A Herpling Mount?

Is it good?

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Wall of Flesh
We all know the Herpling, the notorious enemy that seems to come from a universe without knockback. This gave me an idea: what if there was a mount that incorporated this? Enter the Herpling Mount, which would be moderately fast (maybe 20mph) and travel on the ground by hopping. When hit by an enemy, it would reduce knockback (if applicable), then take an abnormally fast/long leap forward (relative to its normal hop), dealing damage.

This was a quick, small suggestion, so there's not really much else to it besides obtaining. Since the Herpling looks almost like a slug, it could be summoned by a Bloody Scute and the Mount could have a shell, unlike the enemy (which could also open up the possibility of making it a Blood Nautilus drop).

Hope you liked this suggestion, feedback is much appreciated!


Wall of Flesh
There would need to be a corruption alternate for it though.
Good idea! I have a couple ideas for a Corruption mount, but there's probably better ideas than mine that people can make: Slimer Mount or Corrupt Derpling Mount? Again, you guys can probably think of some better stuff, just putting those out there


I really like this idea! My only suggested change is to increase the speed - 20 mph is actually quite slow for mounts. Consider that the player can run at 34mph with a commonly used prehardmode accessory - most viable mounts will need to be at least a little faster than that.

For a Corruption mount, possibly a Corruptor with limited flight time which drips Vile Spit projectiles beneath it?
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