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tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things

Assorted Crazy Things is now updated! The version is 1.3, and the icon should resemble my avatar. Grab it while it's hot! If you want more details including images, check out or wiki linked on the first post!

   * Toxikarp now properly spawns only in hardmode
   * Ever*** Candles don't spam as much dust anymore when used with boomerangs or other mods' damage classes
   * Pets added by this mod no longer lag behind when the player's position drastically changes (e.g. teleporting)
   * Minions summoned by the Slime Handler Knapsack will benefit from damage or knockback boosts now
   * Minions summoned by the Slime Handler Knapsack won't get stuck if summoned standing next to a wall
   * Fixed pvp bug with empowerment flask
   * Fixed the tooltip order of items that can have modifiers
   * Improvements to pet and minion hitboxes
   * Bipolar Buff now works properly (it was using the calming potion effect instead of the peace candle effect before)
   * Massive Bundle of Balloons now gives the "summon bee when hit" buff from the Honey Balloon
   * Star in a Balloon and Star Wisp Balloon now don't stack with the "Star in a Bottle" buff
   * Fixed Costume Suitcase bug when both left and right-clicking
   * Added gore to enemies that didn't have any
   * Harvester Wings now match the color of the Soul Savior armor set
   * Mini Fishron now matches the appearance selected by its owner in Multiplayer

   * Cute Slimes' sprites have been rounded out a bit, and given a better animation
   * Cute Slimes' Vanity system has been reworked, your current costume will be reset (See 'Items: Pet Vanity' on the wiki for more information)
   * Cute Slimes are now disabled from spawning naturally per default. You can now get them to spawn (or increase their spawn rate) by using the Jellied Ale potion (See "Config' on the wiki for more information)
   * Resprited Megalodon-related enemies and pets
   * Reworked Slime Handler Knapsack (See ADDITIONS)
       * Damage reduced by 30%, but added new unlockable type that does more damage, and an alternative type
       * Recipe much cheaper now
   * Increased damage of Breath of Spazmatism from 20 to 27
   * Decreased damage of Everglow Lantern by 1x2
   * Decreased first encounter chance of Soul Harvester from 33% to 20%
   * Pocket Sand now craftable at a work bench instead of by hand
   * Reworked Companion Soul recipe
       * Now only the light pet version has a proper recipe, and allows conversion between the light pet and the pet
   * Brain of Confusion pet is now dropped from Brain of Cthulhu, removed recipe

   * Accessories
       * Added consolation prizes
           * Awarded after losing to a vanilla boss 5 times in a row
           * 15% reduced damage taken from the boss
           * Immunity to its debuffs while the boss is alive
           * After you beat the boss, the accessory disappears from your inventory, regardless if you had it equipped or not
           * (See 'Items: Accessories' on the wiki for more information)
       * Added Crazy Bundle of Assorted Balloons
   * Pet Vanity
       * Added Knitting Set, a crafting component for (almost) all Cute Slime vanity items, craftable with 15 Silk at a Loom
       * New Cute Slime vanity items have been added
           * Cute Bunny Ears
           * Cute Knight's Breastplate
           * Cute Swallowed Key
           * The following got new colors to choose from: Hair Bow, Bow, Mittens, Kitchen Knife, Knight's Helmet, Knight's Shield, Knight's Sword, Paladin's Mace, Spartan's Spear
   * Pets
       * Cute Slime roster has been increased
           * Corrupt, Crimson, Dungeon, Ice, Illuminant, Jungle, Lava, Princess, Sand and Toxic
           * Spawn conditions can be found at 'NPCs: Common Entities#Cute Slimes'on the wiki
       * Ocean Slime now spawns in four variants; Blue, Shark, Squid, and Jellyfish
           * Captured Ocean Slime can change between these four appearances with a Costume Suitcase
       * Several vanilla enemies can now drop new pets
           * All vanilla bosses except Eater of Worlds, The Destroyer, and DD2 Event ones
           * Baby Antlion
       * Several new pets can now be crafted
           * Drumstick Elemental]
           * Possessed Goldfish
   * Consumables
       * Added Enhanced Hunter Potion
           * Does everything the regular Hunter Potion does, but better
           * Shows enemies outside of your screen via an indicator
       * Added Jellied Ale
           * Increases the spawn rate of Cute Slimes
           * (See 'NPCs: Common Entities' on the wiki for more information)
   * Weapons
       * Slime Handler Knapsack got an upgrade
           * Similar to Everhallowed Lantern, it gives you the option to summon three types of minions:
Regular, Assorted, and Spiked Slimes
           * Assorted Slimes are an assortment of this mods' slimes, including Joyous Slime, Meatball and new ones
           * Spiked Slimes are unlocked after you beat Plantera; They are stronger and shoot spikes that do additional damage, which makes them especially useful during invasions
       * Added Plague of Toads
           * Similar to Crimson or Nimbus Rod
           * Much weaker but can be obtained early

   * Removed these two items in favor of the Costume Suitcase that was added last update
       * Demon Eye Contact Case
       * Tiny Prince's Tiny Crown
   * Removed recipes for Pet Vanity items that only vary in color
       * Migration recipes to the new system are available
   * Removed legacy appearance Cute Slimes
       * In favor of the newly added ones
       * Summoning item can be crafted back into the regular Cute Slime appearance

   * Soul Harvester
       * Added Dungeon Soul to the Soul Harvester loot table for RecipeBrowser (it will still only spawn the NPC version upon death)
       * The Soul Harvester's position will be shown at the edge of the screen if he is out of vision for easier locating
       * Hovering over the Dungeon Souls and the Soul Harvester shows additional information
       * Soul Harvester's eating process can now be interrupted by catching the eaten soul in time
   * Hovering over Chunky's/Meatball's Eye tells you to catch it with a net
   * Added compatibility with Terraria Overhaul Mod to have the Extendo-Net appear on the Quick Use selection
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DR. Fork

Is there a way to disable cute slimes and stuff connected with them? I LIKE this mod, but I don't like cute slime idea (in my opinion cute slime should be slime minion from slime staff) and that forces me not to use it. Other thinks look really cool though! Maybe you can make config file for enabling/disabling cute slimes and stuff connected with them?


Is there a way to disable cute slimes and stuff connected with them? I LIKE this mod, but I don't like cute slime idea (in my opinion cute slime should be slime minion from slime staff) and that forces me not to use it. Other thinks look really cool though! Maybe you can make config file for enabling/disabling cute slimes and stuff connected with them?
the wiki has a page on the config, Werebearguy/AssortedCrazyThings


I have found the joyous slime field.


This needs even more attention. It's truly a great little mod. Please continue with this, I'm having a blast. I wish I could find the joyous slime field, haven't yet. Also, anju.. that mount you have.. what IS that?!!! I'm going to try pm'ing to ask as well


A light pet that resembles a tiny devotee I'm asking for a tiny lunatic (a loopy one) that is for the pet slot
[doublepost=1563485326,1563485213][/doublepost]I mean... just look at him (I saved the picture from the link and apparently he still moves)


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The idea of multiple pet forms and a summoner weapon that has upgradeable minions are some very under rated features here!
This is great!


It works sometimes but not when I reload...
You'll find the log files in the logs folder. Look for client.log. (NOT the .zip file, the file named client or client.log)
Windows Logs: C:\Users\MY USER NAME\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Logs
Linux Logs: ~/.local/share/Terraria/ModLoader/Logs/ or $XDG_DATA_HOME/Terraria/ModLoader/Logs/
Mac Logs: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/ModLoader/Logs/
when you find the file, open it and copy its contents into this site (hastebin), then click save and copy the link here.
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