parenthesis.
Added /exportvisual command, to allow you to easily get some informations you may use for creating custom Terrarian companions.
You can no longer make your companion "crouch" while they're in the air, when you're mounted or controlling them.
Fixed the holding position of companion staffs.
Your character can no longer be hurt when controlling a companion.
You can no longer see on the minimap companions you haven't met, or companions that are aggressive towards you.
Knockout system reimplemented.
=> This is a good alternative to death, should you need.
=> Characters will enter Knocked out state once their health reaches 0, which they will need help of other characters to be revived.
=> In knocked out state, character will have lowered aggro, and increased damage resistence.
=> Companions nearby can try resurrecting fallen allies if they find themselves able to.
=> You can also resurrect fallen companions by holding left mouse button over them, while close.
=> Players and Companions can have that feature turned on/off on the mod server settings.
=> You can further avoid death by enabling Knockout Cold states, which happens when health reaches 0 and the character is knocked out.
=> => While in this state, the character will no longer passivelly restore health, but will also not receive damage.
=> => If your character is in Knocked out cold state, you can hold Grappling Hook key to be rescued.
=> I'm aware the revive bar looks awful. I'll change tht in the future.
=> You can change the revive fade effect on the mod client settings.
Companion petting implemented.
=> You can pet companions that:
=> => Either you're mounted on the shoulder of.
=> => Are sitting on your character lap while your character is sitting on a chair.
=> You can gain Friendship Exp if you pet your companion from time to time.
=> Over petting a companion will annoy them, and the cooldown before gaining friendship from petting will increase.
Fixed an issue where the mod wasn't correctly drawing front and back parts of the sprites of the player when necessary.
Mabel rearrives.
Fixed a bug where the Zombie Guardian couldn't be spoken to.

If you want to stay tunned on what's coming next on the mod, I can recommend you to check the
Discord Server on the main post of this thread.
If you want to have a sneak peak on what's being cooked and even give an opinion about it, join the
Steam Group Chat in the main post of this thread. And yes, I mean the Group Chat. Just joining the
group isn't enough.

As for future updates, I plan on updating the icon of the mod with the avatar of the newest companions launched.
Does the idea sounds nice? Do let me know.

As for mod development, my computer is beginning giving signals of old age and deprecation, so eventually I might
not be able to develop the mod anymore.
If I end up disappearing, do check out my twitter because I might post a explanation there of why, and if it's the
above case, at least you'll know why.

Thank you for all the interest you guys showed for the mod once again, and have fun. :)
Okay,so there quite not very pleasant incompatibility with MrPlauge's authentic races and Crystal dragons races mod(maybe only with MrPlauge's authentic races) .When you run those mods with terraguardian,game start to lags, and lags harder the more guardians present in world.But the most worst thing,that if you remove races mods,terraguardians become broken.Michelle for example will stand still without moving or attacking in her default cloth,even if she had one.Alex become invisible and also stood still.To fix that had to delete characters and worlds and reinstal terraguardians.(Now i have Michelle,Alex and Rococo following me without any lags issues.

Not sure if that can be fixed but for future,better do not use terraguardians with any races mod.
Tomorrow I'll take a look at that. Meanwhile, try letting the developer of that mod of the issue with TerraGuardians.
If the developer gets awareness of the problem, might make it easier to fix the issue.

Also... I question myself how they made that mod. Like, if simply uninstalling the mod further breaks the game..
What did it do to the saves?
So, I gave it a try on MrPlague's Authentic Races and Crystal Dragons Race Mod, and also with Michelle following my character.
I didn't had that issue you mentioned, so whatever caused it, was because of some other mod.


That's what I managed to achieve in-game.
Not really that it's a wrong report.
It's been months I've been receiving reports from mods misbehaving with this one,
but most of the cases, it's some mods in conjunction that causes that to happen.

So far, the only problem I found with MrPlague races mod is the fact that everytime you
enter the world, new racial disabling item ends up spawning on each companion.
Other than that, no other problem.
Here we go again. Update launched!

Buddies Mode Returns

Yep, that's right. Buddies Mode returned.

Just like in TerraGuardians 1.3, you can pick a companion to be your character buddy, and both your
character and your companion will be bound forever by their friendship.

Differently from TerraGuardians 1.3, there is now a way you can ask a companion to be your buddy, if
you already begun a new playthrough.
If you have enough friendship level, you can ask a companion to be you buddy.

And just like the message on the screenshot above states, you wont be able to change or remove buddy
once you appointed them, so choose wisely. Also, you can only appoint TerraGuardians as companions,
so you can't have Terrarian companions as your buddy.

The benefits for appointing a companion as your buddy remains, with both your character and your buddy
getting stronger as friendship level rises.

And, of course, those benefits will be disrupted as you get more companions on your group.

The Portrait of a Friend is back, and will still be given if you create a new character, while having other
characters with at least a companion met. The companions that shows in the list are companions that either
are starter cmpanions, or are elligible to be starters (companions with enough friendship level to follow the
player that found them).

Group Damage Readjust slider returns

You think playing with companions makes the game too easy? You can use the bar above to
lower the damage output caused by the entire group as more and more companions joins your team.

Instead of being a simple multiplicative effect, that's a sum and multiplicative effect which will not reduce
very drastically the damage caused by your group depending on group size, so there's less danger of making
playing with companions worthless.

Initially, it will come set as 0.1 (10% reduction), but you can change that on the settings, either to increase
damage reduction, or to disable it at all.

Big Companions can carry Smaller Companions


That's right, you can ask bigger companions to carry smaller companions, as long as the big companion has
enough friendship level to allow mounting.

Now you can have companions like Sardine, Bree or Michelle give supportive fire to another companion.

Companions can no longer gain skill progress on debug mode.
Fixed an issue where Luna's sleeping dialogue didn't changed based on situation, so if you woke her up, she was still speaking like as if was still asleep.
Sardine got back his missing on woke up messages.
Companions will now try to teleport to their homes if no player is nearby them or their house while they're in transit.
Characters will no longer walk when being lifted by a companion.
Added a setting which allows you to change damage reduction by number of companions following you.
=> The damage reduction isn't a multiplication based on companion count. Instead, if you have more than 1 companion following you, the reduction is the previous stacked damage reduction multiplied by percentage.
=> The damage reduction also affects your character.
=> This setting can be changed on mod server settings.
You can now change the leading companion from your group through the talk about other things dialogue.
Companions head on the map will no longer change scale once you pass the mouse over them.
Fixed an issue where companions wasn't letting you know about what unlocked.
Having other player characters with companions met will now allow their met companions to be possible starter companions when making a new world.
=> For a companion to turn elligible for being a possible Starter companion, that companion need to have a Friendship Level higher or equal than the following requirement on the other player character.
Buddies Mode reimplemented.
=> Buddies Mode is a game mode where you bind your character to a companion.
=> => You will be unable to dismiss from your team a companion you appointed as Buddy.
=> => Your character and picked Buddy will receive status bonus based on your Buddy friendship level, but those bonus will be reduced if you have more companions on your group.
=> => Once picked up a Buddy, you can no longer turn off Buddies Mode, neither change your Buddy companion, so choose wiselly.
=> => Terrarian companions can't be picked as Buddy this way.
=> => Buddy companion will be shown with a Yellow name on the group interface.
=> => Buddy companions will not question whatever you ask of them. Even if you want to mount on their shoulder or bond-merge with them.
=> => One of the changes this version of the mod brings, is that you can appoint a companion as your Buddy, if you speak to them on other topics about it, and they have high enough friendship level.
=> => => The game will ask if you are sure before you pick a buddy, so last chance of thinking otherwise.
=> => Just like on TerraGuardians 1.3, creating a new character while having another that have met other companions will give you a Portrait of a Friend item.
=> => => The Portrait of a Friend will allow you to pick any of the known companions as your Buddy character, including Terrarian companions.
=> => => Met by other player characters companions that can be picked, must have enough friendship level to be follower on those characters to be picked as a Buddy.
The mod will no longer save companion global informations when playing on debug mode.
=> That means, for example, life and mana crystal progress will no longer be saved while debug mode is on.
=> Disabling debug mode afterwards will make companion datas be saved normally again, so disable debug mode only after restarting the game.
Fixed a issue where companions would ignore your controls if you were mounted on a companion, and they are standing where a fallen ally is.
=> Now, to revive a fallen companion while mounted, hold Down key to make your mounted on companion revive them.
Moved the request dialogue to above the interaction dialogue.
You can now ask large companions to pickup smaller companions and make them rest on their shoulder.
Companions now have following range between each other, making so they no longer stack at each other.

If you downloaded the mod from Steam Workshop, you should be receiving the update soon, if haven't been downloaded already.
If you didn't, then download the mod from the link on the main page.

And yeah, I changed the icon of the mod on the Workshop page. I think it will be more interesting if the icon highlights the latest companion released.
Please let me know what you think about that.

Until next time :)
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I launched a important update today.
The update will fix an issue where if your companion gets a buff from a mod, and then that mod is removed, the companions would crash.

You can no longer softlock your game by dismissing a companion you're controlling.
Fixed an issue where removing a mod that applied a buff to your companions, caused them to crash.

Maybe next news will be a less depressing and more extensive posts.
You guys like reading wall of texts, right?

Just kidding.
Have fun :3
New TerraGuardians Mod update out. Not only a companion rearrives, but also reimplemented features, and added some more new features too.

First of all, welcome back Domino.
Dog Guardian.png
Domino: "*You again. I hope you brought coins on you, because I will not give you a freebie. Actually, nevermind, I didn't setup my shop yet.*"

Yep, he returned. Beside Brutus will probably not be happy about that, he will still be able to move in to your world and also be your companion, if you get enough friendship level with him.

Sadly, his store isn't reimplemented yet, so he can't sell you things at the moment. But, he still can dualwield certain weapons, like he will do with his handguns once you meet him. And no, I don't mean he'll use them on you but.. Well... He simply starts with that.

I had to tweak his recruitment method as I ported it to tModLoader 1.4 version of the mod, not only fix change his dialogue with Brutus, making it make more sense to their lore, but also added an alternative way of recruiting him without having Brutus with you.
Of course, it's easier to recruit him by having Brutus with you, but if you don't mind spending some golds, you might try the other method.

Sardine Bounty Board Returns

The Bounty Board system returned, and this time, Sardine will speak with you about that if he is currently living in the world.
He will still ask you to place a sign on his house, for bounties to spawn on them.

The bounties are generated randomly when there's no bounty active, and their target will be located on the biome specified in the bounty board.
And just like in TerraGuardians 1.3 version, you need to kill creatures in the biome the bounty is at to lure the bounty, so you can kill it.
Once you kill the bounty, you can claim your rewards directly from Sardine, instead of 1.3 version where you had to activate the sign to claim the reward.

Currently, the modifiers of the bounty aren't reimplemented, and I might reimplement them in the future.
For now, you only face a buffier version of monster that spawns in the biome shown.

The 4 accessories that are unique rewards from bounties are reimplemented too, if you get the luck of finding them as bounty reward.

Anyways, do check the sign whenever a bounty pops up, if you want to know more about your bounty.


New Debug Dialogues for Companions

If you're making custom companion, I added a special DEBUG dialogue option to companions, which allows you to remove companion from Met Companions list, or remove companion from your character companions list, and the met companions list.
This is just for debugging purposes, in case you want to test recruitment methods and stuff.

Tweaked Companions Path Finding

I fixed a few issues regarding companions pathfinding, which resulted into them getting stuck, like a stupid behavior they had where they crouched near a ledge, thinking they could drop off them.
I will still need to tweak their AI to make it work better, and reduce the chances of companions getting stuck.

Athletics and Acrobatics Nerfed

Since those skills were leveling up waaaaaay faster compared to other skills, I reduced their leveling rate by 10 times.
Don't worry, by the way. Once you load your save file, the game will also reduce the level of those skills by 10 times.
You don't need to thank me :)

Added Option to disable this mod Companions

This is an odd addition to the mod, right? But some people actually want to make use of this mod as a library for their custom companions, and the new option will disable this mod companions from spawning as npcs, and also unallow them from being starter companions when you create a new world.
That will not remove companions this mod bring from your character companions list, if they met them, and neither will remove them automatically from the player group (even more if they're your buddy).

Do notice that this option is currently in need of further testing, so do let me know if you bump into issues.
If you want to disable this mod companions, look for "
Enable Mod Companions to spawn." option in the mod Server Settings, and disable it.
You can only flip that switch on the main menu.

Change Log

Fixed issue where companions that mounted on player back were unable to do so.
Sardine Bounty Board reimplemented.
=> If Sardine is living on your world and has a house, he will mention about the bounty board once you speak to him.
=> => On 1.3 version of the mod, Sardine occasionally mentions that, and you only had access to the feature by picking the dialogue option talking about the Bounty Board.
=> For those who doesn't know about the system, Sardine will ask you to place a Sign on his house, and will update it with new bounties eventually.
=> => Those bounties will ask you to kill monsters in the biome the Bounty appears, to make the Bounty target itself appear.
=> => Upon defeating the Bounty target, you can claim a reward from Sardine.
=> => A bounty can only be done once per character, but the same character can still try new bounties the board displays.
=> => All the informations about the bounty, like target, where it appears and rewards can be checked on the sign at Sardine's house.
=> Except for the lack of bounty modifiers and Ether items, the bounty system is reimplemented as it was on 1.3 version.
Added a Debug menu to companions dialogues.
=> Obviously, the DEBUG option will only appear if you have debug mode on.
=> That will have options that:
=> => Will let you remove a companion from being marked as Met in the world (so you can try recruitment again).
=> => And a option that not only removes the companion from your character companions list, but will also do the above, removing them from the Met in the world list.
=> Those commands are more related to testing if recruitment methods works.
Fixed a bug where companions would no longer have different behavior when they were in a dialogue with your character.
Added NExperience Mod support.
=> Companions will now be set to the same level of the player.
=> They are still subject to level downscale too, if you're using level capper setting.
The game will no longer let you know when a companion you haven't met despawns.
Fixed an issue where companions could get stuck trying to drop from a solid block, when pathfinding somewhere.
Reduced the stuck check cooldown of the companion AI, from 3 seconds, to half a second.
=> That will make companions notice way earlier when they should either resume pathing, or cancel it.
Athletics and Acrobatics skills now levels up 10 times slower.
=> As a courtesy to this change, the levels of Athletics and Acrobatics skills on your companions has been reduced by 10 times.
Not met yet companions will no longer freak out when a player they're following is either above or under them.
Companions will no longer mention who you haven't met yet.
Companion Management Interface will no longer appear when in a shop, or when managing a chest.
Added a option on the mod Server Settings to allow disabling companions brought by the mod.
=> When this option is flipped on, it will prevent companions from the mod to be starter companions, prevent their town npcs from spawning, aswell as spawners from spawning them.
=> This will not remove companions you already met from your companions list, and neither remove companions on your companion list.
=> You can only change this option on the main menu.
=> Do let me know if you bump into issues.
Brutus will now try letting you know when he appeared, and where.
=> Basically, instead of just saying to look for him near a npc, he will also say which direction from the npc he's at, so you can look for him.
=> Search for Cardinal Directions to figure out directions.
Domino rearrives.
=> His store is not reimplemented yet, beside it might make more sense once Malisha rearrives.

That's all I have to talk about.
Until next update, and have fun :)


Well, at least now I know not everybody is happy with this rearrival, haha.

See ya :D
A new hotfix for TerraGuardians Mod has been launched.

This hotfix fixes an issue introduced by the mod latest update, which caused Calamity Mod to crash.
Of course, I didn't lost the oportunity of making fun of that.

Fixed an issue where Calamity Mod had an aversion to companions.
=> I have no idea why the crashes happened, because is kind of on their side, but I managed to make part of companion spawning script work differently when in the game menu.

Enjoy :)

And just because you're reading this from the forums, then brace yourselves when entering the game with Calamity enabled. >:)
I launched another hotfix for this mod.
Yep, Calamity Mod again.
Didn't stopped me from recicling the message from previous update, so you guys will probably be expecting that again.

But, for real, not the only thing coming this update.

You can now Invite companions to visit you
Beside also fixing some bugs regarding companions visiting, you can now ask known companions to visit you.

Asking a companion to visit you, is completely diferent than just talking them, since it's not only not attached to the follower friendship level requirement, but also doesn't require you to remove a companion from your group to call them, if your group is full.

All companions you've met can be asked to be invited over, and if they have friendship level high enough, they will agree to visit you (Inviting friendship level is generally 0).

Just like on the visiting system, the companion showing up time will be based on wether they're diurnal or nocturnal.
Like, if they're diurnal, obviously they will only show up during the day. And nocturnal, at night.

You can also cancel the invite on the same interface too, if you have changed your mind.

You will now only receive notification about not being able to change a setting while in-game, when changing if mod companions can spawn setting.
It's now possible for a companion to visit you on the spawn point, if they can't spawn on another npc or town npc companion, because player is nearby.
Fixed a issue where the companion visiting placement position weren't being counted correctly.
Companions will be teleported to you if you respawn.
=> The only exception is when they're fighting the Wall of Flesh.
You can now ask companions to visit you through the companions list.
=> Visiting is different from simply Calling them to your group, with different friendship level requirements, if the companion has any.
=> Asking a companion to visit you, will make them more likely to visit you on their active time (If they're nocturnal, they will appear at night. If not, at day).
=> Once a companion visits your world, they will directly tell you they arrived. You can go speak with them after that.
=> Like visiting npcs, they will leave if it gets too late (Diurnal companions leaves at night. Nocturnal companions leaves at day).
Fixed AGAIN issue where Calamity Mod was giving errors when having TerraGuardians on your world.
=> Not Terrarian companions, specifically TerraGuardians (Custom made companions).

By the way, don't try spawning the Ether Portal in your world.
You've been warned.

Enjoy :)
You haven't been facing King Slime on your playthroughs?
I do,many times...maybe some of my mods prevent his appearing.But now i at least know he is here.

Yeah,appear after defeating KS after wiping some mods.So now i had bad luck cat.

Thats right kitty cat,you are now doomed to hand around with your natural enemy,and i try to be as bad as Blue.
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