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This mod aims to add content around vanilla progression stage to enhance the game and also rather than trying to lone hunter its aimed to go well with other mods that are balanced around vanilla. While it adds many different things its best to start talking about some example things that are being added and also if anyone wants to get more information, tell their opinion, suggest things or just hang out we have a discord server which is below.

Join the AFK's Pets and More Discord Discord Server!

While its currently on revamp stage (around 50% of revamp updates have been finished) to improve the mod both codewise and gameplaywise some of things may change. Also one could visit our wiki from the link which is AFK Pets and more .

As there are many different item types from weapons to functional tiles, tools to vanity I will put few of them as example and lets start. Some may have their old screenshot but currently all items excluding pets and few small thing have their original sprites.
  • Since each terraian needs to how to mine we believe rather than adding only higher power pickaxe they should also contain abilities that will put smile on peoples face so here are some of the example ones.

From top to bottom, left to right

Bloodseeker Pickaxe: It's both a pickaxe and weapon. Upon use if no enemy is hit it will drain players life and if it hits to any enemy it will drain enemies blood and satisfied for some time. While its satisfied with blood and gore it will get stronger and gain new attacks.
Adventurer's Pickaxe: Each use will change its stats.
Confetti Pickaxe: It both mines and allow player to celebrate things with RC.
Data Miner: Hitting enemies decode them + mining have a small chance to mine bitcoin (1 bitcoin = 100 plat). Endgame pickaxe with high speed.
Holy Striker: Reveal near treasure, danger, enemy + RC sends a wave that collect item upon touch + RC to any tile show their minimum needed pickaxe power.
Flesh Picker: Reveal near danger, enemy
Dead Mans Pickaxe: Reveal near danger, enemy + mining give 3 second rapid healing + veinmines ores in 41x41 area
Brick Breaker: Skulls rotate around you which will damage enemies
Fury: . Read this for all effect since it have lots of different ability.
Gold Rusher: Show near treasure + RC sends a wave that collect item upon touch
Mandible Digger: Mining each tile have 10% chance to drop silt
Might of the Midnight: Dark energy orbit you + Have RC specific attack for blood satisfaction + 10% increased DR
Sacred Tool: Upon mined change pre hardmode + lower vanilla or with higher ones (for example when you mine platinium/gold ore you get adamantium/titanium)
Pressure Analyzer Pickaxe: RC to any tile show their minimum needed pickaxe power.
Terra Pickaxe: . Read this for all effect since it have lots of different ability.
Determination Infused Pickaxe: Fast mech tier pickaxe
Broken Hero Pickaxe: Obligatory material around terraria to craft Terra Pickaxe
Shadow Pickaxe: 10% increased DR
Turtle Claw: Fast beginner pickaxe

As a little example for pressure analyzer pickaxe. It supports every mod that add their ores with tmodloader example ore logic

Also for anyone needs breaking chests with items have fun.
  • As we all love clothes that look nice on us we believe adding some more vanity sets will be fun. While most of them can get from designer npc or treasure bags or bosses in future there may be clothes that can get from other sources. One can check some of the clothes that mod offers.

As it could be observed from this picture we both added vanity sets from other platforms which are sadly no longer exist in pc and some new ones along with some of the boss masks. While few have bugs with mannequins they work as intended when player wears them and when 1.4 tmodloader migration is being done I think this bug will also get fixed.
  • Since some of the AFK Pets bosses form new screenchanges we believe also letting players have this kind of things for its base would further improve ambience so add the following amplifiers. When you get close they will change the sky.

In this picture the effect of crimson sky (SATLA-001's boss sky for second and third phase) along with Antony's skull effect could be observed.
  • While we mention amplifiers it will be also nice to mention other functional tiles so they can be observed below.

I will explain what they do from left to right and top to bottom.

Tiny Bank: It's chest with special ability. Upon placed any money (>1 gold) with respect to random worldgen rate it will produce 10% of the current money stored inside of it and store back to itself.
Tiny Castle: It's chest with special ability. Upon placed any weapon with respect to random worldgen rate it will reforge them and it have 5% chance to increase its reforge tier by 1 (Tier 3 have best ones and tier 1 have normal ones).
Tiny Shop: It's chest with special ability. Upon placed any item in it with respect to random worldgen rate it will sell them to 100% of their value (unlike town npcs which you sell 20% of their value)
Tiny Factory: It's chest with special ability. Upon placed any ammo with respect to random worldgen rate it will reproduce them and store back to itself.
Tiny Mine: It's chest with special ability. Upon placed any ore and pickaxe inside of it with respect to random worldgen rate if pickaxe is strong enough to mine that ore it will reproduce it and store back to itself.
Hole in a Wall: Since its effect is too long either wait for its wiki page to finished or visit discord server and check .txt file that contain what it can do in pinned messages.
Tiny House: It's a chest with special ability. Upo used house locator all of the non favourited items will be stored into tiny houses.
Altar of Darkness: Read this.
Divine Resonator: Increase worldgen rate around 11x11 blocksof its center.
Festive Plant: Cause presents to grow on dirt and mud around itself.
Donation Box: Upon donating a single gold coin you get blessing from Hakurei Shrine Maid + it may also give you items.
Furious Forge: Allows you to uncraft weapons and accessories.
Magnetic Storage Unit: Allows you to lock your chest. Read this.
Chaos Amplifier: When you are close to it you get a buff which increase your speed and when you take damage you get a damage increase one.
Dynasty Hopper: Upon any item center touches it, it will place that item into the chest below it.
Chaos Torch: It have a chance to make enemy spawn in its location during events.
Order Torch: Causes enemies to not be able to spawn around its tile(Think it no enemy can spawn on its location).
Tramboline: Upon jumped on it, it will make player jump faster.
Spaceship Vent: Read this.
Sculptor's Idol: RC to its tile will make temporary save point.
Molecular Attractor (upgrade of scrap collector, material of lunar relocator): When wire signal is being send it will collect items in certain limit to its center.
Sound Blocks(Not added to screenshot): RC to its tile or wire signal will make them make the recorded sound to them.
Wooden Cage(Not added to screenshot): Read this.
Asphalt Covered Stone Platform(Not added to screenshot): Asphalt block effects but its platform.
Mushroom Planter Boxes(Not added to screenshot): Planter boxes specific to vanilla mushroom types.
  • While we mentioned the functional tiles I will also mention functional items but for not taking too much space I will tell a small amount them and then put their screenshot
  • Other than the functional things we also add trinkets which are small equipable things to their specific slot and do some bonuses accordingly.

These are the collectibles that provide small bonuses for the player which have their own equip slot and player can carry 1 at a time (2 with mom's purse). They are scattered around the progression and they could be equipped with their special binded key. As for a small example I have put one of them above.
  • While this part start to get too long and for weapons each subclass get good amount of item + ammo to get be able to playthrough with only that subclass (like bows, true melee, spear etc) since telling them one by one will be too long I plan to mention true melee changes and summoner changes as example and then continue with enemies, events and npcs.
True melee get accessories that are specific to them along with many different flasks and weapons(40+ new weapon with special abilities). Also along with them by using Wado Kaichin with altar of darkness one can get special prefixes (Check True_Melee_Prefixes.txt) and a small subclass to it which is bat subclass. This subclass weapons will have charge mechanic which allow them to gain new abilities as player do and they also divide into two categories so firstly I will put specification about the shooter ones.

In this type when you use the RC you will charge the weapon for 1.5 second and it can get interupt as you take damage or change weapon so its best for the player to dodge when does this. But after its done the weapons next hit will be 4x more damage and with a special ability. Player can also throw a ball to sky and then make a shot. This will also have a special ability and it also gives player a new buff called home run which greatly increase players speed.

In second type these type of weapons have a secondary charge and they do not have a range option as the first one. The first charge mechanic is same but if player chooses to charge one more time which take 2.5 second it will be in berserk stage for 10 seconds and in this stage players damage multiplier will be x4 melee speed will increase by 20% and all bat weapons become auto swing (they are normally not) and player can activate the first charge ability as much as possible until 10 second ends and player need to charge weapon one more time.
We add 47+ minion, 58+ sentry, 26+ active summon weapon and 6+ transformation. While most have special ability as for example I would like to mention ammo user minion types, active minions and transformations.

In this screenshot one could observe the tiny janissary (minion) uses TEB(bullet type ammo) and blind archer(sentry) which uses ichor arrow. These ammos are both being determined by which ammo player carries and they will not consume players ammo. Also they will convert the used ammo to minion damage type but ammo damages are not counted towards their damage.

in this screenshot the utility based transformation could be observed. There are also attack type transformations which have their specific abilities but due to not make this too long checking wiki when its updated is recommended. After each transformation is being canceled player cannot do transformation for 10 second.


In this screenshot one could observe one of the active minion. When you hold their item they will summon and with respect to players mouse location and when it presses attack button they will move and attack (Unless they have another specific ability). They have support and offensive types and when player stop holding item they will desummon.
Enemies , Events and NPCs

In the beautiful world of Terraria we believe by adding more NPCs with different specifications, enemies, bosses and events it would enhance the ambiance even further and thus as for being example of what we added one could visit the parts which are below.

As their logic being same with vanilla travelling npc such as travelling merchant I will only explain their specifications from left to right.

Designer: She is one of the kidnapped person by pirates to torture her both mentally and physically for their own enjoyment. After player saves her from her prison by defeating flying dutchman she have 20% chance to visit players town in day. She will sell vanity sets + if player brings her eastern medicine for her acid burns she will give player one of vanity mask to show her thanks.

Elitist: She is from one of the wealthy family of the Empire and for cultural assimilation the Empire send them to different towns. After EoC have been defeated she have 20% chance to visit players town in day and she sell furnitures and statues. She can exchange gold furniture set with another furnitures.

Wandering Samurai: She is one of the nightwatch of Akatsuki Clan. After Okiku have been defeated she have 20% chance to visit players town in night. She sells Eastern themed items.

Bounty Hunter: It works for the Empire to eliminate any threat being reported to it. While she tries to fight back with blood moon one parasite manage to land on its head and take control. After player saves it by defeating parasite in blood moon in hardmode it will visit players town in night and leave next night and it gives hunt quest to player and upon being completed it will reward player with reincarnated hate.

As their logic being same with vanilla town npcs I will only explain their specifications from left to right.

Guide of the E.N.D. : She is a follower of Lord Blossom and after the player have crossed the line and his/her actions start to affect the universe she visit players town to enlight his/her path. She will currently sell endgame stuff + bless player but after post ML content start to be added she will have much higher importance.

Fallen Angel: She is one of the angel that lives in Skyreach and after player shines her eyes by using Icarus's mirror in desert biome in day she lose her control and cause a strong land which breaks her wing. Due to this she start to live in players town and sells angel themed items.

Dark Huntress: She is one of the assassin that works for Order of Chaos which works on bringing the true order which is order of nature to the lands of Terraria but she is being captured by Slayer of Evil. After player defeats slayer of evil player can untie her and she will start to sell some items from her arsenal + boss summons for the specific bosses and minibosses from vanilla and AFK Pets.

Big Game Hunter: He is a mysterious man that enjoys watching things from back and after player defeats king slime or EoC he start to believe player have potential so start to live in his/her town. He sell some hunter themed items + special items after player give trophy of specific afkpets bosses or vanilla bosses to him.
Visual 4.png

As their logic is being similar to skeleton merchant which is being spawning in specific places but they will allow player to do specific minigame and after minigame with respect to score they will reward player. I will explain their specifications from left to right.

Assistant: She is a follower of Lord ??? and the person behind Dryads execution due to their pride and due to her interest on modern demonic culture she lives in hell. She will have a memory based minigame and after player successfully repeat what she did she will reward player in certain stages.

Hunter: He's a hunter that hunts to fill his stomach. He does his hunts at surface in day time and he have a chance to spawn in forest surface layer in day from 4.30 am to 2.30 am. He will provide player a gun to shoot ducks for limited time and after the minigame have been ended with respect to the number of ducks being shot he will reward player in certain stages.

Lost Ghost: She is a follower of Lord ??? which is being sent to the empire to stop the world war they cause but she is being killed by them. She now lives in underground and she have a chance to spawn in cavern layer. She will ask 3 questions to player and wait for the player to answer them with '/Answer [answer]' and for questions with number as answer it will be number based such as '/Answer 8' as a example and for answers that contaion no number and is a word will have no capital letter and will look like '/Answer bat' as a example. She will reward player with the amount of questions correctly answered.

As their logic is being similar to skeleton merchant which is being spawning in specific places I will not explain further. I will only explain their specifications from left to right.

Researcher: Its a self aware robot that have interest in history and ethnography of different lifeforms so player can find it in underground desert, marble and granite biome. It will sell items that are specific to this biome and if player have all bad modifier weapon it will fix it for free.

Ice Fairy: She is one of the outsider that is being sent by the lady as a test subject to further understand the specifications of this universe. After Guardian of Frost have been defeated she have a chance to spawn in snow biome and she will sell Cirno themed items + snow biome specific items.

Holy Knight: She is sent by the Empire to visit dungeons to collect the valuable items that are being stolen by cultists. She can be found in dungeon and she sell some holy themed items + dungeon specific items. She can also exchange some of vanilla items with others.

Silent Assassin: She is one of the assassin that works for Order of Chaos to hunt down wealthy families to release the slaves. She hides in evil biome and she sell evil biome specific items and upon asked she can coat players melee weapons with fear toxin.
Due to there are lots of bosses and minibosses one could observe their specifications in AFK Pets and more . However here are some of the faces you might encounter on your journey.


Currently this mod contains 1 event which is slime troop. After player assassinates the merciful king of the fourth slime kingdom the slime capital will enrage and by counsils order any slime troop that is closer will attack to take head of the guilty. By using slimy war banner player will start slime army event and with respect to defeated bosses it have 3 phase. At the end of each phase with respect to worlds evil a specific miniboss will spawn. Currently only 1 phase is implemented.

Some Other Example Things

  • Our mod adds 1 more difficulty level which is fun mode but current version is ironically not fun and spammy so waiting for its full revamp update is suggested.
  • Via mod config our throwing weapons support to be changed to ranged/melee or rogue(when Calamity is enabled) so they will also become part of these classes.
  • Some of secret things are added but due to they are too secret its unwise to talk them about here.
  • Many different fishing rods, hammers, axes that have their own specific ability but they are not mentioned due to items part get too long.
  • Lore that is not being published but after its completely written I will put either link or doc file here.
  • Spriteholder content, nonpet content and mod bosses could be disable via mod config.
Help Needed
Hello everyone. Due to we are a little busy with other things if anyone could help us for the following we would be really happy. The people that plan to help could choose any one of them and if you have any questions or unclear things could you dm me? If you want to help us on any one of these and desent spriter you could dm me and I could send their current sprite.
She is a haunted spirit of an orphan girl possessed the doll and for her teleport animation she will leave the doll and go to the place where she will teleport and after that the doll will reappear in there. Since she left the doll doll is empty and it shouldn’t stand like how it is currently so a animation needed for that (for filling the doll I will directly do reverse order of this animation so its not needed). Also due to her sprites are a little bad they should also be improved and one could observe the animation of her pain and doll in .zip file.
2. Aquatic wiseman Actually her race is scylla and due to she wants not her body taken into consideration but her ideas she hides herself with a robe (There is also another reason but its not family friendly so I will pass it). In her third phase she will open hoodie part to make her face being seen so its animation and sprite improvement is needed.
3. Isaac I have taken his sprite style into consideration and make the sprite with terraria size but if anyone wants to improve it we will be really happy.
4. Royal harpy air force The storm diver uses recoloured terraria texture so if anyone helps us to imprve their sprite we will really happy.
5. Spirit of fun It needs at least 100x100 pixel sized idle animation so if anyone helps us we will be really happy.
6. Undead Chef His current sprite is terraria style so I don’t feel its a priority but if anyone wants to improve his sprite we will be really happy.
Note: Primary important sprites are Dr Fetus, spirit of fun and royal harpy air force. All others in the list have secondary importance.
Without these people this mod will not be in this stage so we would like to finish the introduction by showing this people our thanks.
  • Thank you Relogic for making this beautiful game that inspired many people and tmodloader team to enhance this art even further.
  • Thank you Sir AFK, Blossom and Satori(now inactive but shh) for developing this mod and these people are co-owners of this mod.
  • Thank you Delaw, Nand and starlight.mp4 to be wiki lords and work on the wiki
  • Thank you Mendeleev, Connor and Wiz to being totally rad guys and shine our eyes with your life energy.
  • Thank you abluescarab for helping me to code fixing on the early stages of the mod and reshaping its base in that time.
  • Thank you Blushiemagic for some of the example mod codes (Like spear etc) which are being slightly changed and then implemented as a base projectile codes in the mod so credit goes to her.
  • Thank you zadum4ivii for showing me the logic behind custom quest and credit goes to him for custom invasion bar codes and swinging glowmask codes.
  • Thank you AP STP for making a showcase for our bosses.
  • Thank you DarkPuppey for helping Blossom for Serenity slime spite.
  • Thank you toothbrush on doing some of the sprites.
  • Thank you direwolf420 for the basic minion guide. It's quite helpful about not forgetting some specifications in targetting.
  • Thank you LK-Sixtyfour to allow me to use your RWBY + Akame sprites for their respective pets. Credit of these sprites goes to LK-Sixtyfour.
  • Credit of every used sprite for the pets goes to their respective game companies.
  • Thank you Max for helping on sprites.
  • Thanks to Flashkirby for allowing me to use his base code for fist weapon support.


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v -------> pet types of Sand Shark , Bone Biter , Flesh Reaver , Crystal Thresher and all styles of Etherian Wyvern's have added . Also mana infused crystal ball and mana charged crystal ball have added
v 0.1.3 -------> Pet versions of lava bat and ice bat have added . Also ichor bolt have added ( Ichor version of water bolt with more damage).
v 0.1.4 ---------> vampiomere (combination of vampire knifes and meowmere ) watch of light and watch of night have added
v 0.1.5 -----> pet types of toriel , gaster , yoshi from SMW2 , book of enchanments ( material for combination weapons ) , dark fragment ( has a chance to drop from pillars , working on new fragment items ) , frozen watch ( calls frost moon unconsumable ) , The watch of harvest ( calls pumpkin moon unconsumable ) , holiday thrower ( combination of Throwers Glove and crismas tree sword) have added.
Working on new minions
v 0.1.6 ------> 6 new sentry has added ( 3 of them are early pre hardmode ones , one is crystal leafs sentry type , two is endgame sentrys that craft from dark fragments ) , void in a pouch (accessory that returns ammos unconsumable) .
Last edited:
v 1.0.7 ------> 5 new sentries have added ( one of the is craft from meteorite bars and a little more , one of them is from hellstone bar and a little more , one of them is a loot from cookie box after BoC or EoW , one of them is drop from skeletron , one of them is drop from martian saucer ). Also now you can download the mod for tmodloader v ( I'm GoG user so after GoG tmodloader updated , I can update this mod.).
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