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Actual Master mode

Master mode is indeed harder than expert, with really higher stat multipliers for enemies, bosses and debuffs, but just that, unlike expert it doesn't bring any new attack patterns and stuff for enemies, just those stupid multiplers to make you die suddenly a lot of times, and debuffs that never ends, but with the extra acessory slot and mastermode mounts it gets easier to deal with them, so master mode isn't really much hard as it should. Since master mode was done lazily by being the same as expert mode with just stat buffs i want to talk about my ideas to make master mode actually worth this title.

-Bigger slimes have a chance to split into smaller slimes when slain(for example purple slimes turning into 2 green slimes)
-Zombie torso, a new variant of zombie that moves faster and has a smaller hitbox
-conjoined eyes, variant for demon eyes and wandering eyes, two of them spawned at the same time conjoined similar to the twins, pushing each other with momentum, being able to deal some surprize attacks
-buzzards throwing bones while flying above the player
-bats and similar enemies being able to leech life once hitting players
-toxic sludges splitting poisonous projectiles
-werewolves getting enraged once they have 50% hp, where they get red eyes and their movement speed and damage is increased

New master mode item drops: since in expert it were mostly acessories, in master it's mostly weapons, but they have all only a 15% chance of being dropped by the respective boss
*King slime: start throwing shurikens once his health reaches 50%
>New drop- royal brawlers: knuckles that looks like golden crowns covered in blue slime, deal melee damage and it attacks by doing a 3 punch combo, the first two launches slimy fists for a short range and the 3rd punch being a uppercut that deals more damage, only the uppercut deals knockback and it's really high

*Eye of cthulhu: on his 2nd phase splits bouncy eyeballs when not dashing, they're similar to plantera's spiky balls but can be damaged, also makes servants of cthulhu when dashing.
>New drop- cthulhu blaster: a gun that looks like eye of cthulhu itself, deals ranged damage, using the activate key the player can switch between a rifle and a shotgun, the rifle shoots a single bullet that deals high damage, being better for long range, and the shotgun a spread of bullets, better for short range, each mode would give a different appearence to the gun itself

*Eater of worlds: can make devourers when one of it's fragments is destroyed, and once it reaches 50% it can deal a charge attack where it only gets it's head outside the eart and stand idle for a while before charging at high velocity in direction to the player
>New drop- worm staff: summons a devourer minion, deals summoner damage, extra summons make the worm larger instead similar to stardust dragon, the worm can only move inside the earth and will lunge out of the earth to attack whoever the player orders to, to reach the player it'll create fins from it's segments similar to eater of souls and fly to the player

*Brain of Cthulhu: after teleporting during his 2nd phase he will charge a lazer from his eye to shoot in direction to the player, while charging a red light will shine from his eye, during this all of his illusions will seems to be charging, but only the real brain will shoot the lazer, and hitting the wrong illusion will transform it into a creeper, that has individual health unlike the creepers from the first phase
>New drop- creeper staff: summons a creeper minion, deals summon damage, it stays around the player and when attacking it circles to the enemy and then back to the player similar to sanguine staff, but with a slower speed and colliding with blocks in the way

*Queen bee: has a spread of it's stingers while firing them, getting a bigger spread the longer it keeps firing, and also being able to use a ground pound attack while above the player once it's health reaches 50%, where she keeps going downward until it hits a surface, being either block of platform in the same heigh as the player, it deals heavy damage if this attack hits the player specially on the ground and creates bees on the impact
>New drop- hive staff: throws a bee hive that behaves similar to the boulder from the boulder staff from the golem, but bouncing less times and creating bees once hitting the ground or bouncing off surfaces two times, both the hive and the bees deals magic damage and the weapon has a high mana cost to be used

*Skeletron: can throw bonerangs from it's arms that flies in direction to the player and goes back to the hand, being somewhat tricky to dodge, and when a hand is destroyed it turns into a ghostly hand that can't be damaged or killed and will only dissapear once skeletron is defeated, the ghostly hands will stay each in a side of the player until they do one of their attacks, which can either come from the sides, above or below the player
>New drop-cursed skull amulet: acessory that makes a skull guardian that attacks nearby enemies by spinning it's head similar to dungeon guardians, deals damage based on the more hp the player has lost

*Wall of flesh: can close one of it's eyes once it gets damaged enough, making it unable to be damaged, and once it's health reaches 50% it sticks it's tongue to the player similar to how moonlord does, slowly dragging the player to the wall itself, just like moonlord's tongue it can be damaged and destroyed individually
>New drops- never satisfied soul: acessory that increases most stats of the player, such as damage, melee speed, movement speed, health regeneration and jump heigh whenever it does some things such as killing monsters, dealing critical damage, receiving damage, each buff given lasts for a short time, and it can be increased up to 3 times, the more affected by this buff the player is the more his eyes will glow in a reddish light;
- torn off tongue: a whip that launches 1-3 balls of spit when used, these balls goes a certain trajectory and are affected by gravity similar to cursed flame balls from the cursed flames tome, but whitout applying cursed flame debuff and bouncing off walls, neither piercing enemies, it's the only whip that launches projectiles but it has less range and attack speed than other hardmode whips, both the whip attack and the spit projectiles deals summon damage

*Queen slime: during her 2nd phase she rains down slime drops while flying, and once hitting the ground during her ground slam attack she fires 6 regal gels around her
>New drop- crystal slime staff: summons a baby crystal slime with wings and spikes on it's head, the slime is an aerial minion that fires slime spikes at enemies, dealing summon damage

*The twins: during their 2nd phases, spazmatism makes balls of cursed flames while dashing, they stay in place until spazmatism finishes the dash, then they'll go in direction to the player, this also reduces the number of dashes spazmatism, increases the distance of his dashes and also he dashes in zigzag pattern; retinazer charges for a deadly lazer similar to moonlord's after his barrage of lazers, this also reduces the number of lazers fired during his barrage, the lazer moves slower than moonlord's and lasts for much shorter
>New drop- two points of view: a magic tome that using the activation key switches between firing red lazers that gets a higher attack speed the longer it keeps firing and a close range stream of cursed flames that deals cursed flames debuff, both dealing magic damage and consuming mana

*Skeletron prime: starts firing missiles from it's mouth once it loses at least 2 of it's arms or it's hp reaches 75%, the missiles homes a little similar to martian saucerer missiles, and during his head spin attack his arms will also start to spin light sabers around, still behaving normally, those sabers deal damage and applies electrified debuff for a short time once they hit the player, the sabers will get bigger the more arms from skeletron prime were destroyed
>New drop- rage blaster: a ranged weapon that's able to fire arrows and bullets, it randomly switches between the 4 ammo in ammo slots as long as they're bullets and arrows, bullets won't be affected by arrow only buffs and the same for arrows

*The destroyer: once it's health reaches 50%, it stops making probes and firing lazers and makes propulsors come out of it's segments, moving around at higher speed and flying around the player, and instead of creating probes when damaged it launches it's segments that flies in direction to the player, exploding in impact or when destroyed, the player can damage and destroy these segments before they reach the player, each time a segment is separated the destroyer gets shorter, it can only decrease it's side to 50% of it's original size, and the shorter it gets the faster it moves, the destroyer bite will also causes electrified debuff
>New drop- the destroyer: a melee weapon that looks like the destroyer itself, it attacks by extending itself in direction to the cursor, it's able to turn around up to a certain angle to follow the cursor, slowly retracting itself after reaching it's maximum size, it deals damage from it's segments and much more damage from the head part of it while extending

*Plantera: gets a spread of it's seed projectiles, and on it's 2nd phase she's able to do a dash attack, where it goes a little backward and then dashes in direction to the player, immediatelly moving one of it's hooks in direction to the player in order to extend herself to the player
>New drop- Bloom launcher: a rocket launcher that looks like plantera's bulb, it consumes rockets and fires a spiky ball similar to plantera's that homes a little into enemies, bounces off walls and explodes once in contact with an enemy or after bouncing sometimes, deals ranged damage

That's all the ideas i had for now, if i get more ideas in the future i will edit the post and add them feel free to comment your opinions about these ideas and your own ideas for master mode too
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