Console An Early Console Christmas - Fixes & More

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I don't blame them for not putting in the Frost Moon. I'd rather play a playable Christmas update with less content than an unplayable one with lots of content.
nice another update like the 1.2 Sneak peek, but its the 1.2.4, Dem Surprise Spoiler, Teh Frust Leegun Im Gonna Beat U! i can only go up to wave 5 tho. [Edit] I Want Puppies!!!!!!
Every time i see a new post I'm like "Yay Finally 1.3 that we've been waiting forever for.." only to be disappointed again. ;-;
Great stuuf :D
Now I can open presents and not just only get Candy cane blocks ;)

Is the frost moon update still coming next year? :p
Thank you for this!!! Downloading the Xbox One update now, will be cool to check out the Christmas stuff and try the zoom feature, even though I didnt think the size was that bad anyways.
I know nobody believes me but... I've been predicting a 1.3 christmas release for a month now. It's coming, you better believe it.
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