IC A Tale of Two Countries (IC)

(No, you do not need to kill your character when the RP dies. You can keep it alive in case new management comes.)
(Oh.. I thought you meant you were closing this RP, not just that you were switching management.)

MUL-T says no and the plane turns around instead and flies away.

MUL-T keeps looking around
(Bruh, without someone else being active the whole :red: is being dead. Also yeah the “dying” of an role play just means that the role play is not active currently)
(...:red: it, I'll just give the RP to Razor, since he seems to be the only person here that I'm familiar with and actually :red:ing cares about this RP.)
(At this point, I'm just going to say it's dead Jim, and leave, as I'm tired of seeing people complain about stuff like this. It killed Glitched World, and drove Elemental away from roleplaying here, so I'd rather that not happen again.)
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