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Simple Auto Chests: Do you prefer "elaborate" names for the chests or simpler ones?

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  1. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Ah. I don't think I have any previous versions saved. Unless the .tmod files work in the earlier version, there's not much I can do. Sorry.
  2. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    did you review the other ideas i sent you?
  3. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    You mean the Pulsar? I don't really know much about Destiny, so I cant comment there. The "charge" system is interesting, but as before, having ten separate effects just seems like too many, especially when they're all so different. It'd also be easy to get an unintended effect by over- or under-charging slightly. Personally, I feel like weapons should be unique, with one or maybe two visually and mechanically distinct attacks, and be reliable in how they work. I'd really rather just make separate weapons for each effect, and let the player chose which one they want to use.
  4. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    oof ok, thats fair
  5. [eXponentia]

    [eXponentia] Terrarian

    Is there any way (config or option or otherwise) to turn off the notification that auto chests have been stocked? I already know they get stocked at 4:30am, and don't need a reminder every morning. It's not a huge deal, since it's relatively easy to ignore, but would be nice to have the option if there isn't currently.
  6. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    I may just remove that for the next release. I agree that it's not strictly necessary.
  7. [eXponentia]

    [eXponentia] Terrarian

    I do think that there should be something like: After you've crafted your first auto chest of any kind, for the next 5 days you're reminded and then it stops.

    It was decently annoying before I'd even crafted one, coz it was a useless message, and then it was again annoying after I'd gotten used to checking the chests in my morning angler routine, but there was a nice sweet spot there where it actually was a helpful message. It just happened to be a small spot. If you can't do contextual messages or a config, I think turning them off would be best for most people though.
  8. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    Moon's Ace
    215 ranged damage (Preferred Action Instead of Adding bullet damage it turns the damage of the bullet into a %..
    Example: 7 dmg, when used by this gun, it turns it into 7% of the damage from this gun (15.05) that damage gets added to the gun.. but if bullet has a special effect, ex. Chloriphite bullets track opponents, it keeps it)
    42% Critical strike chance
    low speed
    extremely high knock back
    critical shots explode (Rocket IV sized explosion)
    The last thing victims of this pistol hear, is the laughter of the seven sins

    Crafting: 50 Lunar Bars, 10 vortex fragments, 3 demon hearts, 1 lens and 20 of all souls

    and i have 1 more thing to add, but i just want to explain it in case you like it,
    so this gun can be crafted with various rare af items,10 times, but it adds little buffs to the gun:
    1. Faster speed
    2. Grants 'Shiny Stone' effect
    3. this weapon is 20% stronger during night time, 50% stronger during a full moon, 100% stronger during a blood moon
    4. Even faster speed
    5. Bullets go through enemies, Multi kills gives the shooter HP, slight speed boost, Nightvision, and Ironskin buff for a few seconds
    6. Bigger explosion
    7. higher critical strike chance
    8. when holding this weapon weak enemies will flee (creatures under 300 HP will flee)
    9. EvEn FaStEr SpEeD & toggle able Rifle Scope effect (Can only be toggled in inventory)
    10. Bullets that dont hit anything doubles the damage of the next hitting bullet (stacks up to 5 times)

    also if you know how to make popups in the inventory,
    you should make an item of witch if you right click it in the inventory it opens a pop up of witch you can see all Auto Chest's Map location and inventory (witch is editable) also you can put cash and ammo filters, (you put venom bullets in this slot and you dont run out of bullets until all of your chests run out of bullets, same for cash)

    I'm proud of these ideas lmao

    the img added to this post is concept art, its crappy, but its something

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  9. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Wow, a lot of interesting ideas there. The bullet damage as a multiplicative bonus is nice, and probably not too hard to implement. However, I'm not sure that you could keep the bullet types and have effects like explosions on critical. Also, it's really easy to get critical chance to 100% in the late game, especially with such a high base chance. Crafting recipe seems okay, not too complicated but expensive enough to justify its power.

    The multiple-variations using different crafting recipes is interesting too. You'd need to make each weapon separately, but it would avoid some of the "too many effects" problem. Not all of them seem easy to do, though. Altering the properties of a projectile (ex. #5) while keeping it otherwise the same isn't possible, as far as I know. Faster speed and more crit chance are also not too interesting compared to some of the others.

    I'm not sure how to do inventory popups like you're suggesting. It may be doable, but I have no idea how. Especially something like a full map. The default map should already show chests when hovering over them, and personally I keep them all in my main base anyway. Automatic withdrawal is an interesting idea, although the piggy bank already does that with money. None of the chests make ammo directly, as far as I remember, so I don't know how much use that would be either. It doesn't seem all that necessary, really.

    As for the included sprite, it doesn't really fit with standard Terraria art. Most Terraria sprites use 2x2 pixels on a grid. Having writing on it seems weird to me too, especially since it doesn't seem to have any meaning related to the weapon's effects or crafting method. I'd prefer something more in line with existing weapons and styles.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    Ok, uh

    i can make replacements for the critical strike chances or if you can make it un effected by critical strike buffs.

    Regarding #5, i have an idea for that:
    the game detects the gun (if it has the #5 upgrade being shot, then detects the bullet shot from that weapon (if you can do that)
    the game copy its trajectory, bullet, then deletes the bullet being shot.
    the game scans the bullet and compares it to a bullet database, if ex. chloriphite maches with chloriphite, it spawns a bullet that has chloriphite properties and explodes on critical strike (if the gun has the #5 upgrade then it adds those effects),game sends it on its trajectory

    i probaly made that more complicated than it needed to be but yolo


    I'll come up with the recipes for the upgrades in a bit,
    they have to be crafted at a Lunar Manipulator
  11. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Okay, but I'm probably not going to add this to any of my current mods. It's not really within the scope of what they're about. If you want to create it yourself, that's fine, and I'm willing to help however I can, but you don't need to rely on me.
  12. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    Aw ok,
  13. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    Eagle's soar
    Summon item.

    150 summon damage
    Strong Knockback
    uses 25 mana
    Summons a phoenix to destroy your enemies

    (The sprite and animation for the phoenix is the one from the Phantom Phoenix)
    (phoenix swirls around player when not in combat. it has a few attacks:
    1. dives at opponents with nearly infinite pierce
    2. Breaths fire at opponents and leaves 5 second long fire spots
    3. explodes at opponents
    all attacks give the on fire buff -- takes 2 summon space.)
    10 solar fragments, 25 stardust fragments, 5 lunar bars, 5 turtle shells. crafted at an ancient manipulator.


    Methane Combuster
    14 defense
    +10% damage
    A phoenix would love this..

    (Halved On fire damage. 15%+ more damage to fire related weapons. Phoenix is 20% faster, 20% stronger, attacks are 100% faster. Phoenix gains attack to push opponents away from player by launching no damage EXTREMELY high knock-back waves)
    (20 iron or lead, 25 mythril or orchiliaum)


    Dart complexity
    when using darts, you fire 2x the amount of darts (2 darts instead of 1)
    15%+ damage when using darts

    (if darts are in the hot bar, dash time is halved)

    (5 hell pipes, and a Magic quiver)


    just a few ideas, got bored lol
  14. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    ok i have ideas for some of your mods -- Im coming back to say im gonna add the other stuff later because i spent hours on this message
    Sandy dart
    22 damage
    11% critical strike chance
    very strong knockback
    The tip is prickly..
    when the dart hits anything, it explodes into a 5 tile radius cactus ball and launches 3-7 cactus shards up in the sky
    if the cactus shard hits a tile it summons a cactus that damages anything that walks through it for 10 seconds
    if the cactus shard hits an enemy  it explodes into a 5 tile radius cactus ball and launches 3-7 cactus shards up in the sky, thus repeating the entire process
    ik its op af but it cool
    Crafting recipes
    [*]150 sand + 100 cactus - Makes 50
    [*]35 Antilion Manible - Makes 75
    [*]1 Forbidden Fragment - Makes 150

    Deserted Storm (Name definitely needs work, but this is best i could make it)
    104 DMG
    11% critical strike chance
    insanely fast
    no knockback
    turns all darts into Sandy Darts
    Razorpine would be jealous
    0.001% chance to drop from all sandstorm enemies (0.01% expert)
    0.1% chance to drop from Sand Elemental (1% expert)
    Pulse Dart
    37 damage
    42% critical strike chance
    insane knockback
    Even the black market cant get there hands on this
    The same thing that fires from the Pulse Bow ((High Velocity Bolt)a high-velocity glowing white bolt, which is unaffected by gravity, will pierce enemies, can ricochet, and fly for 3.5 seconds (~480 tiles) before dissipating)
    Sold (as 1) from the Arms Dealer, Post Plantera, During a bloodmoon, in a Snow biome for 50 Silver
    121 damage
    8% critical strike chance
    weak knockback
    Turns all darts into Ectoplasm darts
    fires 4 darts at once at the cost of 1
    Some can hear the ouija speak to them, can you?

    500 Ectoplasym
    Singularity Bolts
    250 damage
    1% critical strike chance
    Insane Knock back
    Banned in most Multiverses because its been known to break quantum fields..

    goes through all blocks
    when bolt hits an enemy, it explodes into a 20 radius black colorful, sparkly circle. this circle almost immediately collapses into a Singularity.
    Effects when enemies pass singularity:
    50 block radius: singularity draws enemies in at the speed that's the equivalent of 1.5 knockback
    40 block radius: Singularity  draws enemies in at the speed that's the equivalent of 3 knockback, and deals 0.0001% of the enemies MAX hp insanely fast
    30 block radius: Singularity  draws enemies in at the speed that's the equivalent of 7 knockback,  and deals 0.001% of the enemies MAX hp even faster -- Considered point of no return, inflicts moon bite defect for 10 min
    20 block radius: Singularity  draws enemies in at the speed that's the equivalent of 13 knockback,  and deals 0.1% of the enemies MAX hp at the same speed before
    10 block radius: Singularity  draws enemies in at the speed that's the equivalent of 32 knockback (or if theres a max, that),  and deals 1% of the enemies MAX hp at the same speed before
    if entity some how surves through all of that, they instantly die, ONLY if an enemy hits this point, the HP and Mana of all players instantly refill and players deal 2x damage and attack 4x faster and get a 50% to not consume ammo for an hour.
    Crafted with 3996 of all lunar fragments and lunar bars to make 999 of these bolts.
    you can make an endless version of this by getting 7992 of these bolts
    The reason why its so expensive is because its meant only for the Event horizon
    Event Horizon
    300 damage
    20% critical strike chance
    Insanely fast speed
    Insane knock-back
    turns darts into singularity bolts
    This is cheating right? this gotta be cheating, its so over powered

    3x of everything required to make the DCU (too lazy to google) and 1 gauss repeater, 1998 Void needles, 1998 ecotplasym darts, 1998 Chloraphite Dart, 1998 venom dart, 1998 nano dart, 1998 Gold dart, 1998 Party dart, 1998 hell fire dart, 1998 spike dart, 1998 unholy dart, 1998 septic dart, 1998 Glass dart
    the Mega expense
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    Sorry for the Coding readin thing, just like the way it looks
  15. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

  16. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Hey, sorry I missed your earlier message. The sand dart sounds interesting, but I'd probably ditch the multiple-levels crafting thing and just make it require mandibles or something like that. I'd probably also move the desert storm back in power to mid-prehardmode as well. Pulse darts could be nice, maybe make the purchase requirements less stringent. The singularity bolts and event horizon seem way too expensive to craft, even considering how powerful they are. You'd have to beat the lunar event nearly 200 times to craft even one stack! I might make other pillar-themes darts, like a solar dart or nebula dart, but I don't want to try to make something quite that overpowered.
  17. Godlyhaxx

    Godlyhaxx Terrarian

    its ok, thanks the critism and reading the long :red: message lol.
  18. lathemandrel

    lathemandrel Terrarian

    i only found out about your mods a couple of days ago, and im really enjoying the simple auto chest mod! i really like the chests as crafting stations for item conversion! i am having one issue though; the wood gatherer chest, no matter how many pumpkings i kill, doesn't collect spooky wood. any suggestions?
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  19. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Thank you! I looked at the code, and it looks like an issue with the index used for the list of items. I'll fix it and try to update the mod soon.
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  20. lathemandrel

    lathemandrel Terrarian

    the TreeGatherer chest now collects spooky wood, thanks!
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