IC A Tale of Two Countries (IC)

(I use italics to indicate actions)

The large wooden crate holding the MUL-T unit landed at edge of Deimos (name some mostly uninhabited place that could be). The crate shattered and the unit sat there, it’s head to the ground with a small dent in the back. It let out a few sparks and then sat up and looked around, letting out a chirp and wheeling in a small circle in place.
(I don't know, this RP is kinda basically extra dead.)
(aren’t all the RPs on here basically dead now… :_:

alright… just say I’m near the very back edge of the area, near the rear border, and facing into the city.)

MUL-T stared at his multitool hand, swapping from the nail gun to the scrap launcher, buzzsaw, and finally the rebar puncher. He aimed the arm at a building, and shot a very high velocity rebar, it cracked the wall and shattered most of the windows from force of the impact. MUL-T flinched, he’d obviously just given away his location. He looked around and ducked a little, making some more chirps before wheeling slowly towards the building.

MUL-T went up to the building, there didn’t seem to be anyone inside. He chirped again and touched the cracked wall with his regular hand.

(did anyone nearby hear the huge thump and shattering that he made? Is anyone even nearby..? :I May have to actively try and find someone lol)

He looked around, then grabbed the rebar and pulled it out of the wall, tossing it aside.

he entered transport mode (folding himself up into a rectangle with his wheels at the bottom) and rammed into the wall, breaking his way inside the building. He unfurled and looked around, chirping again.
MUL-T hears something in the distance, he turns to face that direction and sees a giant-:red: plane flying directly towards him.

He gets hit by said plane and :red:ing dies

(Ok you can do whatever now lol)
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