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Sprites Armor Dyes

Do you support this?

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    Votes: 29 69.0%
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  • I think dye needs changed but not like this

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Dye is fine as it is

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  • I like it but it looks difficult to implement

    Votes: 12 28.6%

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Ice Queen
There are lots of dyes in terraria, but unfortunately, they don't always work well because the dye has a different look depending on the original color of the item. For example, if you have an adamantite helmet, gold chestplate, and wooden leggings all with red dye, each one will look different. My solution? Armor themed dye.

Basically, this would give all dyed items the color scheme of the armor the dye is based on, regardless of the original color. So a mythril chestplate, titanium mask, and spooky leggings dyed with orichalcum dye would have the same colors as orichalcum armor, and each one would have the same look.

Here's some examples:
Armor Dye.png

Looks like my recoloring skills have come in handy!

Each dye would be crafted with one of the bars or other required materials(for example, titanium bars, gold bars, shroomite bars, spectre bars, etc.) at a dye vat and would yield one dye. Each armor set would have its own dye. Additionally, the dye trader would randomly sell some of the dyes.

This might be difficult to implement, due to requiring complete sprite overhauls, but assuming it could be done, would you like to see it in game? Any sort of feedback is welcome!

Edit: A possible way to implement this would be to tell the game to search for a specific color and replace it with another specific color, but that would take a while and not provide extra effects.

I have a banner now!


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The Painter
They would need to make individual sheets for each armor dye as a filter wouldn't achieve the same effect. But totally worth it if you ask me!

That said, existing dyes would also work better if treated the same way. Filters work on some but not on all (I have yet to see Chlorophyte dye work decent on ANYTHING for example).

Ordinary Orange Ω

Skeletron Prime
I like it! It couldn’t be done with shaders, or at least not without creating “secondary shading” points, though, which would be hard to do. Good idea, though!
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