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Official Addressing the "Non-Critical" Mobile Terraria Bugs


505 Games

Hi Terrarians,

First of all we want to thank you for your passion and support of the Mobile version of Terraria. We appreciate how much you love this game and we want to assure each of you that we are continuing to do our absolute best to live up to your expectations.

We are aware of a handful of “critical bugs” that have cropped up of late – those bugs that cause repetitive crashing, data loss, keyboard issues, or other things that keep you from playing the game that you love. Please know that we are making a focused and ongoing effort to eradicate these issues (Please see THIS THREAD for the latest updates there).

Of course, you can continue to help us find and fix these by utilizing our direct contact information ([email protected]) or by filling out a thread in the Mobile Bug Reports section here on TCF. Please provide all of the information that you can - it is quite helpful!

That said, we are also constantly looking at the non-critical (but still important!) issues – and your overall feedback – in an effort to deliver the best possible Terraria experience that we can. To that end, we want to share our thoughts/feedback on a recent post by TCF member @SuperLucas335.


However before we get to the details of that post, we thought we would share a few general notes on how Terraria Mobile works for the sake of perspective and clarity.
  • Terraria Mobile is currently comparable in code to Terraria 1.2.1 so some of the more recent features, improvements and fixes in the core won’t be present at this time.
  • Terraria Mobile only generates small worlds so some of the nuances you see in larger worlds won’t be present.
    • Currently we only support small worlds due to memory limitations present on mobile devices.
    • Due to the nature of how the OS works on mobile devices all the memory on the device is not available to apps or games so we have to stay within the limitation of the device/OS.
  • Terraria Mobile has been tuned for mobile players. What this means is that we have designed the overall experience for the shorter play sessions that are the norm with mobile gaming. You will have noticed this in a variety of ways: such as digging happening faster and day/night cycles happening at faster rates. As a matter of fact our night cycles are dynamic, if you are fighting a boss we slow the night cycle a bit to ensure you have time to defeat them. This is also why you will see more ore deposits in our worlds than you will find in PC/Console.
  • Terraria Mobile is optimized - from a technical standpoint - for devices with smaller memory (RAM) footprints than are available in console and PC. For this reason you will sometimes not see particular graphical effects and/or animations.
  • We are always optimizing, improving and aiming to make the game better. As new hardware comes into the market we push the game forward, while at the same time we are trying to be mindful that we have users with legacy devices.
  • Our QA team, developers, and production team constantly look at the forums, customer reviews, and customer service tickets. That said, we understand that you have no way to know this if we aren’t interacting – so, will do our best to lurk less and respond more.
With all of the above as background, let’s look at that post by @SuperLucas335. He has quite usefully aggregated a number of potential issues into one post - hence it serves as a good place to start. If any of this is unclear, please do not hesitate to ask for further information.


World Gen
The entry for some dungeons may be made out of stone, dirt and grass
· This is a known legacy bug with world generation due its random nature

Living trees (giant trees) root system only has one side made of wood
· Not a bug, world gen is random and thus a full root system is not guaranteed.

Living trees with platforms may not spawn a room
· Not a bug, world gen is random, and not every Living Tree comes with a room. Platforms are not necessarily an indicator of the presence of a room

Underworld houses' platforms are rarely made from wood instead of obsidian
· We have not replicated this as of yet.
· However, the underworld houses should be made from obsidian and hellstone bricks, with platforms to match. So, this would be a bug.

Statues may be placed on sloped/half blocks
· This is a Bug. We are looking into this and adding it to our to-do list.

Floating islands may not spawn with anything other than the house (I.e. A floating sunplate house with no island)
· This is a Bug. We already had this in our bug DB and are working on it.

Two shadow orbs may spawn in one hole (no ebonstone in between)
· Not a bug, this is a normal occurrence due to world gen

Demon/Crimson Alters may spawn in areas smaller than 3X2
· Known legacy bug with world generation. Happens in console and mobile.
· Fixed the problem with altars/pots/chests spawning in bugged conditions. This will be fixed as we update the game.

Underground houses may spawn in the ocean
· This should not occur, and we are looking into it.
· Possibly an outcome of small world worldgen.

Ocean may not contain water chests
· Not a bug. It's possible for an ocean to contain no chests.
· In addition any pre-1.2 world would not have water chests, as they were added with the 1.2 update. Worlds created prior to 1.2 would only have a chance for gold chests in the ocean biome.
· If you started your world before 1.2 the only way to get 1.2 “worldgen-based” content is to create a new world after the update. This is also the case on PC/Console.

Dungeon may spawn too close to the ocean
· Not a bug, as this is a normal occurrence of the randomness of worldgen. As long as the entrance does not spawn in the ocean the game treats this as a legitimate spawn.
· The dungeon entrance has a lot of odd quirks like this and these have been in the game for a long time – personally, we enjoy finding a unique entrance like this every now and again.

Living trees often have a floating, lone block of living wood just under the right side of the uppermost branch
· This is a Bug, and is being added to our to-do list.


· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Could anyone produce a video or other information to further describe what this looks like?

Melee swords have no cool down, making slow swords such as the breaker blade very powerful
· Not a bug. There is no cool down and weapons may be used indefinitely
· If we have misunderstood what you meant by this, please help us out by providing further clarification

Ranged melee weapons such as Scourge of the Corruptor or Vampire Knives aren't affected by melee speed. This is not as intended as I can hear the throwing noise play faster
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Do note that attack speed bonuses/modifiers are only a % increase over a baseline. As these two weapons are already in the “very fast” category, a noticeable difference in practical terms may not be observed. We will explore this with our dev partners on PC and Console.
· Can someone show us a side-by-side vs console or mobile so that we can rule out the above scenario and/or provide further information?

Some enemies don't spawn such as floaty gross, corruptor, Paladins, clowns(?)
· We have reproduced this, and are currently testing a fix.
· Clowns are present in the latest live build, and we are checking on everything else.
· If you have a specific enemy that you would like for us to check on, let us know (we are already looking into the ones listed above)

Golem is very easy to defeat - I did it with Waterbolt and Titanium armour
· This is a tough one to assess with the information provided. This is not necessarily a bug. This could be considered a balance concern – but that really depends on the player’s skill, experience, and other factors
· We would need to know what other accessories and buffs were being used – and even still, that would not exclude the possibility the user is just “that good”, destroying the Golem and playing the fight like a boss. Some People are just badasses in the game. ;)

All monsters have a chance of spawning with huge velocity
· Not really sure what the issue is here.
· We would need more details as to what is being seen to fully understand what may be happening. Can you help clarify?
· We will keep an eye out as we test through the game.

Wisp in a bottle also follows your right virtual joystick(?)
· We have not yet reproduced this, however the Wisp is supposed to be controllable.
· Can you provide further clarity?

Can't reforge any new weapons/tools
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Does anyone have a video/image of this or any further information to aid in our search?

I sold a dungeon faction banner for 2 gold
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· These should sell for 2 silver. Do you have any further information and/or has anyone else encountered this?

Doors may randomly get destroyed
· Definitely a Bug. This is on our bug Database and being worked on.

Lava bats spawn at meteor biomes
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Also must have more than 50 meteorite blocks in place for Meteor Heads to still spawn. Where was the meteor biome located? Do you have an image?

Water walking boots protect against fire blocks, as if they were obsidian water walking boots
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· We would need more detail to fully assess this potential issue.
· Did the user(s) in question have anything else equipped (obsidian skin potion buff, obsidian skull, obsidian shield)?

Nymphs are too common; I found 3 pre-HM within 15 minutes outside a snow biome (may not be a bug – but I think there must be something wrong
· This is not a bug that we know of, though we are aware of the perception of a higher spawnrate for Nymphs on Console/Mobile.

The Hallow spreads through the Jungle
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Does anyone else have further details?

The entire painting system doesn't work
· We have been able to reproduce this and confirm that it is a bug.
· A fix for this is being worked on now.

The dye for your chestplate doesn't appear when you have a dye on your leggings
· This is a bug.
· We had fixed this previously, though it appears to have crept back up. We are tracking this and it will be fixed.

Pearlstone bricks spread the hallow (was meant to be removed in 1.2)
· We have reproduced this, it is a bug, and are testing a fix.

Mushrooms and their vile counterpart drop two mushrooms when cut down
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Does anyone else have further details or information?

It's possible to not consume a consumable while still using it. The consumable then becomes incredibly sensitive - any changes may delete the item. You can't craft with them nor put them in chests/safes
· This is a bug – but it is actually a graphical bug only.
· The item is consumed but switched out prior to animation completion - thus appearing to cause a deletion.
· This is caused by quickly tapping on the consumable (potion, boss summon) then quickly tapping on another hot bar item.

The in-game day and night cycle is slightly too fast (2x, to be precise. Devs may have put this intentionally, though)
· Not a Bug – see our summary at the beginning of this post. This is by design.

The Lizhard temple door can be blown up, even when it's locked
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Do you have any further details that you can provide?


Lowered wooden platforms have a pink edge
· We have not yet reproduced this, but are investigating it.
· Do you have any further details that you can provide?

Obsidian sometimes turns invisible in lava
· We are keeping an eye on this, as it’s hard to tell from the info provided.
· If you mine the ore and it falls in a deep pool it is invisible, but not destroyed and that is not a bug.

Pirate captain drops 5 heads in gore, but no body
· We are investigating this.

Corrupt pot's gore is of the lihzahrd pot
· We are investigating this.

Some zombies have no animation
· We are investigating this.

Projectiles that have a particle effect such as Terra Blade come out of alignment when fired horizontally
· We are investigating this.

Rarely, the torch animation plays behind the actual torch, making things look strange
· We are investigating this.

Boots don't show on mannequins
· We are investigating this.

No Title Music
· We have music on the main menu on the current live builds.
· If the issue is the particular music, please remember we have file size and memory limitations for which we have to make compromises so that everything can work

Doesn’t show damage counters properly (crits, player damage e.c.t)
· We would need more information/details to investigate what the issue is.
· Can anyone provide some images or a video?

Item pickup text despawn timer doesn't reset when you pick up an item
· We would need more information/details to investigate what the issue is.
· Can anyone provide some images or a video?

The item tooltip doesn't show if it's a 'Material'
· This is not a bug.
· This is one of those design choice necessary for smaller screens on mobile

Tooltips for drills, summoner weapons, and the Frost Hydra show incorrect damage & critical strike values
· We are investigating this.
· Do note that equipment bonuses and prefix modifiers will affect these numbers.

Magma stone and fire gauntlet light up blocks
· We are keeping an eye on this.
· Unfortunately there is not enough information for us to tell what exactly is happening. Can anyone provide further detail?
· The accessory provides light when the user swings a melee weapon/tool and this could be what is being seen.

The day/night cycle in the title menu is too slow
· Not a bug.

The Twins cable connecting them sometimes appears on top of them
· We are investigating this.

Pumpking's cloak may appear over his head
· We are investigating this.

Golem sometimes has no eyes
· Assuming Golem is in 2nd form with head detached. There are known glitches with the Golem head (and eyes) across all platforms.
· Wiki page even has a picture of this eyeless state http://terraria.wiki.gg/File:Golem_second_form.png

Golem sometimes has a big yellow plate bolted to it's mouth
· Sounds like this may not be a bug as Golem is in 2nd form with head detached.
· Wiki page has a picture of this state http://terraria.wiki.gg/File:Golem_second_form.png
· If we misunderstand what you mean, can we get an image or more info?

Spider pet’s (on walls only) walking animation and standing still animation (none) are inverted, making the spider move its legs when standing still, and it slides to move with no leg movement
· We are investigating this.

Pygmys don't have a throwing animation
· We are investigating this.


Brain of Cthulhu doesn't spawn with creepers
· We are investigating this.

Hitting blocks with hammers has no effect
· We are investigating this.

Using gem staffs on multiplayer while another player is using something will emit an insanely bright red light
· We are investigating this.

Grappling hook doesn’t update properly sometimes
· We are keeping an eye on this.
· The information provided doesn’t give us enough to know what the issue may be. Would need more details.

Boomerangs don't disappear after you throw them, they just float inside the player that threw them
· We are investigating this.

Certain acessories don't show up in multiplayer such as wings and climbing claws
· We are investigating this.

Dyes disappear if you are wearing them upon joining a world exept for the head slot
· We are investigating this.

The sun/moon appear to move faster than the host's sun/moon (sun teleports back, though)
· We are investigating this.


We hope that the updates above help provide some insight on what is going on with some of your observations in Mobile Terraria. You will note that we have asked for further information or clarification in some areas – if you have anything to add, please do!

If we have missed any bugs or you are aware of some that we need to add to this list, please bring them to our attention. We are dedicated to getting things to where they need to be, but we need your help.

Thanks for your support!

505 Games - Mobile
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Good going I hope all things will be clear and awesome for the coming patch


You did not mention a bug that Crimson enemies are not dropping soul of night . And also @505Games-Mobile
I can craft things without going to that crafting station(e.g. work bench) or should I say that we can craft in any spot of that world . Android 4.2.2 Cherry Mobile Endeavor a690 .
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Eye of Cthulhu

Good going I hope all things will be clear and awesome for the coming patch


You did not mention a bug that Crimson enemies are not dropping soul of night . And also @505Games-Mobile
I can craft things without going to that crafting station(e.g. work bench) or should I say that we can craft in any spot of that world . Android 4.2.2 Cherry Mobile Endeavor a690 .
Crimson enemies drop souls of night.
I have two bugs to report.
1. The frost staff gets the fire bonus from the fire stone
2. The slime thing from the solar eclipse has the graphical gore effect of a zombie.


I have the latest iOS Terraria update, which fixed most of the enemy spawns, but I still can't find any Lac Beetles, and I've spent a good bit of time in my Underground Jungle with water candles trying to get one to spawn. I would like to be able to get their Violet Husk drop so I can finally complete my rainbow dye. I've only seen 3 beetles in my Underground Jungles, and they all gave me red husks, which would make them cochineal beetles :(

Potential bug: Lac Beetle doesn't spawn (latest iOS, latest iOS Terraria update, iPad 3rd gen.)


Crimson enemies drop souls of night.

In Android it is a bug that crimson do not drop souls of night

I noticed in Android Terraria1.2.7899 that snow biome do not have snowfall and when raining there is no blizzard or due to limited memory they removed or not ?

Android 4.2.2 Cherry Mobile Endeavor a690
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Whats happening with the android bugfix? There was an bugfix for ios and it feels like android is being ignored. I know android is harder to code than ios but shoudlnt there have been a bug fix already?


This is indeed intentional, but it is really not a good idea and so I'm reporting it.

Lepus drops Souls of Might. Sure, they're rare and all, but rarity does not justify overpoweredness. And considering all the other ingredients are pre-HM, we now have the ability to craft the Megashark before Hardmode. And the rarity means jack squat, considering Lepus drops its own summoning item. And if you run out, kill an enemy that's literally as common as bunnies are. If you have enough time before Easter ends and don't mind grinding a bit, you can get the Megashark before fighting the Wall of Flesh.
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