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Amphibian Boots-styled sidegrades for all Hermes Boots variants

J Bame

Out of all the accessories added in 1.4, my favorite have to be the Amphibian Boots. Not only because they are a very fitting and deserved tinker of the Frog Leg, but because they introduce something new to Terraria: Accessory variety. Instead of going for Lightning Boots every time, you now get the choice to use Amphibian Boots and lose a bit of speed and the Rocket Boots flight for the massive jump height boost. Both have clear advantages over the other, and your choice will vary according to the situation and personal preference. actually Amphibian is always better but that's besides the point

Now, what if there were more sidegrades like this? What if the biome variants of Hermes Boots were more than alternative skins, and they were each a material for an item separate to Spectre Boots? That's what this thread is for.

Lightning Boots:
Included here for reference.
Spectre Boots (Any Hermes Variant + Rocket Boots) +
Anklet of the Wind +
* Increases running speed to 34.5 mph, and movement speed by 15%.
* Allows rocket boots flight, and increases Flight Time on Wings by 1.5 seconds.

Buffed the flight time buff from 0.7 seconds; it needs that so it can actually be relevant in HM.

This is the least polarized variant; it doesn't have a strict downside so it's always going to be a decent mobility item.

Sailfish Boots:
Again, listed for reference.
Sailfish Boots +
Frog Leg
* 30 mph running speed
* Doubles jump height and increases wing ascent speed by 49%

Undoubtedly the worst for running speed and horizontal movement; undoubtedly the best for jumps and ascent speed.

Flurry Boots:
First of all:
Ice Skates
* New effect (let's not pretend that this currently does anything or is a well-designed item)
+ Now massively increases the acceleration and reduces deceleration on the character, giving the impression that they are skating on Ice.

Frostspark Boots:
* Reworked (now detached from Lightning Boots, becoming an independent item)
+ New Recipe:
Flurry Boots +
Ice Skates +
+ Allows running at 31 mph.
+ Increases movement speed by 5%.
+ Massively increases acceleration and halves deceleration on the character, giving the impression that the character is skating.

Instant acceleration is very, very good for mobility; this can pretty much save a slot for a dash. However, sliding like that is a downside no matter how you look at it, and it has nothing to offer in vertical mobility.

These changes turn the item into something much more different and interesting than a glorified alternative skin of Lightning Boots that serve just to add a bit of flavor to Terraspark Boots.

Dunerider Boots:
New item, this time around:
Sandstorm Boots:
Dunerider Boots +
Sandstorm in a Bottle +
Anklet of the Wind
* Allows the wearer to run at 33 mph.
* Increases movement speed by 10%.
* Grants two Sandstorm in a Bottle double jumps.

Desert Counterpart to Frostspark Boots; Anklet of the Wind requirement contrasts Frostspark Boots’ Aglet, and more focused on vertical mobilty.

Practically identical to Lightning Boots in running speed, and gives two of the best double jump for vertical/diagonal mobility and instant wing acceleration. Will be competing a lot with Bundle of Balloons (or even just Sandstorm Balloon) + another pair of Boots, though.

Hermes Boots
Let's get a bit ostentatious with this one:
Terraspark Boots:
* Rework (literally the same thing as Frostspark where this is just an alt skin with an effect that doesn't exactly improve it in any way)
Hermes Boots +
Flurry Boots +
Dunerider Boots +
Sailfish Boots +
Lava Waders
* Increases maximum running speed to 39 mph.
* Allows water walking and temporary lava immunity.

Fastest running speed by a long shot. No relevant effect other than that, though. Lava Waders are here to soft-restrict it to late pHm because it's probably a bit too strong before that point.

Aglet and
Anklet of the Wind:
Their movement speed bonus would now affect maximum running speed as well, which is the stat that these running boots use. This would carry over to their tinkers, meaning that if you were to equip two of these Boots at the same time, their running speed would stack (For example, Lightning Boots would speed up Terraspark by 15%)

Bonus round: The glorified vanity Boots

Hellfire Treads:
This item is the definition of wasted potential. Let's give it an effect that is deserved.

* Fire Trail deals 20 melee damage to enemies that touch it. This fire ignores 25 points of defense.

This would be useful for close range weapons, especially against melee Wall of Flesh. Also retains the little QoL from Lava Waders if you care about that.

Fairy Boots:
I kinda have no idea why this item was allowed to exist, but there is also some potential here.

* Overhauled (who and how came up with an item worse in concept than Frostspark Boots and then get it approved)
* Now Made with
Flower Boots +
Band of Mana Regeneration. No longer require Spectre Boots nor do they have their effects.
* While running, grows Flowers every second that can be collected to gain HP or Mana. These flowers will be Roses (2 HP) or Tulips (20 Mana) depending on which stat is currently lower. If both are roughly equal, a Violet (1 HP, 10 Mana) will be grown instead.

Much more original and interesting now. On paper this is a lot of HP and Mana sustain, balanced out by the fact that picking up these flowers will be tricky in practice. Also gives the Band of Mana Regeneration a new interesting application.


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Would miss being able to go to Frostspark from any boot, but really, since the Hermes Boots are more common than any of the others, I don't mind much.
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Sandstorm boots seem like a very good idea given that Spectre doesn’t inherit the bonuses when crafted using Dunerider. The rest seem partially unnecessary especially the Fairy Boots. The Hellfire Treads functionality would be good though.
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