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3DS 3DS Update 1.04

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Awesome! Is there any chance we will get the styles, like in the PC version? This is really my most wanted feature, playing as a girl with the default Terraria looks really weird, since you are forced to wear very short shorts and a weird shirt, whereas the styles allow me to choose more normal looking clothing.


Skeletron Prime
for all we know they might've added the new Goblin Invasion music as well as the Pirate Invasion music. We won't know until We get the update though


Ummm... Does this update give more world save slots coz I already got 6 worlds and I am not willing to delete any of my builds pls reply.


I have this nasty crashing bug and I was wondering if this sounds like one of the myraid of bugs being fixed in this update.

Everytime I try and load my main world it crashes at roughly 20-25% loaded and restarts my 3DS.

Some more details...

-The world crashing before it finishes loading is currently in the second save slot
-It's a hardmode world with about 5% total hallow/corruption and one mechanical boss beaten.
-I think I died and played a short bit on another world before coming back to this one
-I tried loading with a new character and that didn't work.
-I also tried playing other worlds and than loading and that didn't work either.
-I am on a N3DSXL with the most recent updates for firmware and the game
-Probably irrelevant but the world's name is Hershays.


I'm super stoked for the update too! However I'm a bit bummed about only the N3DS getting bigger worlds, but I understand that the old 3DS doesn't have enough of a kick for it. Hope the update gets through this month!


I.Hope.We.Get.1.3.Beach.Music.:naughty::indifferent: Don't judge, most Terraria Lets-Plays have it as their intro music, and it sounds good.
[doublepost=1479094639,1479094581][/doublepost]Also, I hope this update fixes corrupted worlds(most likely not).
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