PC Pet Item: Mysterious Fragment

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Neoshadow Ω

I came up with a pet item dropped by the Lunatic Cultist.

Mysterious Fragment:

10% (1/10) Drop from Lunatic Cultist
Tooltip: Summons a Loopy Lunatic
Rarity: Orange
Sell price: 2 Gold

Buff -- Loopy Lunatic:

Buff tooltip: "You're worshipping me now? You're insane!"

Pet Sprite/Walk Cycle:

The pet walks as fast as the player does without any speed-modification accessories/items.
If the player gets too far away from the pet, it will fly to the player using spells:

When the pet flies, it emits a small amount of dark blue light.

... so that's my pet idea.

Hope you guys like it.

(Btw, the fragment is supposed to be a piece from the Mysterious Tablet that's destroyed by the Cultist just before the battle starts.)
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just take the jam and give me it already

support is imbued in th-- blah blah blah, I just want my cultist pet already!


Love this mod been looking at the best pet for a long time, but I have one issue... It's not ingame (my opinion it would do better in the treasure bag).
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