Console An Early Console Christmas - Fixes & More

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Great to hear that Terraria for the consoles is getting a bit of an update, and just in time for the Holidays! :p
Well that is nice to hear. More stuff to work with to make more festive. Some of the changes/fixes I hardly noticed since some are only found once a year. Glad the presents are having vanity items added, makes more variety when opening them. Thank you very much. :)
Every time i see a new post I'm like "Yay Finally 1.3 that we've been waiting forever for.." only to be disappointed again. ;-;


I know nobody believes me but... I've been predicting a 1.3 christmas release for a month now. It's coming, you better believe it.
You all seem to have missed the part where 505games only makes announcements for consoles :p like I said earlier:
Anything posted by 505games is hardly going to have anything to do with 1.3 Xp
EDIT: At least not until after it's been released for PC :p
How exactly do you zoom in Xbox One now?
I believe there should be a slider in the pause menu :)
In regards to the Frost moon, this was the main thing we were working on adding to the console game but as 505 Games originally announced: this would not be decently implemented and testable to rush out (the Frost Moon itself and the resulting mount mechanics is a bit more than new items). Which is why the update was announced for next year. Since it turned out to be possible to 'isolate' the new items and the Christmas tree mechanic 505 decided to bring that as a seperate update this year. We really did not want to miss Christmas with new Christmas content. Frost Moon is still coming next year.
I'm a little sad to see the Frost Moon isn't here, but it's more important to get the Christmas-only stuff out while they can still be enjoyed online. The Frost Moon can be summoned any time of the year, but collecting presents are only for a couple weeks around Christmas.

Keep the good news coming!
Thank you for this!!! Downloading the Xbox One update now, will be cool to check out the Christmas stuff and try the zoom feature, even though I didnt think the size was that bad anyways.
You're downloading it right now? I'm confused because I didnt get the update. (I'm on ps3)
This update is totally awesome, but is this out for only xbox one and playstation 4 or is out for xbox 360 and playstation 3 too!
Yesterday I was like: "Where are the Christmas trees?" Now I'm like: "Oh, they were just added". lol
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