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This is a mod I made as an example of custom companions for TerraGuardians mod. It adds the Digimon Gaomon to the
game as a companion.


You can acquire a Blue Digivice, necessary for spawning It, from the body of some Slimes that spawns in your world. The Blue Digivice will only spawn inside slimes If the Gaomon isn't already spawned in the world, or have been met yet.

It is a Medium sized companion, may spawn as either Male or Female, and It will be in the custom Digimon group (which uses custom sprites, and is recognized as TerraGuardian (so you can use Ether Heart and Fruit)).

You can see the companion in action on the video bellow:

If you're interessed in trying to make a custom companion too, check out the 1.3 GitHub of the mod.
Or, you can check out the 1.4 GitHub of it.

In case you want to try the mod, there are plenty of options of places to download It that you can use:
You can find this mod on Steam workshop (Requires TerraGuardians Mod):
Steam -

This is the mod github, if you want to peek the source and use it to make custom companions/extensions.
GitHub -

The reason why I made this companion, is because digimon is better than pokémon I was wanting to have Gaomon as a companion on Skyrim, since I couldn't get It as a companion on Skyrim, I got It on Terraria. I made the companion system, anyway. That also made me notice several bugs on the cross mod compatibility, and fixing them, plus making the system function a lot better and with less problems for you to face.

I hope you enjoy the mod. :3

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Version 0.1.1 is out!
Blue Digivice will no longer come from slimes when you've already met Gaomon.

Edit:. And 0.1.2 too.
Fixed another bug which literally changed nearly nothing on the drop rate of the Blue Digivice.
Now It will have the chance of dropping when you don't have Gaomon at all on your character, instead of not having It summoned.​
Sorry for this, I mistakenly used the method of checking if the player has the guardian summoned, instead of the one checking if the player has the guardian.
Version is out now!
Changed the way the starter guardian list is checked, to adapt to the new TerraGuardians system of It.

Now I'll have to think how to make him get skills.
The funny thing is, you posted this one day short of a year after the TerraGuardians mod, which I'm assuming was on purpose. Of not, then that was a crazy coincidence.
If you didn't mentioned, I wouldn't have noticed that the mod is already getting 1 year older.
Sadly I didn't got anything to celebrate the occasion. Beside I can try to think of something.
Version is out now :D
Did changes to the codes, to fit the new guardian system.
One of the changes is the way the guardian spawn with the world.​
The other, is the way their npc appear.​
Changed It's max life values:
Instead of initial 60 MHP, It now has 140 MHP.​
Instead of 20 MHP per Life Crystal, It now gains 16 MHP.​
Anyway, the result Max Life continues 480.​
I thought this mod didn't actually had many people using It, but Wow! I checked the modbrowser, and hundreds of people downloaded It.
Heh, that made me very happy. :D
Do you plan to add more Digimon eventually? I don't really know how to make a mod myself, but I'll invest in that later. It would be cool to see things like other rookie digimons, such as shoutmon, or gabumon and the gaomon looks very nice.
I don't intend on adding other digimons. I thought about making Terriermon and Renamon companions (and possibly that Digimon Dawn lion digimon too), but I have the base mod to work on already (TerraGuardians), so that's not gonna happen (at least not anytime soon).
If you intend to try making a mod to add more companions, feel free to send me questions.
Update out:
Removed friendship level related dialogues.
Town npcs will no longer mention Gaomon without having their companion npc in the world.
Added some more special dialogue options to him.
Updated stuffs to the latest version of the mod.
Sorry for not saying much about this change. It mostly updates the companion scripts to fit the new base mod changes.
I managed to fix that particular issue, just update the mod and It will run again.
Updated stuffs to run in the latest version of TerraGuardians mod.
New update is out!
Fixed aging scale issue. Digimons are not intended to have scale change based on age.
Now Gaomon will no longer show up about 1 tile tall when you meet him.
This mod gained a new update.
Fixed dated dialogue script issue.
Added dialogues for when acquiring buffs.
Update out!
Updated the custom companion list addition to new system.
Added dialogues for feats related to buddy mode.

And this is the change log for the version, which was released, but for some reason never posted in the forums.
Added new dialogues to Gaomon.
Rebuilt some mod systems, due to changing the base Health and Mana setup variable type.

Enjoy, and Thank @ogrer for reminding me of updating this mod.
Launched an update. Now the mod will no longer crash due to trying to use the removed resource cleanup system.
No longer will crash because will not try to unload textures anymore.
Added a description, and its information.
New update launched. Updated the mod scripts to fit the latest changes to TerraGuardians mod.
Updated the mod source to fit the new changes to the mod systems.
Updated how the request rewards are input on to the companion.
Updated the thread to add links to examples and downloads of the mod on TerraGuardians Mod 1.4.
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